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Racing against the heavy rain, CPIC Services spare no effort to escort the summer grain harvest

Racing against the heavy rain, CPIC Services spare no effort to escort the summer grain harvest

“Encountering this kind of ‘bad field rain’, I have suffered a lot this year. Thanks to Taibao for its timely assistance, I now have a lot of confidence in my heart,” Zhu Xiaoyun said with emotion. At 17:05 on May 31, 2023, a compensation of 25,000 yuan was successfully deposited into the bank account of Zhu Xiaoyun, a large grain grower in Xulou Village, Hexing Town, Suiping County.

At the end of May, Henan’s wheat has gradually entered the harvest period, which is a critical period for a bumper summer grain harvest. However, since May 25, Henan has experienced the worst “bad field rain” in the past ten years. Wheat fields in some areas have fallen, moldy, and germinated, and farmers’ wheat planting income has been damaged.

China Pacific Agricultural Insurance staff and agricultural experts surveyed farmers’ wheat fields on the spot in Gezhang Village, Luohe City, Henan Province

When the wheat is ripe for a while, the most important thing is to fight for it. China Pacific Insurance Henan Branch seized the opportunity to quickly formulate an emergency response mechanism for summer grain claims, and launched a green claim settlement channel. All local branch staff were on duty, and 95500 maintained a 24-hour priority to accept wheat claim cases, optimized the claim service process, and made every effort to improve the quality of claim settlement. effect.

In order to do a good job of disaster planning and improve the efficiency of claims settlement, China Pacific Insurance Henan Branch went to the grassroots and fields to timely investigate wheat germination, mildew, and production reduction in various regions. Up to now, China Pacific Insurance P/C Henan Branch has made overall arrangements and arranged 315 survey personnel, more than 3,200 co-organizers, 450 survey vehicles, and large-scale fixed-wing unmanned vehicles according to the type and degree of disaster affected. 12 UAVs and 118 multi-spectral rotor UAVs went to households and fields to comprehensively check the damage caused by the disaster, and did a solid job in fine wheat claims services.

Dushan can go deep into the fields to investigate

At around 12:00 on May 31, Du Shangke, a staff member of the Henan Suiping branch of China Pacific Insurance, received a call from farmer Zhu Xiaoyun to report the case. Due to continuous rain, the wheat lodging and germination caused serious damage to the harvest value. Du Shangke put down his job and immediately Contact agricultural experts and drive to the field together to investigate the damage to the farmers’ wheat. Agricultural experts determine the loss of farmers from a professional perspective, and inform farmers of the causes of wheat damage and follow-up matters that need attention. Dushan can quickly engage in intense on-site survey work to determine the affected area of ​​wheat. China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty’s head office and branch linkage immediately opened a green channel for catastrophe claims, simplified the claim payment process, and completed the claim payment in the afternoon of the same day.

In the future, China Pacific P/C Henan Branch will further strengthen communication with government departments at all levels, establish an information sharing mechanism, pay attention to the report of wheat disasters in real time, and cooperate with agricultural experts from the agricultural department to do a good job in the work of wheat claim settlement and loss determination. At the same time, actively do a good job in risk reduction services, use the advantages of e-agricultural insurance, provide weather warnings through SMS, WeChat, etc., assist farmers in the investigation of hidden risks, and do a good job in preventing and draining low-lying farmland, so as to avoid and reduce disasters to the greatest extent. Loss, with the “responsibility, wisdom, temperature” CPIC service, fully escort the harvest of summer grain, and consolidate the “ballast stone” of food safety.

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