Roca fully sponsors the 37th America’s Cup Barcelona in 2024 “Red Bull Alinghi”


Against the background of today’s rapidly developing era, long-lasting persistence and respect for innovation and design are giving rise to waves of change in various fields, promoting industrial upgrading and differentiated iteration, and awakening new developments on a global scale. pattern. Especially in the fields of intelligent technology, culture, sports, entertainment and sustainable development, we will bring a better future of high-quality life to mankind.

This time, as a representative of the world’s leading bathroom product designers and manufacturers, Roca is honored to announce that it will become the official sponsor of the “Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team” to help it compete in Barcelona from August to October 2024. The 37th America’s Cup. This cooperation also marks the first important alliance between two independent entities that unanimously adhere to the “pursuit of excellence”. It also demonstrates the challenging spirit and forward-looking strategy of both parties to continuously improve on the concept of “innovative design” with their respective professional standards.

The 37th America’s Cup, a major international event, will undoubtedly have a broad international impact on the historic city of Barcelona. The “Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team” competing this time is a Swiss team with both professional sailing skills and excellent technology, which coincides with Roca’s pursuit of excellent quality and performance. Roca firmly believes that working with like-minded partners to lead the trend in their respective fields will better demonstrate Roca’s commitment to “bringing excellent bathroom experience to users”.

Michel Hodara, co-general manager of Red Bull Sailing Team Alinghi, said: “Like Roca, we always pursue excellence and progress, are committed to innovation and sustainable development, and make unremitting efforts for it. Therefore, we will be a very suitable ally for a competition with such a long history and prestige to be held in Barcelona for the first time.”

After that, the “Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team” will also participate in the “Youth & Puig Women’s America’s Cup”, which provides Roca with a unique opportunity to give both parties the opportunity to compete in the 37th America’s Cup. The competition not only promotes the development of women’s sports, but also helps to cultivate a new generation of sailing racing superstars.

  blue ocean change:BarcelonaambitiousAmerica’s Cupblue journey

On the magnificent blue sea, Barcelona is actively preparing for the 37th America’s Cup, demonstrating the city’s great ambition. This world’s top sailing event is about to kick off in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The America’s Cup has a long history and outstanding reputation, attracting widespread attention from around the world.

The 2024 America’s Cup is a comprehensive event with strong influence, covering many fields such as technology, sports, and navigation. The Port of Barcelona hopes that the America’s Cup can become a catalyst for innovation and development and bring positive results to the economy and society through a sustainable development model.

This global event will have a profound impact in the fields of sports, environment, territory, scientific research and technological innovation. It will help increase people’s awareness and participation in sailing, cultivate maritime culture and shape related values. At the same time, Barcelona is home to many well-known universities and often hosts international conferences. Therefore, these innate advantageous resources will be greatly utilized, and Barcelona is also working hard to become a global center in the field of marine environmental research and protection. In the future, we will continue to focus on technological innovation to promote the rapid development of the blue economy, thereby further driving the vigorous development of ocean-related regional economies.

Marc Viardot, Global Marketing and Design Director of Roca Group, said: “We are very proud that Barcelona will host the 37th America’s Cup and we will work with a like-minded and talented team to support this global event. Contribute successfully.” He added: “Partnering with Red Bull Sailing Alinghi allows us to leverage the power and prestige of the America’s Cup and show the world the importance of aligning with great teams as this will create a sustainable future s future”.

  Alinghi Red BullTeamcore facilities,allEquipped with new generation bathroom productsTaste

As part of the cooperation, Roca has provided extremely advanced bathroom solutions for the Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team headquarters in Port Vere, Barcelona, ​​announcing the arrival of a new era of smart life. These products include: smart toilets, faucets and smart shower systems, all seamlessly integrated with Roca Connect. Roca Connect is Roca’s cloud-based smart bathroom framework and digital platform that enables real-time control of its smart bathroom products.

With the help of IoT technology, the team can capture and monitor important information and behavioral patterns in bathroom facilities, which is highly consistent with the sustainable practice concept that the Swiss team has deeply rooted in. The purpose of such cooperation is to optimize maintenance costs and cleaning costs, while promoting human beings to take water conservation seriously and the real value it brings.

  Faith will never give up,Continue the blue ocean legend together

After being away from the America’s Cup for more than ten years, “Alinghi”, the most dynamic name in the history of the America’s Cup, has returned with unchanging faith and will once again compete for the highest honor of sailing. This consecutive championship team has joined forces with the global sports promoter “Red Bull” to create a new “Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team”, carrying expectations and determination, vowing to create greater glory.

As the official sponsor of the “Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team” of the 37th America’s Cup in Barcelona, ​​Roca, the world’s leading bathroom brand also originated from Barcelona, ​​always adheres to the core concepts of innovation, quality and design. Continuously provide consumers with high-quality bathroom products. This sponsorship of the “Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team” is not only Roca’s support for sports, but also reflects the brand’s recognition of the spirit of challenging limits and pursuing excellence. At the same time, Roca will also use this sponsorship opportunity to further promote the brand’s popularity on a global scale, so that more people can understand and recognize the unique charm of this legendary bathroom brand originating from Barcelona.

It is worth mentioning that the cooperation between Roca and the “Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team” is not accidental. Both represent the highest level of Barcelona in their respective fields, and this partnership can be called a powerful alliance. Let us look forward to together, accompanied by Roca, the “Alinghi Red Bull Sailing Team” will once again set sail of faith in this America’s Cup and continue the blue sea legend together!

  About Roca

The Spanish Roca Group is the world’s leading multinational sanitary ware group. The company was founded in Barcelona in 1917. It integrates tradition and knowledge, passion for innovation and respect for the environment, aiming to meet people’s needs and contribute to increasing human welfare. .

The Roca Group places the principle of sustainable development as the core and fundamental of all its activities, aiming to leave a better earth for future generations. After more than 100 years of development, through the daily efforts of its more than 21,000 employees, it continues to carry out business activities. This culture is implemented in 170 countries and 76 factories. In the field of business, we take a global view and lead the world.

The Chinese market is one of the most important markets for Roca in the world. As one of the few sanitary ware brands that have built its own factories in China, Roca has always focused on every detail and pursued excellent quality since entering China in 1997. Only to meet the increasing needs of consumers in China and even the Asia-Pacific region for bathroom life, we create a high-end bathroom experience.


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