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Promote thematic education to be effective and contribute China Life’s strength to the rural revitalization strategy

Promote thematic education to be effective and contribute China Life’s strength to the rural revitalization strategy

Since the in-depth launch of thematic education, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) Guangdong Branch has continued to work hard in building a soul through learning, increasing wisdom through learning, correcting style through learning, and promoting cadres through learning , relying on the opportunity of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee to implement the “Hundred Counties, Thousand Towns and Tens of Thousands of Villages High-Quality Development Project” (hereinafter referred to as the “Hundreds and Thousands Project”), solidly optimize all aspects of work to assist and prosper agriculture, and further solve problems and implement rural revitalization strategies. Solving people’s concerns, doing practical things, and promoting development have greatly improved the quality and efficiency of serving rural revitalization, and promoted thematic education to achieve tangible results.

Rural revitalization is a major task to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The party and the country regard the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy as the top priority of the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” work in the new era. In order to promote the high-quality development of counties, towns and villages in the province and better solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development in urban and rural areas from a new starting point, on February 27, 2023, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee decided to implement the “Hundreds and Thousands Project” to promote urban and rural areas in Guangdong. Coordinated development. China Life Guangdong Branch accurately grasps the profound connotation and practical requirements of “the great nation”, carries out in-depth thematic education, implements the “Hundreds and Thousands Project”, continues to support rural revitalization based on its main responsibilities and main businesses, and strives to activate financial activities New driving force for rural development.

  Continue to improve the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” insurance system supported by “policy insurance + commercial insurance” and enhance the ability to provide insurance products and services in the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” fields.In the first half of 2023, the rural revitalization business of China Life Guangdong Branch increased by 59% year-on-year, and agricultural insurance increased by 31%. Carry out insurance donation activities for cadres who are stationed in towns to help towns and villages, and provide risk protection of about 7 billion yuan to about 40,000 people in the third category of “special households” across the province. . Critical illness insurance policies in nine prefectures and cities across the province have tilted their treatment towards people in need. Among them, Zhuhai’s “Love Without Borders” project will provide free insurance to more than 22,000 disabled people and needy groups in 2023, effectively improving the ability of disabled people and needy groups to withstand major disasters. Medical risk capabilities.

  Continue to implement the “four no-picks” requirements and maintain unabated assistance.In 2023, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch will dispatch a total of 27 assistance cadres, 3 more than in 2022, and the strength of assistance cadres is increasing year by year.In terms of consumption assistance, the total consumption assistance of the province’s system in 2023 is 2.277 million yuan, including 1.262 million yuan for Xiangping Town supported by the provincial company, 827,000 yuan for the four counties designated by the group, and 188,000 yuan for other assistance points in the province. Actively explore ways to support consumption, and negotiate with Shanghai Dongfu Network Technology Co., Ltd. to put Xiangping Town’s special agricultural products on the Dongfu sales platform to expand the sales of agricultural products.

Picture: Village-based cadres carry out assistance work in the fields

  We will give full play to our comprehensive financial advantages and strive to provide reliable financial and insurance services to the people in assistance areas.Help improve the public medical service system in villages and towns, give full play to the advantages of China Life’s “AI Internet + Health”, introduce online high-quality medical resources into support points, help rural families get diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and chronic diseases nearby, reduce errands, and solve the problem of ” To solve the problem of “distance to see a doctor”; allocate green pass service rights and interests to key groups, and rely on high-quality resource platforms to provide appointment registration services to solve the problem of “difficulty in seeing a doctor”; enrich the supply of special products such as Kangyue advance payment, vigorously promote and popularize the functions of advance payment products, and gradually expand The coverage of advance payment products alleviates farmers’ difficulties in cash flow for treatment of serious diseases and solves the problem of “expensive medical treatment”.

  The service level of county-level outlets will be enhanced and the “Hundred Towns” plan will be launched.Select 200 important rural and important towns to support the improvement of county office environment, expand the team of township outlets, and improve the service radiation and service supply capabilities of outlets. The first batch of 30 villages and towns were selected to build comprehensive financial demonstration sites to achieve a new and upgraded outlet operating environment. We will strive to build 200 comprehensive financial service stations in the county and serve the two townships in the next three years.

  Strengthen the extension of financial and insurance services and enhance the convenience of services.Promote the “one-stop” settlement service for health and poverty alleviation, and create convenient services for the masses with “no reporting, no application, no information, no need to visit the counter, and no need to wait”; vigorously promote the use of China Life Life Insurance APP, and continue to carry out “smart assistance to the elderly” A series of activities have been carried out to enrich online business processing projects and bring China Life services into villages, towns, families and fields; it has strengthened the construction of county marketing teams, recruited and cultivated a group of political and insurance grid specialists, and strengthened people’s livelihood insurance publicity and services.

  Firmly grasp the general requirements of thematic education, further improve political stance, resolutely implement the work requirements of the “Hundreds and Thousands of Projects” with a high sense of political responsibility, and strive to create a new situation in rural revitalization.China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch has established a special work team to comprehensively coordinate and promote the “Hundreds and Thousands Project” work and coordinate to solve key and difficult issues during the advancement process. Members of the company’s party committee went to Xiangping Town, Liannan Yao Autonomous County, Qingyuan to conduct research on rural revitalization. They went deep into the fields to understand the situation of rural revitalization, visited the assistance recipients, and visited the villagers. Seriously study the experience of Zhejiang’s “Ten Million Project”, continue to strengthen the party’s leadership over rural revitalization, comprehensively implement assistance tasks, promote rural revitalization and improve the quality and expansion of agricultural-related businesses, and further regard supporting rural revitalization as an integral part of developing inclusive finance and promoting We will promote common prosperity and build a powerful agricultural country in key areas and key measures, and strive to build a large-scale assistance pattern for rural revitalization.

Picture: Organize and carry out activities to assist rural revitalization

  Continue to strengthen top-level design, improve working mechanisms, implement the responsibility system for promoting rural revitalization, and vigorously create a good atmosphere.In line with the work deployment of the head office, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch has formulated and issued an implementation plan for key tasks in promoting rural revitalization in 2023, an action plan for expanding the coverage and improving the quality of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” insurance, and a functional assessment plan for rural revitalization, and clarified the requirements for performance of duties and responsibilities. and various key tasks. Compile the “Hundreds and Thousands Project” financial product manual and carry out financial knowledge education activities in counties, towns and villages.

  “Whether the countryside is rich or not depends on the branch.”The revitalization of grassroots party organizations is the backbone of the development and expansion of the village collective economy. China Life Guangdong Branch has taken multiple measures to continue to support the construction of grassroots party organizations. Carry out branch pairing and salesperson joint party-building activities, and actively explore the integration points of party-building and rural revitalization. With party building as a link, we go into the field of rural revitalization through a variety of training organizations and customer management projects. Since 2023, branches in Guangzhou, Huizhou, Yunfu, Shaoguan, Maoming, Zhanjiang and other cities have been organized to carry out branch pairing and various forms of special activities for a total of 10 times. In the next step, the party branches will continue to be organized to jointly build and build red education In other ways, we vigorously carry out theme party day activities to promote party building through co-construction and development through co-construction.

  The effectiveness of rural revitalization work is the “touchstone” for reviewing the implementation of thematic education work, and its main basis is the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the masses.Since the launch of the theme education, China Life Guangdong Branch has made great efforts in learning, thinking and application, guiding the practice of rural revitalization through theoretical learning, relying on Guangdong’s “Hundreds and Thousands Project”, vigorously promoting new ideas, new measures and new models, and effectively It has effectively solved some of the pain points and difficulties encountered in promoting rural revitalization. Daxing’s survey and research style has achieved positive interaction with the masses by going deep into the grassroots and into the fields, and has understood and solved a number of urgent, difficult and anxious problems, and the effectiveness of rural revitalization has been significantly improved.

  In conjunction with the relevant deployment of the “Hundreds and Thousands Project”, China Life Insurance Guangdong Branch focuses on the five major revitalization needs of “industry, talent, culture, ecology, and organization” in designated assistance areas, targeting key groups, village cadres, and extremely poor people and ordinary villagers, implement precise assistance measures in an all-round, wide-coverage, and targeted manner, strive to solve problems for village branch secretaries, wealth leaders, and village doctors, do practical things for left-behind women, left-behind children, and left-behind elderly people, and provideThe households that have been lifted out of poverty, those that are at risk of becoming poor, and those that are experiencing serious difficulties are seeking benefits, which has effectively improved the efficiency of the village-based assistance team and the happiness and satisfaction of farmers.

China Life Guangdong Branch will continue to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, promote theoretical learning, investigation and research, promote development, review and rectification, and integrate thematic education into the implementation of the “Hundreds and Thousands Project” and integration into assistance In the process of rural revitalization, China Life actively contributes to the rural revitalization strategy.

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