[Rights Defenders]Stars of Financial Consumption Rights Defenders Build a Harmonious Financial Environment

[Rights Defenders]Stars of Financial Consumption Rights Defenders Build a Harmonious Financial Environment

  A few days ago, the Tianjin Banking Association announced the list of candidates for the 2022 “Financial Consumption Rights Protection Star”, and Li Yue, Tianjin Branch of China Merchants Bank won this honor.

In recent years, the rapid development of the financial industry has brought convenience to consumers, but it has also created a series of consumer rights protection issues. Li Yue of China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch adheres to the service concept of “changing because of you”. She uses “concentration” to keep the money bag for customers; uses “professionalism” to solve business problems for customers;

The business hours were about to end, and a gentleman came to the branch anxiously and asked the teller to remit money as soon as possible, for fear that he would not be able to remit the money if he missed the time. Li Yue warmly received the customer. When delivering the materials, she saw the customer’s trembling hands due to nervousness. She couldn’t help but feel puzzled, so she followed the business process to verify. Unexpectedly, the customer began to shout excitedly: “No problem, just send him the remittance. We have talked on the phone, and the account is safe! It’s too late!” As an experienced teller, Li Yue decided that this was by no means a deal Simple inter-bank remittance. So she communicated with the customer in detail, and after some detailed analysis, she finally figured out what happened: the customer ordered car accessories on Taobao, and the product was damaged in the logistics. The merchant instructed Mr. Li to operate the automatic claim settlement process. Mr. Li was deceived by the fraudsters, and remitted the money to the fraudsters on the mobile bank through a series of link login and other processes. However, the system identified the receiving account as a fraudulent account, intercepted the transaction and returned the funds, and then there was the scene where the customer came to the outlet and asked for a remittance at the counter…

At this time, Mr. Li slowly came to his senses, realized that it was a fraud, and expressed his sincere gratitude to Li Yue with lingering fears: “Girl, thank you, if it weren’t for your persistence and carefulness, my loss would have been nothing.” big.”


The customer, Ms. Wang, came to the counter of the sub-branch to handle the business of withdrawing Canadian dollar cash, but when she arrived at the counter, she found that Ms. Wang had mistakenly transferred the RMB used to exchange for Canadian dollars into the China Merchants Bank credit card under her name. Ms. Wang’s anxiety was overwhelmed. Li Yue noticed it, and she quickly helped Ms. Wang contact the credit card center. The reply was that the overpayment of the credit card can only be credited to the account the next day, and it cannot be withdrawn for the time being. Relying on her excellent business professionalism, Li Yue came up with Plan B, and finally successfully processed the withdrawal of Canadian dollar cash for Ms. Wang, and the entire business process was completed within ten minutes.

When the business was completed, Li Yue also thoughtfully printed the receipt for Ms. Wang’s self-service exchange to Canadian dollars, so that customers can know the exchange rate. Ms. Wang praised with satisfaction: “The staff of China Merchants Bank are so professional, they thought of the best and fastest solution for me!”

One day, a gray-haired aunt stumbled into the outlet, hoping to help her print out the transfer records for 2018. Li Yue patiently informed the aunt that the transfer receipt was overdue and could not be printed, but she could provide the transaction flow including the counterparty. Auntie was very anxious when she heard that the receipt could not be printed, and Li Yue hurried forward to comfort her.

After communication, I learned that due to her older age and lack of risk awareness, she participated in illegal fundraising a few years ago, and her 100,000 savings were gone forever. This time I came to print the receipt, and I wanted to submit it to the Public Security Bureau as a report material, but I didn’t expect to encounter difficulties in collecting the materials in the first step of the report. She and her aunt explained that the running water public security agency that contains the opponent’s information is also recognized. At the same time, it can also make more targeted screening for her to make the report information more clear. After verification and confirmation, the aunt took this as a treasure. Zhang Liushui took Li Yue’s hand and said gratefully: “You are such a good and careful boy. I am too old to understand and I am still in a hurry with you. You helped me with my business. I really don’t know what to do.” Thank you for that.”

“Respect customers, maintain customers, and provide them with the most considerate service from the customer’s standpoint, in order to win the trust of customers.” This is a sentence that Li Yue often says. This sentence will also lead every employee of China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch to strive to enhance the service awareness of financial consumer rights protection, improve service quality, better serve every financial consumer, and continuously promote the construction of a harmonious financial consumption environment.

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