Qinzhe Excel server implements non-destructive testing management system without code

Qinzhe Excel server implements non-destructive testing management system without code

In recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in my country, emerging industries have maintained rapid development, new materials, new structures and new industries have emerged, and downstream application fields and application scenarios have continued to expand, which also provides sustainable development for the ultrasonic nondestructive testing industry. opportunity.

According to the analysis of industry experts, the biggest pain point in the informatization process of my country’s non-destructive testing business is that there are many related parameter fields, business data, strict report requirements, and complex report structure. All of these directly lead to the huge amount of data to be entered in the lossless informatization, the high error rate, and the user has to spend more manpower and energy to process these data, which indirectly leads to the untimely generation of reports and reports. Coupled with the requirements of different companies for reports, the versions required by various regions, industries, Party A, and supervisors are ever-changing, and there is a lack of unified standards. So, how to standardize NDT management? The emergence of Qinzhe Excel server may make people see different answers.

  DiligentExcel serversystem design:

  whenAfter the user logs in to the Qinzhe Excel server platform, according to the authority, he has the authority to enter, review, view, print and other modules of different modules, and can call the report to print, and the system provides multiple sets of data statistical analysis summary reports. It only needs to be entered into the testing database once, and a full set of operation instructions, original records, result notices, and various reports can be automatically generated according to user requirements.

1. Structured processing data, the most simplified data entry mode. According to the characteristics of the data used in the entire report, the data is divided into three parts: inspection specification parameters; weld information; inspection result information.

2. According to different testing methods, testing specification parameters provide a separate testing parameter input interface for each item.

3. Mode 1, enter the database in two steps, enter the instruction ledger with welds; register the test results; Mode 2, one-time input: enter the weld and test result information at one time in the later stage.

  Document interface:

1. The documents of Qinzhe Excel server platform adopt the Excel interface. Users can perform batch copy, paste, drop-down fill, formula call and other Excel shortcut operations on the data.

2. Qinzhe Excel server platform adopts hierarchical permissions, which can view, modify, delete, track, etc. past documents, and can export and print them in batches.

  Report function:

According to the existing norms and standards of the testing industry, the requirements of the main industry, and the requirements of the main testing companies, Qinzhe Excel server provides common report templates for various current testing methods: 3503 report, 3503-2017 version report, 3543 report, power plant report, PetroChina report , 6882 report, 4109 report, pressure-bearing report, etc.

At the same time, Qinzhe Excel server can customize various exclusive reports at any time according to specific needs.

1. Users can directly call the Excel pre-customized report template in Qinzhe Excel server for printing. For various newly added report formats, it can also be quickly customized according to specific requirements.

2. Users can directly adjust the printing format on the Qinzhe Excel server report interface: customize the header, print area, margin, page, color difference, etc., and quickly complete the user’s personalized needs.

  Lossless reporting efficiency:

According to reports, Qinzhe Excel server adopts the latest intelligent algorithm to realize batch generation of notices, original records, operation instructions, and various formal reports. This function and algorithm is subversive in improving the efficiency of the industry’s report production. In the past, thousands or tens of thousands of reports required a few people for several weeks or even longer. Now only one operator needs to sit in front of the computer, select all the instructions, and with one click, everything is handed over to the computer, and thousands of reports can be generated in just a few minutes. Moreover, the report project information, process parameters, instruction information, film review information and display format provided by Qinzhe Excel server are all accurate.

Of course, it sometimes happens in non-destructive testing projects. After the report is issued, Party A says it is unqualified, and there is a problem with a certain parameter, and all have to be re-issued. Encountering this situation before has been disastrous for field clerks. Now that the parameters are modified, it only takes ten minutes to regenerate tens of thousands of reports. Batch generation of various reports is the core and most successful algorithm of this system, which solves the most uncomfortable efficiency problem of testing enterprises. The improvement of work efficiency has also been greatly improved compared with before.

  Statistical Analysis:

Qinzhe Excel server can design various statistical analysis reports according to the relevant requirements of users.

All reports in Qinzhe Excel server support Excel printing mode, users can adjust the reports according to their own requirements, and can download and save them offline.

  DiligentExcel serverEffect:

economic benefits

  social benefits

1. The management of the company can keep abreast of the work progress of each project department.

2. The project departments of the company can generate various statistical reports in a timely and accurate manner to grasp the progress of the project.

3. Quickly generate all kinds of non-destructive testing original records, operation instructions, result notices, and non-destructive testing reports in batches.

4. Solved the problem of serious lag of various reports in the past, improved the company’s management ability and core competitiveness, won the affirmation and praise of the owner, government supervision and supervision engineers, and improved the company’s image and market competitiveness.

As a professional information software, Qinzhe Excel Server provides professional assistance for non-destructive testing equipment and testing solutions. After years of continuous R&D investment, Qinzhe Excel Server has built a full-service technology innovation system for the needs of national strategic emerging industries and key projects. Form a non-destructive testing technology system around emerging industries and provide great help to the contemporary non-destructive testing industry.

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