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Released “Pension Core Proposal”, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance solved the problem of “Chinese-style pension”

Released “Pension Core Proposal”, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance solved the problem of “Chinese-style pension”

On November 9, China Pacific Life Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance Company, held an online press conference to launch a “comprehensive solution for elderly care core proposition” in response to the multi-level and diversified elderly care needs under the aging domestic population. The plan focuses on the four cores of “Fuju Yahu” and can provide integrated products and service guarantees including pension reserves, home-based elderly care services, high-end community elderly care services and long-term care guarantees.

China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance’s “Pension Core Comprehensive Solution” Officially Released

Chinese-style elderly care under the “9073” pattern: both fund reserves and service guarantees are indispensable

According to survey data from the National Health Commission, around 2035, my country’s elderly population aged 60 and above will exceed 400 million, entering a stage of severe aging. Accompanying the accelerated aging trend is the continuous development of China’s economy and society. Customer groups from different regions, ages, wealth and life expectations present multi-level and diversified needs for elderly care.

The “9073” elderly care model is considered to be one of the current aging response strategies that is more in line with my country’s characteristics. That is, 90% of the elderly are cared for by their families and adopt family-based home care; 7% of the elderly enjoy community home care. services, providing day care; 3% of the elderly enjoy institutional care services. Behind “9073”, the core is to meet the two major needs of “money to support the elderly” and “someone to provide for the elderly.”

“Having money for retirement” means that no matter which pension model you choose, you need sufficient pension fund support. As the main force in the construction of the third pillar of pension, insurance companies can help customers resist longevity risks and accumulate pension wealth through the long-term savings function and long-term asset allocation capabilities of insurance products. “Someone cares for the elderly” means that the care scenarios and services required by the elderly vary according to their vitality stage and physical and mental condition. For the elderly in different situations, this “person” includes not only family members, but also professional institutions and personnel that provide life care, health management, medical treatment, nursing, rehabilitation, etc.

At the press conference, Shinichi Hori, an expert in life sciences at McKinsey, shared the current elderly care model in Japan that is worth learning from. Among them, it is equipped with supporting equipment for the elderly and professional door-to-door services and remote services. For the elderly who have the ability to take care of themselves, home care is generally welcomed. Professional institutions such as retirement communities are more suitable for seniors who pursue quality life or have higher needs for care.

“Fuju Yahu” senior care core proposition: help customers plan in advance and provide quality senior care

Based on in-depth research and analysis of the urgent needs of “Chinese-style elderly care”, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance designed a “comprehensive solution for elderly care” based on the four cores of “rich residence and elegant care”.

“Wealth” means abundance, “having money to spend”. China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance launches the Xinfu Nian Nian (Exclusive Edition) dividend-type annuity product. This product can receive 25% of the basic insurance amount every year starting from the first 5 policy anniversaries. After the insured reaches 60 years old, he can receive 100% of the basic insurance amount every year. Amount, providing stable cash flow to the family in the early stage and meeting the insured’s pension needs in the later stage. In addition, if certain payment conditions are met, the insured can enjoy elderly care community services, home-based elderly care services, and “Pacific Insurance Blueprint” value-added services.

“Ju” means livable and well lived. In response to the core pain points of the elderly living alone at home under the home care model, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance provides the “100 Years Home” smart home health solution, including three types of services: safety housekeeper, medical housekeeper, and care housekeeper, and an exclusive health consumption platform, allowing the elderly to You can feel at ease at home and your children can feel at ease when they go out.

“Elegance” means to care for one’s old age gracefully and with dignity. Based on the different health conditions and preferences of the elderly, China Pacific Insurance’s high-end elderly care community “Pacific Insurance Home” has created three product lines of nursing care, leisure care and health care. By building six major systems of medical care, nursing, care, rehabilitation, nutrition and activities, it meets the needs of strengthening Can meet the needs of elderly care at various stages of disability.

“Protection” means long-term care. In response to the current protection and service gaps commonly faced by the moderately and severely ill elderly, China Pacific Insurance has launched the market’s first specific disease care insurance – Long-Term Care, which provides accurate early screening, in-depth physical examination, and preventive intervention, focusing on severe Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In addition to the caring and nursing insurance benefits stipulated in the payment contract, long-term care insurance benefits for up to 10-20 years will be provided.

This press conference was held during the 6th CIIE. This is also the fourth consecutive time that China Pacific Life Insurance has held CIIE health and wellness themed supporting activities. Liu Yuqing, marketing director of China Pacific Life Insurance, said that relying on the international platform of the China International Import Expo, the company has actively expanded its “circle of friends” upstream and downstream of the industry. At the previous CIIEs, China Pacific Life Insurance has reached strategic cooperation with France’s Oubao Ting, Panasonic, New Frontier Group, etc. This “comprehensive solution for senior care cores” also includes the results of cooperation in recent years. In the future, China Pacific Insurance will continue to deepen the “insurance + health care” ecological co-construction with outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises, enrich the product and service supply system, and continue to protect a better life.

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