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Sales exceeded 2 million as soon as it went online, and the traceability journey of Yunji Oxygen Underwear came to a successful conclusion

Sales exceeded 2 million as soon as it went online, and the traceability journey of Yunji Oxygen Underwear came to a successful conclusion

On March 21, the Yunji traceability team went to the Oxygen Heart Factory in Shantou, Guangdong, and launched a traceability journey of “walking with the heart to explore quality domestic products”.

Sales exceeded 200,000 in 12 minutes

Sales exceeded 300,000 in 20 minutes

Sales exceeded 400,000 in 30 minutes

Sales exceeded 500,000 in 48 minutes

Within the first hour of traceability, many popular products of Oxygen were quickly sold out in Yunji, and sales were rising steadily!

During the traceability period, Yunji service providers, led by lecturers from Oxin, visited the entire modern production process of Oxin underwear products from design to production to delivery. Oxygen Factory strictly controls all aspects of underwear production, and all procedures on the assembly line follow high-quality production standards. At the Oxygen Warehousing and Sorting Center, the Yunji traceability team learned about the packaging and delivery process of the product on the spot and shared it with millions of consumers in the community in real time.

In the product exhibition hall of Oxygen, the relevant person in charge conducted on-site performance testing experiments so that everyone can feel the technology and quality of Oxygen more intuitively. In addition, the Oxygen Heart brand has prepared a variety of T-shirts and other products for the gathered service providers to try on and take pictures, thus preparing sufficient first-hand materials for community promotion.

It coincides with the anniversary of the cooperation between Yunji and Yunji. In order to further strengthen cooperation, Oxygen and Yunji held a signing ceremony. The brand and platform will carry out long-term strategic cooperation. In this regard, Oxygen stated that it will never stop exploring and innovating, and will create comfortable and healthy intimate clothing for consumers with technological, fashionable and professional products. In the future, Oxygen Heart will launch more styles on Yunji to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Focusing on beauty and meeting users’ ever-evolving clothing needs is the long-term focus of the Yunji platform. Oxygen focuses on high-quality and cost-effective technical underwear, and closely follows market trends to quickly iterate products. Both parties coincide in “meeting the diverse consumer needs of women in the new era”.

This oxygen heart traceability trip in Shantou helps service providers understand oxygen heart products from a more comprehensive and intuitive perspective, and shows consumers the quality of goods from the front line through the community, achieving good planting and sales during the traceability period The amount exceeded 2 million!

At present, Yunji is anchoring on beauty and health. Through the platform’s mature hot-selling style and professional service provider group, it links upstream excellent brands with downstream precise consumers, provides powerful empowerment for service providers, and brings exquisite products to consumers. Choose good products to achieve word-of-mouth sales more efficiently for brands.

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