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Protecting children’s innocence and moving to the future? Funde Life and the Third Taxation Branch of Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau jointly launched the “Little Dolphin Project” public welfare activity

Protecting children’s innocence and moving to the future? Funde Life and the Third Taxation Branch of Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau jointly launched the “Little Dolphin Project” public welfare activity

  “Is the suitcase for the little dolphin given to us?” a child timidly asked the volunteer. After getting an affirmative answer, he smiled happily, “Next time I can drag my suitcase to Shenzhen to visit my dad.”

  The breeze blows through the rice fields, bringing the coolness of summer.In a beautiful pastoral scenery, byFudelifelife insuranceJointly with the Third Taxation Branch of Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureauholdof“Little Dolphin Project”lovepublic welfareActivity,AtJune29thHeld at Dengyun Town Central Primary School, Longchuan County, Heyuan City.Relevant personnel from local government departments and the Third Taxation Branch of Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, Little Dolphin volunteers from Funde Life Insurance Corporation and Guangdong Branch, and representatives of teachers and students from Central Primary School in Dengyun Township, totaled2More than 00 peopleParticipate in live events.

  active inmelodiousLittle Dolphin Songkicked off in.Qi Jiamin, Financial Director of Funde Life Insurance, shared with the participants the story of helping children with hope, reunion, dreams, and courage.The public welfare achievements of the “Little Dolphin Project” in the past ten years. Qi Jiamin said: “I hope that this little dolphin of love will not only help more children get out of the mountains and see the dolphins swimming happily in the aquarium, but more importantly, let everyone find the little dolphin they love in their hearts. I also hope that the students can pass on more kindness to more people when they are able.

  Subsequently, Funde Life Insurance Co., Ltd.financemanagedepartmentprincipalOuyang Yunhua represented the company toDonation to Dengyun Town Central Primary School100set of dolphinswarm pack,totalInsurance amountclose15 million yuanof“Little Dolphin Exclusive Insurance” and 190setLittle dolphin children’s hatWaiting for love materials.Feng Jun, General Manager of Guangdong Branch, and Ye Peizhen, Secretary of Dongshan Village Committee jointly launched theThe “Little Dolphin Project One-on-One Support” entered the Dongshan Village landing ceremony.In the next step, Guangdong Branch will alsowill passsite visits, organizationforms of assistance,Evenaddpreciselandhelp in needdilemmachild.

  The public good deeds of the “Little Dolphin Project” also won high praise from the participants.

  Zhang Mingming, member of the Standing Committee of the Longchuan County Party Committee of Heyuan City and deputy county magistrate, expressed his gratitude to Funde Life, the Third Taxation Branch of the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, and the Cloud Tingting team of the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau for all they have done to care for children in mountainous areas and revitalize the countryside.He believes that inWhen the founding day of the Communist Party of China is approaching on July 1, as an old party member, it is very meaningful to be able to participate in this public welfare donation the same time,heI hope that the students will keep this gratitude in their hearts, study hard, and continue to pass on the baton of love..

  Xu Weiwei, Deputy Director of the Third Tax Branch of the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, said that she was very moved by Funde Life’s care and love for the flowers of the motherland.The long-term development of the “Little Dolphin Project” in the past ten years, and the high attention paid by the headquarters and branches in this event made her feel the company’s ardent expectations and enthusiasm for education.

  Heyuan CityDengyun Town Party Secretary Zou Jian also said,“Today’s donation brings not only financial help, but more importantly, spiritual encouragement to the left-behind children in Dengyun Town.”

  In the amphitheater of Dengyun Town Central Primary School,The theme activity of “Scholarship on the Cloud” is also being held enthusiastically. “The teacher chose me!” “The teacher chose me!” After watching the video of “Dolphin Island in My Heart”, the children shared their insights. a 10 year old kid said:In the future, when we encounter difficulties in life and study, we should be like the protagonist in the videoCaranaDon’t give up easily, but be brave enough to overcome difficulties.His eyes showed a brave and firm spiritAffection.On the same day, members of the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau’s cloud listening team also brought a lively and interesting psychological care course to the children.

  A century-old plan, education-oriented, caring for the healthy growth of rural children is an important task of rural revitalization, which is related to the revitalization of rural talents, cultural revitalization, and industrial revitalization. Effective solutions to the growth of rural children can promote the long-term revitalization and development of rural areas.The purpose of “Little Dolphin Project” and “Caring for children’s healthy and happy growth” are very suitable.

  In the ten years since the “Little Dolphin Project” was launched, a series of public welfare activities have been carried out around the three themes of “material assistance, insurance protection, and psychological assistance”. There have been more than 1,300 activities in total, benefiting more than 170,000 children, and a total of 29 million yuan in donated materials and exclusive insurance for little dolphins with a total insurance coverage of over 3 billion yuan.

  This year,The “Little Dolphin Project” has entered a new decade. With the theme of “seeing the world through the cloud and moving toward the future”, it will continue to target left-behind, bereaved, poor and other disadvantaged groups of children. It will organize and carry out love donations, one-on-one assistance, “Students on the Cloud” themed activities, study tours, summer camps and other public welfare activities across the country, so that more disadvantaged children can feel love and warmth, and build a wonderful childhood for them.

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