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Record the temperature of life and protect it with you? Invitation letter for Fude Life Autumn and Winter Events

Record the temperature of life and protect it with you? Invitation letter for Fude Life Autumn and Winter Events

Recently, the autumn and winter chapter of Fude Life Insurance’s “Home·Love” four-season customer service campaign kicked off. This year’s event has the themes of “Together, Xinrong” and “Standing Together, Always Well-Being”, and launched “Fude by Your Side” “Short video contest, Mid-Autumn poetry talk, photography and video salon, harvest experience and other rich online and offline activities sincerely invite customers to share the warmth of autumn and winter.

“Fu De is by Your Side” Short Video Contest

The short video competition is open to customers across the country. With the theme of “Fundity is Around You”, outstanding short video creations are collected in 36 sub-competition areas across the country, telling the warm protection of life, demonstrating the love of insurance and the professional persistence of insurance people, and expressing their appreciation for Wishes for a better life.

The careful explanation of each insurance product is the persistence of the original intention of protection; the help in time of claim settlement is not only the silent protection of the policy, but also the promise of a worry-free life; considerate policy services and heart-warming value-added services are also in the journey of life. Escort at all times and convey the safe warmth of “good service in Fude”.

Focusing on topics such as product guarantees, agents’ professional services, claims services, intelligent policy services, heart-warming value-added services, and consumer rights protection, whether it is customers and front-line business personnel, renewal service personnel, value-added service personnel, or consumer protection Service personnel can record touching stories with insurance through the lens, showing the beauty of life in the process of protection and companionship.

During the collection of works, customers can submit short videos through business personnel or service personnel. The short videos can be in the form of scene reenactments, interviews, self-narrations, etc., telling touching stories that happened during insurance protection.

Exciting live events in autumn and winter

The bright moon enters the heart, and peace and tranquility are celebrated. In the quiet and slow change of time, autumn and winter will also be a fruitful harvest season. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Double Ninth Festival and other festivals, we will launch traditional cultural experiences, harvest experiences, red cultural practices, photography and video salons, Mid-Autumn poetry talks, and youth poetry around hot topics such as the reunion of the full moon people and traditional Chinese culture. On-site activities such as competitions, health lectures, walking walks, fun ice games, and Frisbee experiences invite customers to enjoy the beauty of family reunion, feel the peaceful and healthy atmosphere of autumn and winter, inherit the pioneering qualities of young people, inherit the power of culture, and continue the spirit of the times.

With considerate protection and warm service, Fude Life Insurance insists on using good products and services to accompany customers in all seasons. The “Home·Love” annual customer service activity is launched by Fude Life Insurance since 2017. According to the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, VIP art season, summer customer service activities, autumn and winter customer service are carried out in stages and rhythmically. Activities, through warm and loving services, create the excitement of “activities open all year round, services never ending”.

It is understood that the 2023 summer customer service event concluded successfully at the end of August. This summer customer service event launched the “Fude Heart Service” platform points and rights upgrade, “Youth Growth Power” and “Voice Environmental Protection Action” online and offline theme activities, and free reissues In the three major policy activity series, 35 branches carried out more than 200 on-site activities across the country, with nearly 1.8 million customers participating in online and offline activities.

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