Responsibility illuminates the future丨Building Dreams for the Asian Games, small volleyball training project launched

Responsibility illuminates the future丨Building Dreams for the Asian Games, small volleyball training project launched

On May 25th, China Pacific Insurance carried out the theme activity of “Responsibility Illuminates the Future Volleyball and Builds Dreams for the Asian Games” in the No. 2 Boarding Primary School of Gonghe County, Qinghai Province. The event invited many partners such as China Volleyball Association, Qinghai Provincial Forestry and Grass Bureau, Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration, Youth League Committee, Hainan Prefecture Government, Education Bureau, Shanghai Hope Project and Youth Volunteer Guidance Center, etc.It embodies CPIC’s continuous diversification of public welfare ecology, and its ever-expanding circle of friends for product industry collaboration.

  Small volleyball smashes big dreams

At the event ceremony, as the volleyball treasure box was slowly opened, the principal of the school took over the nameplate of the China Pacific Small Volleyball Base from Lu Yajun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Volleyball Association, and the student representative took over the signed volleyball from the Chinese women’s volleyball player Ding Xia. writePacific InsuranceSmall volleyball training project”It was officially opened, and the first small volleyball teaching and training base was established in Gonghe County, Sanjiangyuan Reserve, Qinghai Province, at an altitude of 3,000 meters.future,China Pacific Insurancewith the Chinese Volleyball Associationin-depthcooperate,Donate special funds,facingChinaTaibaoofHope Primary School and Pairing Support Schools, etc., jointly create “Pacific InsuranceSmall volleyball training project”,Inspire children’s love for volleyball and promote the popularization and development of volleyball.

Ding Xia, a member of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, appeared at the event and ignited the enthusiasm of all the teachers and students in the audience. There were constant cheers and applause. She sincerely shared with the children:“Giving up is easy, but people who work hard and persevere are really cool. I hope you can fight and persevere for your dreams and keep your feet on the ground. No amount of hard work will pay off. Through your hard work,You must be able to become a person who is valuable to the country, society and hometown. “

The children’s sister Ding Xia not only brought a signed volleyball to the school, but also carefully prepared the course “welfare” for everyone, from juggling, serving to catching, one by one, patiently and meticulously explaining and demonstrating. The children under the guidance of the famous general devoted themselves to learning. From having little contact with volleyball, to being able to “rival” with the world champion Ding Xia, the students felt a sense of pride spontaneously.Little volleyball knocks big dreams,A sixth-grade classmate said to sister Ding Xia, “I also want to learn from you, study hard, train hard, and win glory for the country when I grow up.”

In addition to the rich small volleyball activities to improve children’s sports literacy, China Pacific Insurance also takes into account the cultivation of children’s scientific and technological capabilities. During the event, China Pacific Insurance’s “Hope Primary School Science and Technology Classroom” was also officially unveiled. This classroom, designed with the vast starry sky as its design concept, is equipped with computers, printers, drones, robots, Xiaoai speakers, VR glasses, widescreen TV and other teaching materials with a sense of science and technology. In addition, China Pacific Insurance also donated small volleyballs and volleyball stands, table tennis tables, basketball and other sports teaching aids and school supplies to the school, with a total value of more than 530,000 yuan.

At the event site, the China Pacific Insurance Youth League Committee and the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League signed a strategic cooperation agreement focusing on youth technological innovation and voluntary service projects.

  Women’s Volleyball Spirit CPIC heritage

Before the small volleyball project started, China Pacific Insurance had a long relationship with volleyball. Since launching the brand cooperation with the Chinese women’s volleyball team in 2018, China Pacific Insurance has spared no effort to escort the development of the Chinese volleyball cause and the continuous advancement of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and will “the motherland first, unity and cooperation, tenacious struggle, never give up” the motto The spirit of the women’s volleyball team is internalized into the Taibao gene.

In 2018, China Pacific Insurance and the Chinese women’s volleyball team officially joined hands and became partners. Since then, China Pacific Insurance and the Chinese women’s volleyball team have always been together and never left. The brand image appears together with the women’s volleyball players in important competitions such as the Women’s Volleyball World Cup, the World Championships, and the World League, conveying positive brand power.

In 2019, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup with eleven consecutive victories and ten consecutive championships.

In 2020, the movie “Winning the Championship” sponsored by China Pacific Insurance will be released, exploring a newer form to spread the spirit of women’s volleyball.

In 2021, China Pacific Insurance will customize special insurance for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to participate in the Olympics, and will continue to escort its major events.

In 2021, China Pacific Insurance will join hands with the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee to set up the “Dream Building Coaching Group” sports teaching volunteer group, allowing children in the Gonghe mountainous area of ​​Qinghai to get in touch with volleyball and feel the charm of volleyball.

In 2022, the Chinese women’s volleyball team members came to Dali Taibao’s home to interact with customers, explain the spirit of champions, and experience the true meaning of “the field of life is protected by Taibao”.

In 2023, China Pacific Insurance’s Asian Games torch relay escort operation was officially launched. Chinese women’s volleyball players Yuan Xinyu, Li Yingying, and Wang Yuanyuan ran together with more than 3,000 “Taiai Run” players to express their expectations for the Asian Games.

Over the past five years of cooperation, China Pacific Insurance has used its own advantageous channels to integrate brand industry resources, and through various activities and communication, the spirit of the women’s volleyball team has been passed on to all employees and more than 170 million customers. With the establishment of the first small volleyball teaching and training base in Gonghe County, Qinghai Province, China Pacific Insurance will continue to focus on the “insurance + public welfare + sports” model, promote volleyball culture and approach more youth groups, let more people understand volleyball, love volleyball, and do their best Support the development of Chinese volleyball.

The theme of this “Responsibility Lights the Future” teaching activity is “Volleyball Building Dreams for the Asian Games”. 12 members of the “Dream Building Coaching Team” sports teaching volunteer team from all over the country from China Pacific Insurance will participate in sports, art, music, safety, artificial intelligence, etc. Such courses have brought many unforgettable first experiences to more than 1,900 children in Qinghai Gonghe No. 2 Boarding Primary School, which broadened their horizons and inspired their dreams.

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