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Raise money for 3 organizations and send warmth to the 19th Huanya Love Angel Charity Beauty Competition

Raise money for 3 organizations and send warmth to the 19th Huanya Love Angel Charity Beauty Competition

The organizer, EWE Asia International Entertainment Group, jointly released the details of the Global Love Angel Charity Beauty Competition together with strategic partners, sponsors, charity ambassadors and participating beauties.

(Bukit Mertajam News) EWE Asia World International Entertainment Group recently held a press conference with co-organizers, sponsors, charity ambassadors and representatives of beneficiary groups at Seberang Perai Golf City to announce that EWE Asia World International Entertainment Group Jointly organized with Purple Secrets Image Concepts, with the Queen’s Lions Club of Penang, Penang First Lions Club and Mercy Club as strategic partners, the “Asian Love Angel Charity Beauty Contest 2023” is for charity and charity, and will be held in December At 6pm on the 19th (Tuesday), it was grandly held at the Van Gogh Grand Ballroom in Bukit Mertajam.

Donations can be exchanged for meal vouchers

The “UniAsia Love Angel Charity Beauty Contest 2023” will be held in the form of a banquet. The banquet meal tickets are divided into VIP tickets (VIP) of RM300 and ordinary tickets of RM180. Audiences can donate to exchange for meal tickets.

The organizer will donate funds to three organizations that night, namely DOA Servive Centre, Orang Asli Home, Batong Tinggi Home for the Elderly, and Seberang Perai I Am Chinese Primary School Student Charity Association.

Yu Peifen, general manager of EWE Asia World International Entertainment Group and founder of Purple Secrets Image Concepts, said at the meeting that a total of 18 beauties have advanced to the finals, from Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor.

She said that they have raised a RM15,000 boat for one of the tribes in the Orang Asli forest to facilitate the transportation of supplies. Unfortunately, the tribe was invaded by elephants a while ago and their homes were destroyed. Therefore, more funds are currently needed to provide them with supplies and rebuild their homes. On December 8, she will lead the beauties and strategic partners into the forest to deliver ships and supplies. During this period, the beauties also actively raised funds for the three major beneficiary groups.

Xu Wenshi, president of EWE Asia World International Entertainment Group, said that EWE also organizes tourism beauty contests abroad every year. The champion beauty will receive free travel and competition abroad to participate in the World Pacific Countries Tourism Beauty Competition.

In addition, the chairman of the group, Tan Heng Seng, thanked the strategic partners, namely EWE Compassion Society, Penang Queen’s Lions Club, Penang First Lions Club, sponsors and presenting units: Golf City, Fu Hotel, All Wealth Realty Concept Sdn Bhd, Castile Diamond Sdn Bhd, ECOHAIR, Lovely Lash, AIM MAX Media, Creator Lab, Montage Wedding Studio, Clover Make_up & Beauty Academy, A Tu Z Wedding House, HAU, Super Shape, Westwood Clinic, Jiuji Gong and Lianchuang, etc.

Also present were the Chairman of Seberang Perai I Am a Chinese Primary School Student Devotion Association, quasi-Datuk Yeo Sze Feng, DOA Servive Center Orang Asli Home Representative Dr. Lim Hua An, Batong Tinggi Home for the Elderly Chairman Datuk Tan Liang Seng, Golf City CEO Li Shihao, Senior Datin Xu Jiaxuan of A Tu Z Wedding House Sdn Bhd, the consultant and sponsor of the Compassion Society, Lim Yin Chuan, the president of Penang First Lions Club, Xie Miaojun, the president of Penang Queen’s Lions Club, and Zhang Zhizhi, deputy manager of Guangming Daily Wei Province.

Honorary Chairman of the conference, Senior Datin Xu Jiaxuan also thanked all the sponsors, planning team and beauty queens. Other guest speakers include Li Shihao, Datuk Tan Liangcheng, quasi-Datuk Yang Shifeng, Dr. Lin Huaan, Xie Miaoyun and Lin Yinquan.

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