Quiet and Beautiful Autumn, Relaxing Travel Follow Four Seasons Hotel and explore Tianjin Autumn Travel


On September 12, 2023, Tianjin Lion Forest Bridge diving has recently become popular and is known as the “8A diving scenic spot”. The attraction behind it is the joyful atmosphere of “Live for one minute, be happy for 60 seconds” and Tianjin’s urban character. While most people in first-tier cities are inevitably anxious due to the fast pace, Tianjin has become an Internet celebrity tourist city full of joy and relaxation because of the freedom, joy and relaxation shown by Uncle Diving. As National Day is approaching, why not explore Tianjin’s quiet and beautiful autumn days with Four Seasons Hotel and feel relaxed and happy.

Tianjin, which is built on water, actually has many other characteristic bridges. Each bridge has a unique scenery, forming a unique bridge culture. For example, the romantic Yongle Bridge is home to the “Eye of Tianjin”, the only Ferris wheel on a bridge in the world. You can take a high-altitude bird’s-eye view of the bustling city; the Bei’an Bridge, known as the branch of the Seine River, interprets European style with statues of mythical beasts and musical maidens. It is charming and suitable for taking pictures; there is also the Jiefang Bridge, which carries the history of Tianjin, full of industrial style beauty, and full of ceremonial feeling when opening the bridge during festivals. Eleven Travel brings your loved ones to check out the famous bridges with different styles, or take your children to explore and understand the bridge culture. When you are tired, escape to the luxurious and relaxing living space of Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin, relax in the bathtub with a view, and take a dip in the sky-line swimming pool with natural lighting the next morning. The hotel has created a family vacation package for guests who are pursuing a quality family vacation. You can enjoy children’s tents and building block toy decorations, as well as DIY children’s welcome gifts and children’s sleeping essential oil baths, etc., for an immersive luxury stay experience.

Yihui Western Restaurant “Taste of Asia Series”

There’s so much to see in the world, and travel vacations are never enough. Occasionally, you can let your taste buds take over your footsteps, taste the fireworks of the world with a different flavor, and encounter the customs of a certain region of the world. Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin specially invites local chefs from Four Seasons Hotels in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Seoul, South Korea and Hoi An, Vietnam. Together with the resident executive chef Martin Ouyang Qingcheng, they will successively present authentic and diverse flavors of Asia at the Yihui Western Restaurant. Culinary Journey.

The first one will be held on September 19, 2023 to welcome Chef Golf from the Four Seasons Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His Thai name is Naruchit Taingtrong. He was born in Bangkok and has experience in Abu Dhabi and an international perspective. He is well versed in classic and authentic dishes. Thai cuisine is also good at modern presentation and innovative interpretation, and will bring spicy and sour appetizing authentic Thai delicacies. Including Thai curry chicken noodle soup, Thai chicken skewers with peanut sauce, Thai mango sticky rice and Thai fresh vegetable rolls.

The “Taste of Tailand” themed buffet is available until October 22, 2023, starting from RMB 368 + 15% per person. Media fans can enjoy a 15% discount when booking through the editor.

 Guest bartending in the sky garden

The Aria on 9 sky garden located on the 9th floor of the hotel specially invites senior bartender Lu Wei as a guest. He will combine his unique Japanese aesthetic style with classic British cocktail techniques to bring a unique cocktail experience. In the candlelit starry night and the cool evening breeze, we enjoyed the first tipsy moment of autumn together.

As autumn falls this season, he will bring three creative special blends inspired by Jiangsu and Zhejiang rice wine and autumn crab. “Night Shanghai” is a mixture of turmeric powder and sweet and sour juice, which has a spicy and refreshing aroma, and is most suitable for drinkers who like non-alcoholic cocktails; “Yangcheng Lake” is based on Chinese rice wine, mixed with rice wine and lotus seed juice, and has a rich aroma and soft taste. It has a sweet aftertaste and has the effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness; “Crab Step” uses rice wine mixed with fresh ginger juice and pear, and the slightly spicy and sweet taste is intoxicating. It is served with Jiangsu and Zhejiang specialty snacks such as black truffle pan-fried buns and fried ring bells, and there is also a live DJ performance. Only from September 15 to 16, 2023, cocktails and snacks for one person are RMB 198 + 15% per set. Media fans can enjoy a 15% discount when booking through the editor.

  Year-end banquet

For guests who pursue an extraordinary annual meeting experience, the hotel launches the “Extraordinary Gathering” corporate annual meeting package, which includes a customized Chinese or Western buffet dinner, 2 hours of free flow of beer, red wine and soft drinks, standard table flower decoration, makeup lounge, and 4 hours free of charge Set up and standard stages and other benefits. Book 5 tables or more to enjoy extra surprises.

Standing in a prime location in the center of Jincheng, Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin provides 2,943 square meters of elegant and flexible column-free banquet space, including a 767-square-meter grand ballroom and a 638-square-meter Four Seasons Ballroom. Among them, the Four Seasons Banquet Hall has natural lighting, a charming terrace, a high and transparent front porch, and an elevator that can pick up cars; the accomplished and creative team of international chefs customizes gourmet feasts, combined with thoughtful conference services, to create a beautiful event Get together and experience.


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