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Review Yang Guofu’s development history and explore his rapidly expanding “secret magic weapon”

Review Yang Guofu’s development history and explore his rapidly expanding “secret magic weapon”

In our country, Malatang originated from Sichuan and Chongqing and is the most distinctive representative of “Sichuan style” food. However, when talking about the more well-known Malatang brands, we have to mention a Malatang brand founded in the Northeast – Yang Guofu Malatang. This spicy hotpot company has opened all over the country and has unlimited development prospects.

Looking back at Yang Guofu’s entrepreneurial history, it is quite legendary. It is understood that the reason why chairman Yang Guofu chose Malatang to start his own business was because Yang Guofu was attracted to Malatang when he was working in the south. However, because Sichuan style Malatang has too strong taste, it is not suitable for northerners. Therefore, Yang Guofu came up with a bold idea – to make spicy hotpot that northerners like to eat. Therefore, Yang Guofu developed “drinkable Malatang”. This spicy soup is made from local fresh beef bones and added with New Zealand milk. The soup is delicious, fragrant but not greasy, spicy but not dry. It is not only drinkable but also healthy and nutritious. This can be said to be the innovation point of Yang Guofu Malatang, and also the reason for its continuous growth in the later period.

Yang Guofu Malatang continues to insist on innovation, from “drinkable Malatang” to the new service model of “Pin-type self-select” and the new cooking method of “single person, single pot”. Yang Guofu uses innovation to give Malatang a new definition and reshape it. It has given consumers a new understanding of Malatang. In the later period, Yang Guofu Malatang relied on a unified and standardized franchise model and a strong supply chain system, allowing the Yang Guofu brand to expand rapidly and become a well-known Malatang brand.

After years of innovative operations, today Yang Guofu is no longer a separate Malatang brand, but has grown into a leader in the fast food industry based on the local market and facing the world. At present, the main business of Yang Guofu Group includes catering services and retail operations. In terms of catering services, Yang Guofu has achieved a nationwide and overseas restaurant layout by using a unified, standardized, and easy-to-expand franchise business model. It has established a nationwide presence. It has opened more than 7,000 global chain stores in 31 provincial administrative regions and more than 20 overseas countries. In terms of retail business, the group has established an online and offline omni-channel sales system, laid out distribution channels in many places across the country, and its online operations cover platforms such as Tmall and The company’s strength continues to increase and its commercial territory continues to expand.

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