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Ranked fourth in global energy storage shipments!The Ruipulan Junwending series is in full bloom

Ranked fourth in global energy storage shipments!The Ruipulan Junwending series is in full bloom

On March 29, the 6th Energy Storage Carnival hosted by the Energy Storage Leaders Alliance came as scheduled. While presenting the coexistence of opportunities and risks in the energy storage market, it also provided an exchange for industry participants to participate in the event. platform. In addition, the 2023 global energy storage battery shipment rankings of Chinese companies were also announced at the meeting, with Ruipu Lanjun ranking fourth, and energy storage growth has accelerated again.

This Energy Storage Carnival reflects the significant growth in China’s energy storage shipments. On the one hand, it shows that energy storage exports are accelerating and the global penetration rate is increasing. On the other hand, it symbolizes the arrival of the era of large storage, and the trend of large-capacity battery layout is accelerating.

In terms of large-capacity batteries, Ruipu Lanjun, which has become a dark horse in lithium batteries in just a few years, has undoubtedly attracted much attention. It will achieve mass production of 320Ah energy storage cells in October 2023. The product performance and safety have been fully verified, breaking the past situation in which 280Ah cells basically dominated the energy storage market, thus setting off a wave of large-scale storage. .

Innovation is king, the world’s first mass-produced 320Ah energy storage battery cell

With the advent of the post-280Ah era of energy storage cells, the energy storage market is accelerating in the direction of cells with larger capacity, low cost, long life, and high safety.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 20 companies will launch 300+Ah large-capacity energy storage battery products in 2023. In this wave, Ruipu Lanjun took the lead in mass production of 320Ah in October 2023, becoming the first company in the world to mass produce 320Ah energy storage cells. By February 2024, Ruipu Lanjun’s top-notch 320Ah energy storage cell will be mass-produced, promoting the application of large-capacity energy storage products in new energy fields and leading the era of large-scale storage.

It can be said that thanks to factors such as technological innovation and extreme manufacturing capabilities, Ruipu Lanjunding batteries rely on extremely high yield rates and production capacity to provide stable supply guarantees and create their own differentiated competitive advantages. For example, the actual capacity of the Wending 320Ah energy storage battery reaches 335Ah, the actual energy reaches 1070Wh, the cycle life is stable over 10,000 times, and the energy efficiency reaches 95.4%. Compared with the 280Ah battery cell of the same size, a single Wending battery has less carbon emissions. 54.6kg, helping to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

This has allowed Wending Batteries to stand at the forefront of the fiercely competitive global energy storage market, and also allowed Ruipu Lanjun to receive more energy storage orders – signing an 8.4GWh Indonesian battery procurement project agreement with POWIN, a world-renowned energy storage integrator. , signed a 10GWh framework purchase agreement with SUNPIN SOLAR, the industry’s leading solar developer, which has been highly recognized by the industry.

Build a large-capacity matrix and ask the top 345Ah to roll in again

In fact, Ruipu Lanjun’s leading breakthrough in the era of large-scale storage relies not only on the 320Ah battery cells, but its core competitiveness lies in the construction of a battery product matrix based on solutions based on the top technology. This is also the strong confidence for Ruipu Lanjun to establish a foothold in the energy storage field.

Following the Wending 320Ah energy storage battery cell, the Wending 345Ah follows closely. Recently, Ruipu Lanjun officially announced that its new generation product, the Wending 345Ah battery cell, has passed international authoritative certifications such as UL1973, UL9540A, IEC62619, and UN38.3. This means that the safety performance of Wending 345Ah battery cells has reached international standards, which is equivalent to getting a pass to the international market.

It is understood that the Wending 345Ah energy storage battery cell has the same appearance size as the existing 280Ah battery cell, but its volumetric energy density has been increased from 357Wh/L to 440Wh/L, and it has a 10,000-week cycle life and a 20-year calendar life. While maintaining at least 70% of terminal battery life. In addition, its energy efficiency has been increased to 96.2%, reducing energy loss during the conversion process and reducing costs by 7%, which can further enable cost reduction and efficiency improvement. It will then be able to provide customers with larger capacity energy storage battery cell options. Provide higher economic benefits and lower investment costs.

5.51MWh battery cabin comes off the production line, integrated and cost-reduced, comprehensive upgrade

In the context of the sharp increase in demand for 300+Ah large-capacity batteries in the energy storage market, the call for 5MWh+ energy storage battery compartments is also growing. In this regard, Ruipu Lanjun has also made a new iterative upgrade. The new 5.51MWh energy storage battery compartment based on Wending 345Ah battery cells has officially rolled off the production line.

In order to comply with market demand, Ruipu Lanjun’s 5.51MWh energy storage battery cabin is designed using a standard 20-foot container with a single-side door opening, which supports the combination of four machines and the shipping of the entire machine. The actual capacity of the Wending 345Ah battery cells it uses exceeds 350Ah, which significantly improves the integration density of the 5.51MWh energy storage battery cabin from modules to the entire cabin. According to official public data, only the capacity costs of the 5.51MWh energy storage battery cabin are comparable to those of 5MWh. The price of a single cabin is reduced by another 7%, giving customers a more cost-effective energy storage battery solution.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the energy improvement under the standard size, the Ruipu Lanjun 5.51MWh energy storage battery cabin has been optimized and upgraded by introducing a number of thermal runaway sensing and early warning tests in the battery module, and is equipped with a step-by-step fully parallel fluid With cold runner, multi-level short-circuit protection, drain-free repair and maintenance, module-level fire protection and other functions, it has higher safety and reliability. It responds to homogeneous competition with more cost-effective product advantages and is expected to become a mainstream product in the same level market.


As more and more 300+Ah large-capacity batteries become available, competition in the era of large-scale storage has begun. As a leader in large-scale storage, whether it is the first to mass-produce 320Ah batteries or the launch of 345Ah batteries and 5.51MWh battery compartment energy storage system, there is no doubt that Ruipu Lanjun has been at the forefront of the industry through a series of technologies. barriers and natural supply chain advantages, give full play to its own battery production and manufacturing advantages, build a battery product matrix based on Wending’s core technology, and continue to provide global customers with more economical, safer and more reliable green energy solutions, further helping Promote the upgrading of the industry’s energy structure.

There is reason to believe that under the matrix layout of Wending products, Ruipu Lanjun’s large-scale storage development will accelerate again, and the future is promising.

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