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Rational consumption, don’t use youth to repay debts

Rational consumption, don’t use youth to repay debts

In recent years, all kinds of online loan platforms have emerged one after another. Teenagers with weak financial knowledge and weak precautions have become the targets of criminals. Criminals use the banner of “low interest and quick payment” to lure teenagers into spending ahead of schedule, resulting in more and more Many teenagers fall into the vortex of excessive debt, and some even lose their young lives because they cannot repay the huge interest.

Here, Minsheng Credit Card will show you a real case that happened around you——

College student Xiao Li wanted to buy the latest mobile phone, so he found an online loan platform of a certain company through the advertisement pushed by the QQ group. The platform claimed that the interest rate was low and the account was received quickly. After providing relevant information, Xiao Li successfully processed a loan of 5,000 yuan. But because Xiao Li couldn’t repay it on time, the amount owed increased from 5,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan in just 6 months. Out of fear, Xiao Li hid it from everyone until threatening text messages appeared on the mobile phones of family members and friends one after another, and paint was splashed on the door of the house, with the words “debts are not repaid, and the law will not be tolerated”. In the end, Xiao Li chose to report the crime with the help of his parents.

Minsheng Credit Card reminds young people to face up to their spending power and stay away from excessive consumption. They need to do the following three things:

1. Establish a correct view of consumption and not consume ahead of schedule

Teenagers should correctly evaluate their own consumption ability and risk resistance ability, establish a scientific and rational consumption concept, live within their means and do what they can, and refuse to consume ahead of schedule and follow suit.

2. Parents timely guide young people’s psychology and communicate regularly

Parents should pay close attention to the psychological growth of teenagers, guide teenagers and school students in a timely manner, cultivate correct loan awareness, cherish personal credit information, and develop good consumption and repayment habits.

3. Find formal financial institutions and correct relief channels

If you have a legitimate need for funds, you can consult through formal financial institutions, and don’t believe in false advertisements such as “no interest, no guarantee, no mortgage”. If you find that you have encountered an illegal “campus loan”, you should communicate with your parents or school teachers in a timely manner. If your personal safety is threatened, you should immediately call the police.

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