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Queensbay Plaza invites the public to a “Dream Stars” this Christmas

Queensbay Plaza invites the public to a “Dream Stars” this Christmas

(Penang News) In conjunction with the arrival of Christmas, Queensbay Plaza uses Wanderlust Odyssey as its Christmas theme this year, creating a galaxy fantasy space in the central hall of the square, inviting the public to take a “Wanderlust Odyssey” journey , let everyone have a happy festival with a different atmosphere.

Colorful crystal reindeer are arranged in the LED tunnel

During this upcoming warm festival, people can feel the warmth of Queensbay Plaza. At the entrance of the plaza, you will be greeted by an LED tunnel. Walking through it, it seems that you have entered another dimension of light and shadow, like Traveling through the stardust of the universe, people feel the magic of light and shadow. And you can also find LED crystal reindeer hidden among the blue and white flowers. The tunnel and the reindeer’s light cast on each other create a mysterious atmosphere.

When you step into the atrium of the square, you will be greeted by a variety of dazzling colors such as blue, silver and white. There are crystal stars, rotating planets, diamond-shaped decorations and towers to accompany your body, mind and soul as they travel. It is a photo-taking spot that people cannot miss.

From left: Li Siling, Wu Junyi and Chen Songjiang hosted the launch ceremony of the Queensbay Plaza Christmas event.

There is a two-story crystal ball Christmas tree, which adds a mysterious and elegant feel. Shooting star decorations can be seen everywhere, and the traditional royal blue Christmas tree is decorated with twinkling lights, which is very eye-catching. On the other side, there is a dreamy space with an infinity mirror with a hexagonal structure. The infinity mirror is like a fantasy maze, creating intricate optical effects and immersing the viewer in this boundless illusion.

In order to let visitors experience the Christmas snowy atmosphere, white “snowflakes” will fall at Queensbay Plaza every weekend from Christmas to Christmas, adding a strong Christmas atmosphere.

In terms of celebration performances, there will be Wanderlust Odyssey stage play performances, Santa Claus delivering candies, astronauts on stilts delivering balloons, and learning workshops, etc.

CapitaLand and Queensbay Plaza management took photos with media representatives. From left: Chen Shunjie, Chen Songjiang, Li Siling, Wu Juner, Liu Junbin, Qiu Wucai.

CapitaLand Retail Director (Malaysia) Goh Kwan-yee, General Manager of Mall Management Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Plaza and East Coast Plaza Chen Songjiang, and Queensbay Plaza Manager Li Siling also recently kicked off the “Dream Star” Christmas event.

Attendees include Queensbay Plaza brand strategic communication manager Chen Baozhen, Guangming Daily brand content marketing editor Chen Shunjie, Sin Chew Media North Malaysia business manager Qiu Wucai, China News North Malaysia manager Liu Junbin, etc. (CSP)

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