Psoriasis induced by autoimmune system disorder and bad habits | Good Doctor | 2023-03-30 – Guangming Daily

Psoriasis induced by autoimmune system disorder and bad habits | Good Doctor | 2023-03-30 – Guangming Daily

(Hong Kong News) Analyze the causes of psoriasis, the relationship between life and eating habits and the induction of psoriasis from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, and the method of treating psoriasis with traditional Chinese medicine.

Psoriasis (commonly known as psoriasis, Psoriasis) is a skin disease of “autoimmune system disorder”.

At present, modern medicine has not yet determined the cause of psoriasis. It is generally believed that the patient’s own immune system is out of balance, and T lymphocytes are abnormally active, attacking their own skin cells, causing repeated inflammation and hyperplasia of the skin, causing skin renewal cycle and keratin formation to be too fast. Therefore, red spots and silver scales may appear on the skin, and even abscesses and pus.

The skin renewal cycle of psoriasis patients is faster than that of ordinary people, and the newly added skin cells will form red and swollen plaques, which are covered by silvery white scales.

The causes of psoriasis can be divided into congenital factors and acquired factors. Most of the congenital factors are genetic inheritance, and many genes have been found to be directly related to the cause of psoriasis.

The acquired factors are more complicated. Can include stress, emotions, smoking, alcohol use, obesity, skin lesions, infections, medications, etc.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of psoriasis is related to the internal heat in the patient’s body. In addition, factors such as exogenous rheumatism, heat and toxin, fat and sweet food, and emotional disorders will cause blood heat, blood heat to generate wind, and internal invasion of the skin. Lead to the appearance of psoriasis; some patients also have psoriasis due to blood deficiency, blood deficiency transforming dryness and wind, and skin loss of nourishment.

Irregular living habits are indeed one of the important causes of inducing and aggravating psoriasis.

In terms of diet, try to avoid eating creamy, high-fat, and high-sugar foods.

Do not use frying cooking methods to cook food, otherwise it will easily promote dampness and heat, which will aggravate psoriasis.

At the same time, it is also necessary to take various supplements and health products carefully, so as not to increase the immune response and aggravate the condition.

When it comes to the causes of psoriasis, emotions and stress are naturally inseparable. When the pressure of study or work is high, the condition is often more serious. Taking appropriate ways to release stress, such as outings, singing, talking to family and friends, etc., can help control the disease.

In addition, seasonal changes also affect the condition of psoriasis. When entering autumn and winter, the air humidity and temperature begin to drop, and the skin’s sebum secretion decreases due to the drop in body surface temperature, resulting in dry skin and fine cracks, and the skin lesions of psoriasis are likely to aggravate further. Moisturizing in time can prevent further damage to the skin.

Patients need life-long treatment

In modern medicine, the cause of psoriasis has not been fully grasped, and naturally there is no cure for psoriasis. The current treatment method is mainly to control the symptoms, and patients need to receive life-long treatment to alleviate the condition. Traditional therapies include topical drug therapy, optical therapy and systemic drug therapy, etc., but their efficacy and side effects are not satisfactory. The biological agent therapy introduced in recent years has better curative effect, but its expensive charges and long-term treatment also deter many people.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulates prescriptions according to the specific conditions of patients and the causes of psoriasis. Clinically, blood-heat type and damp-heat type are more common, and are usually treated with prescriptions for clearing heat and cooling blood or clearing heat and promoting dampness. If its cause involves stress factors, the medication needs to be combined with drugs that soothe the liver and regulate qi. If dietary factors are involved, it is necessary to treat the spleen and stomach problems and the dampness accumulated in them, and should not be limited to one pattern.

The condition of patients with psoriasis can be mild or severe. The mild one is limited to the hands and feet, and the severe one is all over the body. The difficulty of treatment is naturally very different. For those with a short course of disease and a small range of psoriasis, the treatment time is relatively short. Those with a longer course of disease and a wider range of psoriasis will have a relatively longer treatment time. Traditional Chinese medicine is usually used to regulate the body, so that the immune system in the body is more balanced, which helps to treat and prevent immune system disorders.

When the autoimmune system is relatively stable, skin itching and rashes are also improved, and the thickness of the plaques will gradually become thinner, and then the normal skin will begin to appear, and the psoriasis will also be reduced. Finally, the psoriasis gradually disappeared under the gradual improvement.

It is recommended to seek Chinese medicine treatment as soon as possible

There was a patient who had suffered from psoriasis for 4 years, which mainly appeared on the hands, feet and back, and the condition worsened when the seasons changed, accompanied by cardiovascular disease. After diagnosis and treatment, it was diagnosed as psoriasis with hyperactivity of liver-yang due to dampness and heat. After more than one month of treatment, the plaques have been significantly thinned, and the blood pressure is relatively stable.

Half a year later, the disease was finally brought under control. As long as the medication is continued, there is generally good improvement.

Immune system diseases have always been the dominant diseases of traditional Chinese medicine. Corresponding prescriptions can be made according to the patient’s constitution and condition, instead of simply suppressing the immune response. Moreover, its drug safety is relatively high, and it will not cause an excessive burden on the body. It is recommended that psoriasis patients seek Chinese medicine treatment as soon as possible.

Article Zhang Guojin (Chinese Medicine Physician), “Ming Pao”

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