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Realt × Li Xueqin: Both creative and powerful, Realt’s new smart toilet marketing

Realt × Li Xueqin: Both creative and powerful, Realt’s new smart toilet marketing

As the consumer market becomes increasingly younger, the dialogue between brands and young people has become particularly important. In the era of fast-paced consumption, traditional attentive marketing methods no longer work, and young people are looking for new interactions with brands. As a pioneer in the smart bathroom industry, Realte has reached a cooperation with Li Xueqin to create a marketing feast that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  Playing with creativity: See how Realt uses humor to leverage the market

For this marketing idea, Realt used Li Xueqin’s sense of humor as an entry point, combined with the interesting topic of “understanding smart toilets”, to quickly attract the attention of young people. This creative marketing method not only allows the audience to achieve spiritual resonance with the brand in joy, but also deepens consumers’ understanding of the brand.

“I have cleaned more smart toilets than you have ever sat on” and “I have dismantled more smart toilets than you have ever sat on”. These lively words make young consumers talk about it with gusto. At the same time, Through dialogue and communication, we can accurately determine the distance with consumers.

  Marketing decoding:[Understand smart toilets, choose Realt]

The new brand slogan “If you understand smart toilets, choose Realt” has been implanted many times in this creative marketing. On the one hand, it uses unique styles and forms to tap into the brand’s differentiated marketing gaps and make the brand successful again. On the other hand, Realte used this marketing to not only give full play to Li Xueqin’s personal characteristics, but also relied on their highly compatible spiritual attitudes to jointly complete an in-depth interpretation of the brand concept.

Why is it said that “you should choose Realt if you understand smart toilets”? Since its establishment 25 years ago, Realt has participated in the formulation of 15 national standards. The company’s product technology patents have reached 1,800+, and its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Realte takes “understanding” as its marketing breakthrough, conveys the product concept of “understands flushing, understands safety, and understands sterilization”, and attracts a large number of young consumers with high-tech and high-quality products.

  Harnessing Innovation: The Technical Boundary of Realt Intelligent Toilet

It is no accident that Realt can break through in the fierce market competition. Over the past 25 years, Realt has continuously climbed to the peak of technology. Through self-developed technology and self-developed systems, it has truly become a leader in the field of smart toilets.

【E-shion light sound net flush】

Realt’s self-developed E-shion flushing system adopts multiple innovative flushing designs such as pure mechanical flushing, three-dimensional mixed flushing of three waterways with slow water and rapid water, and enlarging the spray aperture to 700mm², which greatly reduces the flushing volume of the toilet.

【Double Stage Net Charge】

In addition to the E-shion soft-sound net flushing system, Realt has also developed a[double-stage net flushing]system, which flushes once and siphons twice, double cleaning the dirt and pipes in the toilet. Clean flushing is not easy to re-odor and breed. bacteria.

【Comprehensive Security Guarantee】

The use environment of smart toilets is inseparable from water, and smart toilets are electrical appliances. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of consumers, Realt applies anti-electric wall patented technology to the product, which greatly reduces leakage current and has excellent anti-electric shock performance. for most products on the market. At the same time, combined with the patented anti-overflow wall, the circuit module baffle is increased, and the circuit board and control board are filled with IPX4 waterproof sealant to avoid the possibility of overflow and electric shock.

In terms of strengthening safety protection, Realt has newly upgraded the safety shield. Through 12 layers of safety protection mechanisms, it can truly achieve the waterproof and anti-leakage effects of water and electricity separation, strong and weak electricity separation, etc., ensuring the safety of consumers’ smart bathroom spaces in an all-round way.

[Sterilization patent]

As we all know, toilets are easy to breed bacteria, and are prone to yellowing and reflux of odor after long-term use. In order to solve the health and safety issues, Realt has applied UVC dynamic waterway sterilization technology, which is also used in high-end water dispensers, to smart toilets, which can The running water used in the buttock wash is instantly sterilized, making the flushing water healthier and safer. Plasma sterilization technology ionizes the air in the air duct, generates a large amount of plasma in the toilet space, kills bacteria on the ceramic inner wall and in the air, purifies bacteria and harmful substances on the ceramic inner wall, air and water, and truly achieves all-round health Protect.

In order to solve the source of odor, Realt has added the patent of environmentally friendly water deodorization, using a fan to suck the odor molecules to the deodorization device, with no consumables in the whole process, making it more environmentally friendly and fresher.

Realt’s smart toilet has completed the innovation and change of functions, making the product not only a bathroom equipment, but also a perfect combination of technology and comfort.

  Brand wisdom: Realte leads the industry to new development with “differentiation”

Through the creative interpretation of technology, Realte’s marketing has completed the expression of new technologies, new channels, and new contexts in the online track.

In addition, Realte has quickly gained the favor and self-propagation of many users with its precision quality and R&D technology, and eventually became a dark horse brand of Douyin smart toilets, winning the 2022 Douyin e-commerce annual breakthrough brand and the 2023 618 Brand Potential Top 1 on the list and TOP 2 on the 2023 Douyin 618 Goods List.

Only differentiated brand building can stand out in the fierce market competition. By focusing on technology and “differentiated” marketing, Realte has successfully conveyed the vision of technology to create a better life to consumers, established a unique brand image in the bathroom industry, and led the industry’s innovation trend.

Above the guidance, the sword points to creation. Realt has always been committed to creating a future smart life that combines high technology and humanistic care. Through technological innovation and creative marketing, it creates a new era of smart bathrooms that is more rational and humane.

Overall, this cooperation between Realte and Li Xueqin is not only a marketing event in the smart bathroom market, but also a bridge between brands and consumers. In the future, Realt will continue to use wisdom and creativity to give life to products, lead the industry into the future intelligent bathroom ecological pattern, and complete new development.

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