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Quantum computing competition intensifies, domestic engineering machine research and development achieves a breakthrough

Quantum computing competition intensifies, domestic engineering machine research and development achieves a breakthrough

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is reconstructing the global innovation map and reshaping the global economic structure. Emerging technologies represented by quantum information and artificial intelligence are constantly making breakthroughs, which have brought huge impacts and even revolutionary changes to the world. The change.

In particular, quantum confidence technology has attracted great attention from China, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other major countries and regions in the world. All parties have increased the planning and layout of quantum technology by promulgating policies, investing funds, and establishing research institutions. Support efforts to seek a global leading position in quantum information technology.

my country’s research and application in the field of quantum information started late, but developed rapidly. According to the “China Internet Development Report (2022)” released by the Internet Society of China, the scale of my country’s digital economy will increase to 45.5 trillion yuan in 2021, ranking second in the world in terms of total volume, and emerging technologies such as quantum information will rank first in the world. .

At present, there are more than 77 quantum enterprises in my country. These 77 enterprises are distributed in the three major fields of quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum measurement, covering various enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The “2022 Quantum Industry Development Report” of the Speed ​​Industry Research Institute shows that among the various tracks of my country’s quantum industry, quantum communication companies account for 42%, quantum computing companies account for 31%, and quantum measurement companies account for 18%.

Some of these companies focus on a single field, and some take into account multiple fields. For example, Guodun Quantum and Qike Quantum focus on quantum computing and quantum communication, and Zhongke Kuyuan focuses on quantum computing and quantum sensing. The multi-field layout is also It demonstrates the R&D strength and innovation capabilities of these companies.

  Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the focus of attention in the field of quantum information, and the research and development of quantum computers has become one of the key directions for major countries in the world to make breakthroughs in the field of cutting-edge science and technology.

The development of quantum computing is divided into three stages, which are component quantum computing (CQC), noisy medium-scale quantum computing (NISQ) and fault-tolerant quantum computing (FTQC). We are currently in the NISQ stage, and the superiority of quantum computing has been tested. Verified, but not yet generalized. At present, many quantum companies are letting quantum computing technology out of the laboratory, and building quantum computing engineering machines has become an important means of realization.

Quantum computing engineering machine refers to the overall design and integrated development of each discrete system to complete the system modularization and convenient operation of the quantum computer, realize the quantum computer out of the physical laboratory, and can be independently controlled by quantum program developers. equipment.

  Domestic quantum computer engineering machine launched

In recent years, foreign quantum computing companies such as Google, IBM, and IonQ have successively launched quantum computing engineering computers. Domestic quantum computing companies started late, and there is little progress in engineering machines, but good news has also been announced recently.

Qike Quantum, which focuses on the two major fields of quantum computing and quantum communication mentioned above, has launched its ion trap quantum computer engineering machine Tiansu No. 1, which can realize the engineering of ion trap quantum computer hardware and intelligent operation interface, which also means In the process of research and development of atomic quantum computers, my country’s quantum computing start-up companies have taken a key step from key technological breakthroughs, laboratory research and development, principle prototype development, and progress to product engineering.

The engineering machine is composed of four major systems: working environment control system, ion trap system, optical system, and electronic measurement and control system. Each system is composed of several modules. Increased flexibility in module replacement. The design of human-computer interaction interface reduces the operational complexity of quantum computers, simplifies the experimental operations that can only be done in professional atomic physics laboratories in the past, and broadens the range of users of quantum computers.


Appearance of Ion Trap Quantum Computer Engineering Machine

At present, the engineering machine has been recognized by well-known experts in the fields of quantum information, atomic physics, and optoelectronics, and has passed the appraisal. The experts said that this engineering machine is the first ion trap quantum computing engineering machine in China, and its comprehensive engineering level has entered the It is in the international advanced ranks, and its development work is a breakthrough from 0 to 1, which is of pioneering significance for promoting the practical application of quantum computing in my country and expanding the industrial ecology of quantum computing.

  Independent research and development to master the core technology

At present, scientific and technological innovation has become the main battlefield of the international strategic game. Practical experience tells us that without core technology, there is no right to speak, and whether the key core technology can not be obtained, purchased, or negotiated can be controlled by self-reliance. Only then will you not be controlled by others, and you will not be “stuck in the neck”.

At present, multiple technical routes of quantum computing coexist and develop. Chinese enterprises have deployed routes such as ion traps, superconductivity, photon quantum, and semiconductors, and gradually narrowed the gap with European and American countries. However, industrial applications need to be further explored. Realizing breakthroughs in key practical application scenarios in industries such as automobiles and automobiles also requires the collaboration of quantum enterprises, universities, and scientific research institutions to carry out basic scientific research, key core technologies and industrial common technology research, software and hardware engineering research and development, application scenario exploration and industry Ecological construction and cultivation to promote the transformation and industrialization of quantum computing scientific and technological achievements.

The key to mastering core technologies lies in talents. Although it will take a long time for quantum computers to be fully practical, the cultivation of quantum computing talents is urgent. At present, the world is facing the real problem of shortage of high-level scientific research personnel and engineering R&D talents in the field of quantum computing. On the one hand, it is necessary for domestic colleges and universities to lay out the construction of quantum computing disciplines and cultivate professional talents; on the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the introduction of overseas talents, attract and encourage outstanding overseas scholars who have achieved good results in the field of quantum technology to return to China; at the same time, quantum technology companies must also Know people with insight, make the best use of their talents, and make the best use of their talents, so as to truly give full play to the advantages of talents.

The competition in the field of quantum computing is becoming increasingly fierce, and it is also expected that the domestic academic and industrial circles can make more voices on the international stage and have the right to speak.

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