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“Pursuit” Beijing premiere on November 11 Junning Zhang and Ruan Jingtian’s ultimate pursuit

“Pursuit” Beijing premiere on November 11 Junning Zhang and Ruan Jingtian’s ultimate pursuit


  11moon5day, byZeng Yingtingdirect,screenwriter,Produced by Junning Zhang and Tang Zaiyang, starring Junning Zhang and Ethan Ruanmovie of”pursuit” held its premiere in Beijing.that dayZeng Yingting, Tang Zaiyang, Zhang Junning,Created by Ruan JingtianGather together at the scene,Share the details of video creation,Calling attention to the plight of women’s safety,on sitebursts of applause broke out from time to time.

  On that day, the audienceexperienced a thrilling105minute,Follow policewoman Wu Jie(Zhang Junning decoration)and black agent Lin Yousheng (Ethan Juan ) together,Experienced togetherA dangerous chase on a rainy night.The identity of the real murderer of a serial love murder is thrown into doubt, and the shocking pursuit turns to the last moment. When Wu Jie tried her best to bring the real murderer to justice and achieve self-salvation, countless viewers at the scene were moved to tears. Faced with the audience’s affirmation, Zhang Junning said:“Thank you very much for your love for the movie. If the final effect of the movie can bring a little strength to every ‘you’ and ‘me’ who are in trouble, then everything will be worth it!”   

  Zeng Yingting:The film “Pursuit” was made from the accumulation of concerns about hundreds of real women’s safety cases.

  Zhang Junning:“The boat has passed the Ten Thousand Mountains”, life is a practice of enjoying the process

  At the premiere, the audience did not hesitate to applaud and used their warmestofCheers welcome to all creators.directorZeng Yingtingfacein this wayI sincerely affirm that:Thank you so muchThe audience responded to “pursuit“ofApproval,We actually want to use this film to let more people see the plight of women, and encourage those who may have suffered pain to bravely face all sufferings, and hope that they can also be treated gently by life.“Just like in the videoDesperate policewoman Wu Jie and illegal agent Lin Yousheng face the blows of life. They choose to fight back bravely and redeem themselves.Wu JieandBoth Lin Yousheng suffered heavy emotional trauma: Wu Jie’s husband committed suicide due to depression, and Lin Yousheng was betrayed by his girlfriend. But after experiencing inner suffering and struggle, they chose to let go of the past and reconcile with themselves. Wu Jie sold her husband’s car, and Lin Yousheng also went to the sun. Even though he suffered pain, he still had the courage to sweep away the chicken feathers all over the floor.On that day,Zhang JunningAlso lamented:Although the movie style is suspenseful and thrilling, it also contains a lot of positive energy. I hope everyone can get this energy from Wu Jie to face all the dissatisfaction in life.


  Movie”pursuit》narratesWu Jie, a policewoman with a dashing appearance but a desperate heart, was devastated by the death of her husband. When she was about to commit suicide, she came across a corpse in the water with its heart and fingers cut out. During the investigation, she discovered that countless clues pointed to Lin Yousheng, an illegal migrant labor agency. The two began a cat-and-mouse game of him escaping and her chasing. In the end, Wu Jie subdued the brutal murderer, successfully rescued the girl trapped in the devil’s cave, and at the same time obtained her own redemption. At the scene, Janine Chang and Ethan Ruan also shared with the audience ways to get over their emotional wounds. Janine Chang said frankly:“Emotional injury is not terrible. Everyone will be sad sometimes, but when you give yourself a little more time, you will find that the boat has passed the Ten Thousand Mountains. Life is a practice of constantly enjoying the process, pushing life forward. By moving forward, we can get salvation from sorrow.” Ethan Ruan also added: “When you are uncomfortable, you can also get together with three or two friends and relieve your emotions through chatting. Friends and family are always the most solid support.”   

  Audiences at the Beijing premiere of the movie “The Pursuit” exclaimed: suspenseful love murder, high-energy reversal

  Janine Cheung and Ethan Ruan both on and off screen“Love and kill each other” interprets the most ironclad friendship

  Zhang Junning and Ethan Ruan have been friends for 16 yearspursuitinside“Turn each other against each other”, tit-for-tat love and killing each other, staged an extreme rainy night pursuit of the murderer. “Pursuit” is a crime suspense film, full of horror elements such as “cutting off fingers and digging out hearts”.Watching a movie that day,Many viewers said they were frightened by the dark elements in the movie, and some even screamed out in the cinema, saying:“I was so frightened by the pursuit scene in the film,” some viewers said frankly that they are avid fans of suspense crime films, and “Pursuit” fully met their inner expectations. “The plot of the movie is full of twists and turns, making it difficult to figure out who is the real murderer behind the scenes. The full sense of suspense and the thrilling details of the crime left a very deep impression on me. This is the most exciting suspense crime movie I have seen this year. “. In the movie, Junning Chang is a desperate and cool policewoman, and Ethan Ruan is a suspect in a love murder case. She goes deep into the thrilling chess game set up by the murderer to find a way back for the girls who are in trouble. Tit-for-tat confrontation, pursuing the evil to the extreme; the battle between good and evil, the final outcome is revealed. The audience at the scene also said: “In the movie, the two people test each other, push to the limit, and are full of tension. It is very enjoyable to watch.”

  inside the play“Killing Each Other” staged a high-energy cat-and-mouse game. At the premiere, Janine Chang and Ruan Jingtian turned on the multi-year friend mode, and the tacit understanding was full of power. Ethan Ruan said, “Actually, my appearance in “The Pursuit” was largely due to Junning. She called me at that time and asked me if I wanted to play the role of Lin Yousheng. I immediately agreed.” Junning Chang also responded, “Xiao Tianzhen is really very “Iron” and joked that because they are friends, they don’t need to be charged overtime even if they shoot overtime. The camaraderie of joking with each other and being called upon by a phone call is enviable.In the playThe rivalry between “cops and robbers” staged a rainy night pursuit, and they got to know each other off-screen and spent time together.16Years ago, friends competed with each other’s acting skills16Perform together after the New Year“Pursuit”, a masterpiece of conscienceEnjoy the show in theaters on November 11th.   

  The movie “Pursuit” is produced by Xing Yang Film Co., Ltd., Zhonghe Qiancheng Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Huaying Entertainment Co., Ltd., Central International Entertainment Co., Ltd., Youxi Entertainment Co., Ltd., Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd., It is produced by Wenwenxiang Film Co., Ltd., introduced by China Film Group Corporation, distributed by China Film Co., Ltd., assisted by Horgos Qiancheng Film Co., Ltd. to promote it, and produced by Xingyang Film Co., Ltd. and Wenwenxiang Film Co., Ltd. High-Quality Thriller Crime Movie of the Year “Pursuit”It will be released nationwide on November 11. A shocking murder and a high-energy reversal. Fatal love leads to serial deaths, who will protect the safety of women? On Double Eleven, let’s go into the cinema together, “hunt” together, and speak out for women’s safety!

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