Reed flower sea salt appeared in the 108th China Food and Drinks Fair, highlighting the quality and strength of Chinese sea salt!

Reed flower sea salt appeared in the 108th China Food and Drinks Fair, highlighting the quality and strength of Chinese sea salt!




From April 12th to 14th, 2023, the 108th National Sugar and Wine Food Fair “referred to as the Sugar and Wine Fair” was held in Chengdu. The total exhibition area of ​​this year’s Sugar and Wine Fair is 320,000 square meters, and the exhibits cover the entire food industry chain. The total number of exhibitors exceeds 6,500, and both the area of ​​the exhibition hall and the exhibitors have reached new highs. It is an annual exhibition for economic and trade exchanges, resource linkages, and trend discussions in the food and beverage industry.

In front of the reed flower and sea salt booth of the 2023 Spring Sugar Fair, there are crowds of guests coming and going, and the tasting area and negotiation area are very lively: they come from different companies and even different fields, but they all have the same purpose – to get close to and understand the reed flower sea salt, and among them There is no shortage of collaborators.

As the No. 001 national designated salt production enterprise, the team of Tianjin Changlu Hangu Salt Field Co., Ltd., a time-honored Chinese enterprise in the edible salt industry, participated in this sugar and wine fair. In participating in the sugar and wine fair this time, the company aims to seize the opportunity of the exhibition platform, conduct in-depth exchanges and expand cooperation with friends and merchants, further promote the brand effect of reed flower and sea salt, and deepen the national and even global market layout.

Hangu Salt Farm, formerly known as Lutaichang, was born in the third year of Tongguang in the Later Tang Dynasty (925 A.D.) and has a history of 1,098 years. From the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, it has been the production area of ​​”tribute salt”. The sea salt produced in Hangu Saltworks is as jade-like in texture and crystal clear as snow, so it has the reputation of “Lutai Jade Sand”. The two dynasties of Ming and Qing Dynasties exclusively enjoyed the honor of tribute salt, which can be said to be the representative of Changlu sea salt.

The team of Tianjin Changlu Hangu Salt Factory attached great importance to this sugar and wine fair. Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Wei Liying personally led the team to the expedition, allowing merchants from all over the country to deeply feel the charm of the brand such as the quality culture of Luhua Haiyan, and at the same time deeply appreciate the confidence of Luhua Haiyan with sincerity.

In this sugar and wine fair, Hangu Salt Farm aims to attract investment and publicize, let more consumers across the country know about sea salt, understand the production process of sea salt, demonstrate the quality and strength of China’s sea salt, and demonstrate the strength of Tianjin’s brand. The sea salt produced by Hangu Salt Field is truly a healthy edible salt without anti-caking agents and zero additives.

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