Qiaofei’s new antibacterial sanitary napkin product comes out, analyzing how national sanitary napkin brands achieve rapid growth


When it comes to sanitary napkins, let alone men, even women who are users often seem to be secretive about it. But in fact, as a necessity for women, the sanitary napkin market has a huge consumer group. Especially as the country actively advocates the concept of “big health, big health” and continues to advance, as an important part of the big health industry in the new era, the sanitary napkin industry has officially entered a period of rapid development in recent years. Among the new products that are constantly emerging, the recently launched Qiaofei antibacterial sanitary napkins are particularly eye-catching.

  The “blue ocean” market calls for product iteration

Today’s female consumers pay more attention to their own health, and a lot of scientific health care knowledge can be conveyed to female consumers more quickly. In terms of performance, the frequency of replacement of sanitary napkins continues to increase. According to survey data issued by authoritative organizations, More and more consumers are increasing the frequency of sanitary napkin use from 3-5 sanitary napkins per day during menstruation to 6 sanitary napkins per day.

Driven by such consumption upgrades, according to statistics, the market size of my country’s sanitary napkin industry will reach 99.1 billion yuan in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 2.4%. Looking back on the past ten years, from 2012 to 2022, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of my country’s sanitary napkin industry was 5.9%, showing a steady growth trend.

At the same time, with the improvement of women’s education level, consumption level and personal hygiene care awareness, women’s awareness of personal hygiene care continues to increase. Consumer demands for sanitary napkins in terms of functionality, comfort, safety, and health are constantly increasing, and they have gradually transformed from the initial basic functions of permeability, absorption, and leakage prevention to functional diversification and high quality; on the other hand, sanitary napkins have Advances in production equipment and technological levels have also promoted the continued subdivision and evolution of product design and functions. Such compound changes not only promote consumption upgrades in the sanitary napkin industry, but also prompt companies to continue to innovate and improve to meet the growing needs of consumers.

  Qiaofei’s new products indicate industrial upgrading

It can be seen that for the sanitary napkin industry, the main driving force for future industry development is the increase in user frequency and the development of high-end products. Only technological innovation can bring differentiation and competitiveness, allowing consumers to have better choices and experiences. What is gratifying is that under such a general background, a number of emerging national brands have begun to enter the public eye, and a number of domestic products that pay more attention to quality are also constantly emerging. From product appearance, materials to functions, they continue to be segmented and New and evolved sanitary napkin products are constantly appearing on the market.

For example, in response to the increasingly serious problems of menstrual inflammation, bacterial growth, and difficulty in eliminating odors, the national brand Qiaofei has launched a new product aimed at antibacterial and deodorizing – Qiaofei Antibacterial Sanitary Napkin Tianzhu Silk Style. This brand-new sanitary napkin uses natural bamboo fiber and silk textile technology. After “optimizing” the basic attributes such as ultra-thinness and breathability, it does not add any additives that cause allergies. The inspection report issued by the national authority shows that the product has no allergy-causing additives. Irritating.

At the same time, this product does not rely on any fragrance or medicinal flavor to cover up odors. Instead, with the support of 9-second patented odor-free technology, it uses natural lactic acid to neutralize, remove odors and achieve antibacterial effects. It has obtained US FDA, EU CE and SGS The ICHN antibacterial shield technology certified and tested by many institutions, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences Physics and Chemistry Center, inhibits 99.9% of bacterial growth within 24 hours, presses the “eliminate button” for odors and harmful bacteria, and “kills allergies and menstrual inflammation.” cradle”.

In response to the advent of Qiaofei antibacterial sanitary napkins, some experts said that this indicates that my country’s national brand sanitary napkin products are upgrading towards functionalization and mid-to-high-end. In the future, more high value-added products that are positioned as healthy, light, and comfortable will appear. , Such changes will not only give structural opportunities to the majority of national sanitary napkin brands, and enable them to achieve “overtaking in corners” on the transformation track as soon as possible, but will also further satisfy the majority of women’s needs for sanitary napkin functions, comfort, safety, health and other aspects. high demand.


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