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Qing Ding[Jihua Garden? Green Road Danting]blind date conference held perfectly

Qing Ding[Jihua Garden? Green Road Danting]blind date conference held perfectly

I hope to win the hearts of the one, never leave the white head, life is a simple and romantic variation. On March 18, the Jihua Garden·Greenway Danting project joined hands with Tianjin Radio and Television City Channel to build a platform for young men and women in the city, and held the Greenway Danting[Blind Date Conference].

Meet for love in spring, meet for love on the greenway

In March of Yangchun, everything will recover and love will officially sprout. It is also a good time for single friends to find a good relationship. On the afternoon of March 18, the staff of the TV station and the live broadcast truck had already arrived at the scene, making intensive preparations.

At 14:00 in the afternoon of the same day, the blind date meeting officially kicked off in the Red Brick Time Art Museum of Jihua Garden·Green Road Danting Marketing Center. Many single men and women and their relatives and friends came to the scene to look for “destined people”.

The host of the event came to the stage, and enthusiastically and detailedly explained the process of the blind date meeting to the guests at the scene. Afterwards, the leader of the developer of the Jihua Garden Greenway Danting project was invited to deliver a speech. In his speech, the leader wished that the young friends present could find their soulmate through this event.

Romantic Blind Date Conference

After the blind date activity officially started, the male and female guests sat down in front of the stage with a joyful mood and romance. After the speech and sharing, the interactive session on the scene pushed the whole event to a climax, and the scene evolved into a sea of ​​romance and joy.

After the boys presented flowers to the ladies, they took advantage of the 5-minute speed-dating time to communicate comprehensively, and even formed partners in the following treasure hunting session. The event ended with laughter and laughter, and some young men and women who were willing also left their contact information one after another, and even made an appointment for dinner to deepen their understanding.

Garden house grand view classic handed down from generation to generation

Jihua Garden·Greenway Danting, the whole community is presented in real scene, and the whole real building is delivered. The male and female guests who participated in the event were all “what you see is what you get” for the excellent quality of the community. The building area is about 90-135? Rare bungalows in the city’s central ring, and with the carefully constructed main landscape belt and lush trees and flowers, the style of “garden bungalows” reappears in the city. The greening rate inside the park is as high as 35%, which is leisurely and elegant, and the brand-new oriental aesthetic life scene is all admirable.

A century-old central enterprise has more family and country feelings

Jihua Garden Greenway Danting is developed by Xinxing Jihua Group, a central enterprise under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, which has both family and country feelings. Xinxing Jihua Group has shouldered the responsibility of the family and the country since its birth, and it has gradually transformed into today’s development. Xinxing Jihua has a great country and a heavy weapon in its left hand, and the feelings of family and country in its right hand. Through land development, residential construction, and caring services, more young people can give their lovers a warm home while reaping love.

The ideal place to buy property in the bustling city of Central

Jihua Garden·Greenway Danting is located in the middle of the city, surrounded by many supporting facilities, presenting a rare convenient and prosperous life for young owners. The project is adjacent to the subway line 7 under construction, which passes through the ancient cultural street, Drum Tower, Haiguang Temple, Tiannan University, Tianta and other important urban nodes of cultural buildings and natural landscapes; 6/ and other lines intersect to realize seamless transfer.

The surrounding educational resources are abundant: Rotary Kindergarten, Tianjin Foreign Languages ​​School Nanpu Primary School, Xiaowai, Hongguang Middle School, No. 35 Middle School, Hebei Foreign Languages ​​Middle School Affiliated to Tianjin Foreign Studies University, and many high-quality schools to help the dream start.

It is planned to have a community-based neighborhood-centered business, serving the project and its surrounding areas. The planned business covers supermarkets, catering, entertainment, children’s education, etc.; the project is equipped with an enclosed commercial block to meet the diverse living needs of the owners in one stop.

The open and wide top and the double jump respect the difference between the upper and lower

The duplex apartment type of the project not only has the transparency and comfort of a bungalow, but also has an independent attic/underground space. The relatively independent space can be used for various planning. In the age of three children, it can be used as an exclusive learning, entertainment, and play area for children; it can also be used as a collection of old boys’ figures, and even as their independent e-sports space. The sun is full, and the room is full of romance; drinking tea and collecting books, self-cultivation and self-cultivation.

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