Provide one-stop digital intelligence empowerment “Taishutong” platform officially released

Provide one-stop digital intelligence empowerment “Taishutong” platform officially released

On May 20, at the press conference of China Pacific Insurance’s big health strategy action, the Institute of Digital Intelligence under China Pacific Insurance officially released the “Taishutong” digital intelligence integration empowerment platform. The platform is led by the Digital Intelligence Research Institute and responds to the call of the national digital China strategy and China Pacific Insurance’s big data strategy. It aims to open up internal and external data assets for insurance scenarios and provide reusable, combinable, and iterative atomic capabilities based on cutting-edge technologies. and customized scene service capabilities, efficiently supporting the digital intelligence of business systems and business links.

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  Horizontal access+Vertical penetration

It is reported that the biggest feature of the Taishutong platform is the word “tong” in its name. The platform focuses on realizing the horizontal connection of internal and external data and the vertical connection of digital intelligence capabilities, improving the efficiency and flexibility of empowering business systems and business links sex.

In the horizontal dimension, the Taishutong platform connects multiple types of internal and external data, such as insurance main business data, ecological related data, and external cooperation data, through the data aggregation layer, and internally outputs them in a unified manner to realize the integration of customers, products, and services under multiple business scenarios. Fully open;

In the vertical dimension, technical capabilities such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things are aggregated and connected through the capability platform, and the data required for the business is collected for specific business scenarios to provide a customizable, one-stop digital intelligence platform. solutions;

A brief diagram of the Taishutong platform architecture

  Three core advantages of Taishutong platform

The Taishutong platform has three advantages: secure data integration, flexible scenario customization and intelligent continuous evolution.

  Safe Data Integration:Through technologies such as blockchain and trusted computing, it supports trusted data access and the ability to exchange data with invisible security value, provides open, safe, and credible data access and data collaboration services, and broadens the scope of data access. breadth;

  Flexible customization of scenes: More than 100 basic atomic capabilities are built-in, which can realize flexible and agile support for different application scenarios based on the arrangement of basic atomic capabilities, and improve the efficiency of business digital intelligence;

  Intelligent continuous evolution:Openly adapting to multiple large language models, combined with knowledge injection in the insurance vertical field and self-constructed corpus, the intelligence level can continue to evolve with the development of the model and the accumulation of corpus data.

  Efficiently empower multiple business scenarios

The Taishutong platform has access to more than 1.6PB of data from China Pacific Insurance, more than 1,000 customer description tags, and provides more than 110 leading AI capabilities in the insurance industry. Scenarios such as diagnosis and digital employees provide digital intelligence empowerment for business.

Taking the fast claim settlement scenario as an example, Taishutong provides a whole-process optimization solution to make claims settlement fast, accurate and efficient. In the process of submitting claim settlement materials, Taishutong automatically classifies image materials, automatically corrects images, and intelligently detects counterfeit materials; in the information entry link, Taishutong automatically converts bills into structured data entry systems through intelligent entry technology; In the link, Taishutong realizes automatic review based on the input data and domain knowledge base, combined with the claim settlement model.

China Pacific Insurance Digital Intelligence Research Institute was established in April 2021. The goal is to establish a first-class expert team in the industry, and realize the continuous improvement of the market competitiveness of Pacific Insurance by improving the technological level, incubating innovation, and building a technological ecology. Since its establishment, the Institute of Digital Intelligence has planned to launch more than 20 technological support capacity building, 30 application projects, and established 6 joint laboratories with top industry-university-research institutions to empower China Pacific Insurance’s transformation and development of technology.

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