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Rongcheng Group spends 500 million to build Tianjin Basketball Cultural Landmark 1895? Cultural Tide Park Grand Opening

Rongcheng Group spends 500 million to build Tianjin Basketball Cultural Landmark 1895? Cultural Tide Park Grand Opening

On May 26, the opening ceremony of 1895·Cultural Tide Park was held in Jinyun Central Kitchen. Yang Hao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tianjin Jinnan District Committee and District Mayor, and Zhang Ronghua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rongcheng Group attended the meeting, gathered with relevant leaders, elites of various industries, and representatives of brand merchants to witness the opening moment.

At the ceremony, Yang Hao, Zhang Ronghua and Chai Shuman, Secretary of the Party Committee of Rongcheng Iron and Steel Group, Zhang Hongtao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Rongcheng Culture and Health Group and Deputy General Manager of Rongcheng Products Group, Zhang Biyun, Director of Rongcheng Culture and Health Group, and General Manager of Sichuan Haowu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Zang Jing and Meng Jun, General Manager of Rongcheng Group 1895·Cultural Tide Park Project jointly unveiled the 1895·Cultural Tide Park.

At the scene, Yang Hao, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of the Jinnan District Committee of Tianjin, delivered a speech. In his speech, Yang Hao said that Rongcheng Group fully implements the new development concept, actively integrates into and serves the overall situation of Tianjin’s high-quality development, and continues to create sports for Tianjin. All injected with strong momentum. Jinnan District will fully organize and implement the “Ten Actions” and “Jinnan Actions”, vigorously develop key industrial chains such as exhibitions, modern business logistics, culture, sports, tourism, and new consumption, and accelerate the construction of an important fulcrum for international consumption and regional business center cities. In the future, Jinnan District will continue to innovate consumption scenarios, optimize the consumption environment, improve consumption conditions, serve the construction and operation of key projects such as 1895 Cultural Tide Park, create high-standard business travel, cultural and sports integration projects with Jinnan characteristics, and cooperate with government and enterprises New results have been achieved in promoting the high-quality development of Jinnan District. In addition, he also affirmed the 1895·Cultural Tide Park project, and placed high hopes on the project, hoping that the project could inject new vitality into the integrated development of Jinnan business, tourism, culture and sports.

In his speech, Zhang Hongtao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Rongcheng Wenjian Group and Deputy General Manager of Rongcheng Products Group, thanked the leaders at all levels and relevant departments of Jinnan District and Shuanggang Town for their strong support for the construction of 1895·Cultural Tide Park. Rongcheng Group has devoted 17 years to the Tianjin basketball business, inheriting the century-old glory of Tianjin basketball with the pioneer brand, and writing the spirit of Tianjin and the spirit of the times with hard work. In the future, Rongcheng Group will continue to provide comprehensive, high-quality, and efficient services to various merchants, actively play the role of sports in talent education and training, social pluralism, and urban brand building, and create a sports, education, and The cultural industry chain has continuously contributed to the acceleration of the construction of a sports power.

  Create a sports-themed business card for Tianjin

1895·Cultural Tide Park, built by Rongcheng Group with an investment of 500 million yuan, precisely focuses on the core of “sports +”, not only realizes the spiritual core of Rongcheng Group’s “business + sports”, but also leads the commercial development of Tianjin The market is an urban consumption format driven by sports culture.

At the ceremony, Meng Jun, general manager of the 1895·Cultural Tide Park project, introduced in detail the basic situation of the park, spatial layout, business planning, investment services, target customer groups, etc., and said that Rongcheng Group will promote Tianjin’s economic high Quality development is the primary goal, and we are committed to creating a new business card for sports-themed Tianjin business. 1895·Cultural Tide Park will continue to improve supporting services, improve comprehensive attributes, and build a high-quality living and leisure space for consumers through brand, environment, service, and cultural construction.

Wang Yishu, CEO of Tianjin Tuosi Creative Technology Co., Ltd., said on behalf of the settled merchants that the 1895·Cultural Trend Park has significant advantages in supporting facilities, business planning, and policy support. Cultural Tide Park works hand in hand to achieve a win-win situation.

 Lazie “Tianjin Wisdom Valley” Full format matrix to enjoy a better life experience

1895·Cultural Tide Park is located in the Shuanggang area known as “Tianjin Wisdom Valley” in Jinnan District, Tianjin, with a construction area of ​​78,000 square meters. The project is only 1,500 meters away from the Jinnan Campus of Tianjin University, half an hour to the Binhai Business Center, with convenient transportation and 400,000+ consumers. The project also includes multiple functions such as office buildings, single-family offices, and street-facing commercial apartments. At the same time, in order to meet the different living needs of different customer groups in the region, 1895·Cultural Tide Park has also built a one-stop shopping center for retail, catering, parent-child, leisure and entertainment, and life services in addition to the sports industry. The format and brand matrix can accurately reach and meet the needs of the surrounding customers for a better life. In particular, the “basketball” element is used to create a children’s play space to enhance the atmosphere of the project and provide consumers with more brand-new experiential scenes.

  With basketball as the center to attract like-minded circles

1895 was the year when basketball was introduced to China, and the first Chinese city to be introduced was Tianjin. Rongcheng Group has exclusively sponsored the Tianjin Men’s Basketball Team for 17 years. In 2019, in order to pay tribute to the pioneers who were engaged in basketball in the early days, the Ronggang Basketball Club went to the CBA with the new LOGO brand of “Tianjin Pioneers”, event operation and fan experience , business development and brand promotion have been fully upgraded, and are committed to building its “wild label TRIPLE WILD” into a basketball label that represents Tianjin and goes to the whole country. At the same time, continue to promote the “ball +” economy, build 1895·Cultural Tide Park, realize the spiritual core of “commercial + sports”, and lead the urban consumption format driven by sports culture in Tianjin’s commercial market .

 The curtain opening ceremony was a complete success and all guests and friends participated in the event

Commerce is the source of power to boost urban economic development, boost consumption levels, and speed up urban renewal. Witnessed by Yang Hao, Zhang Ronghua, Chai Shuman, Zhang Hongtao, Zhang Biyun, and Zang Jing, 1895·Cultural Tide Park and Tianjin KFC Co., Ltd., Didi Chuxing Zhongtian Authorized Store, Urban Beauty, and Tianjin Tuosi Creative Dingding 18 enterprises including Tianjin Digital Transformation Service Center, National Wine Culture, Tianjin Ruyuan Talent Management Co., Ltd., Mawo? 12 brand merchants including Warehouse Shopping, Bama Tea Industry, Common People’s Pharmacy, Yahui, Holiland, Yuyou Together, Weijia Liangpi, and Lailai Food City have signed contracts of intent, and signed contracts with Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel, Jinnan District Youth Chamber of Commerce, Six partners including Wanshang Club Tianjin Branch, Great Wall Property, and CHUC Tianjin Street Dance Alliance have reached a strategic cooperation, gathering momentum and empowering to open a new chapter in the construction of a strong sports country, and work together to help high-quality social and economic development.

At the same time, at the opening ceremony, 1895 Cultural Tide Park donated 50,000 yuan to Shuanggang Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin, for the development of youth sports, helping special needy groups, emergency disaster relief and other public welfare undertakings. This is also one of the ways, as a member of the big family of the group, to practice the original intention of the group that has remained unchanged for more than 30 years since its establishment more than 30 years ago – “gratitude to the society and inheritance of love”.

In the future, Rongcheng Group will, as always, pass on the meaning of life and the power of dreams between sports public welfare and cultural public welfare, and create new glories for Tianjin basketball.

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