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Remember to stay homesick and see the future. China Life Insurance helps build a new rural area that is livable and workable.

Remember to stay homesick and see the future. China Life Insurance helps build a new rural area that is livable and workable.

Rugao City, Nantong, Jiangsu Province is a nationally renowned hometown of longevity. Longqiao Village, Banjing Town, Rugao City, is a “land of peace and tranquility” in the hometown of longevity. The village enriches the people and increases their income by developing modern agriculture, and at the same time continuously improves the rural environment and rural civilization to create a “high-looking” Happy Dragon Bridge.

  In early spring, a drone took off and hovered over the green wheat fields in Longqiao Village, Banjing Town, Rugao City. By monitoring the different growth conditions of wheat, fertilization can be accurately applied to the wheat. The wheat seedlings rise and fall with the wind, just like the waves of the blue sea. With the blessing of “black technology”, the wheat growth is very gratifying.

On the ridge of the field, He Qiang, the first secretary of Longqiao Village, was discussing with several villagers this year’s wheat pest control and fertilization. He Qiang comes from the Jiangsu Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life”) and is a member of the Provincial Party Committee’s Rural Revitalization Task Force in Rugao City. He introduced the agricultural science and technology power of universities, implemented standardized management, and developed local “digital agriculture.” “By cooperating with a doctoral team from the Agricultural University and using digital technology to implement precise fertilization, we are expected to increase yields by 50 kilograms per mu, reduce costs by 30 yuan per mu, and increase villagers’ income by a total of 220,000 yuan,” He Qiang said.

Rugao black cabbage is a Chinese geographical indication agricultural product and a pillar industry of Longqiao Village. Wang Baoming, a local big vegetable grower, showed the orders on his mobile phone. With the help of the village team, orders came in from Suguo Supermarket, community group buying, and online shopping platforms. Wang Baoming said: “Last year, we planted 240 acres of black cabbage. With the help of the provincial working team in the village, we opened up sales channels and sold 240 tons of black cabbage, which increased the village’s collective income by 120,000 yuan and the villagers’ working income by 800,000 yuan. “As the linked assistance unit of Longqiao Village, China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch last year mobilized all units in the province’s system to actively purchase various specialty agricultural products such as rice, corn, and black cabbage from Longqiao Village for 400,000 yuan.

  The villagers have become rich, the collective economy of the village has become stronger, and the environment of Longqiao Village is also constantly improving. Walking in the village, acres of green trees sprout new buds, flowers and plants sway in the wind, and the Longgang River that runs through the village is crystal clear. Previously, the river was still a black and smelly water body. After comprehensive treatment, it is now green with green banks. Villagers walking can be seen everywhere, with joyful expressions on their faces. “In the past, the river was relatively narrow, and the surrounding people would use pig manure, chicken and duck manure.” When it is discharged inside, the smell is relatively strong. After the renovation, the river water has become clear. Now you can walk along it and take a walk, and the feeling is no worse than in the city.”

  The happy life in Longqiao Village lies not only in changes in income and environment, but also in the enrichment of spiritual civilization. The local area regularly organizes rural activities such as opera and painting to bring spiritual enjoyment to villagers of all ages. In mid-April, China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch cooperated with the local area to hold the “China Life Little Painter” outdoor sketching activity. The children were very happy to dance with their drawing brushes among the rapeseed flowers.

Child Jing Yuchen said: “We came to outdoor sketching today. What I drew was the big river in front of me and the village of Longqiao Village. What I wanted to express was the beautiful life in the village. I think such activities not only enriched our after-school Time also improves our hobbies and spiritual life.”

In recent years, many young people have returned to their hometowns to start businesses. This is inseparable from national policy support and vigorous promotion of the “New Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Areas”. “New agriculture, rural areas and farmers” require agricultural modernization and Internetization, comprehensive revitalization of rural areas, and farmers who are educated, understand technology, and know management. With the help of modern scientific and technological means to serve agriculture, greatly improve production efficiency, and make agriculture a promising industry, we can attract more talents to return home, strengthen the “new agriculture, rural areas and farmers” team, and give agriculture, rural areas, and farmers a new look.

As the first secretary of China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch in Longqiao Village, He Qiang said that the next step will be to strengthen party building leadership, focus on industrial prosperity, make the village beautiful, make people’s pockets and heads “rich”, and create an ecologically sound environment. A happy village to live in. He Qiang said that the focus will be built around the “Five Ones”, that is, “building a party-building grid station, transforming a party-mass service center, strengthening an industry that enriches the people and strengthening the village, creating a village characteristic entrance, and smoothing a green ecological river. “, continue to exert efforts, run out of the “acceleration” of Longqiao’s rural revitalization, and carefully outline the new appearance of Longqiao.

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