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Promote the enterprise with culture, serve the country with industry, and create a new chapter in the service upgrade of Zhongke Meiling

Promote the enterprise with culture, serve the country with industry, and create a new chapter in the service upgrade of Zhongke Meiling

On March 12, Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology held a “One-year worry-free replacement, quality upgrade” service upgrade 4.0 conference in Hefei, announcing a new service strategy for 2024, aiming to strengthen service quality and standards and promote the development of new quality productivity , bringing users a better “Made in China Quality” experience. This event marks the 22 years that Zhongke Meiling has adhered to the value of “customer-centered” and continuously pursued excellence. During this period, corporate culture, as a witness to history and a guide for moving forward, not only witnessed the company’s glory, but also gathered internal strength to lead the company to new heights in service upgrades.

  Serve the country with high ambitions

People cannot stand without spirit, and a country cannot be strong without spirit. The prosperity of a country or a nation is always supported by cultural prosperity.

Since the establishment of the company in 2002, Zhongke Meiling has always shouldered the spiritual mission of “Rejuvenation with me, industry serving the country”. In order to get rid of the technology monopoly and blockade of Europe and the United States, and firmly control the safety of Chinese samples in our own hands, generations of Zhongke Meiling people have continued to break through foreign technology blockades through innovation with firm belief and unremitting efforts, and have made great achievements in ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology. The field continues to deepen, and at the beginning of 2020, the world’s first ultra-low temperature refrigerator with compressor refrigeration reaching minus 180°C was launched. The nine-story platform started from tired soil. Step by step, Zhongke Meiling finally mastered the ultra-low temperature technology, turned the blueprint into reality, and realized the transformation from being “stuck” to “leader” in the industry.

  Serve the society with corporate responsibility

Great companies create products with growth potential. However, to be a great company, it is not enough to be supported by products, equipment, technology and other elements. It must also be a company with great feelings and pursuits, a company respected by the industry and full of family. An enterprise with national sentiments and the courage to serve the society.

The epidemic broke out at the end of 2019. In February 2020, Zhongke Meiling delivered all the belongings produced before the epidemic was contained – the first batch of aid supplies to Hubei. Zhongke Meiling’s truck drivers went to Leishenshan Hospital alone to transport supplies to fight the epidemic. Leave the most beautiful retrograde figure behind! During the epidemic, Zhongke Meiling was the only brand of medical refrigerators donated to Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital; in March of the same year, 12 series of Zhongke Meiling products were selected into the nationally released “Catalogue of Urgently Needed Medical Equipment for the Prevention and Treatment of the New Coronavirus Epidemic”!

In July 2021, a severe flood occurred in Henan. For a time, the entire Henan was transformed. In the grief of the disaster, all laboratory equipment was soaked in water and scrapped. Universities, hospitals, and research institutes were at a loss, and the maintenance costs and cycle time stopped all experiments. Here it is! After understanding the needs of local users, Zhongke Meiling visited the users immediately and replaced all the laboratory refrigerators that were damaged by water and replaced them for free. “No charge, free replacement!” The timely and safe transfer of user samples is the greatest value. ! “At the critical moment, it is our own national brand that has a sense of responsibility and responsibility!” This is the emotion expressed by a teacher from the Fruit Tree Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences after the floods in Henan.

  Taking party building as the guideline to serve enterprises

First-class enterprises need first-class party building, and first-class party building promotes high-quality development of enterprises. Zhongke Meiling gives full play to the leading role of party building, builds the “root” and “soul” of the enterprise, integrates party building work with business development and corporate culture construction, forms cohesion and competitiveness, forges ahead on a new journey, and builds a new era.

The trees are flourishing and the springs are beginning to trickle. Zhongke Meiling uses various means to effectively promote the continuous innovation of corporate party building work and enhance the vitality, consciousness and awareness of party members of party branches. Regularly convene workers’ congresses and workers’ congresses, carry out the selection of rational suggestions, promote open and democratic management of factory affairs, and win the title of advanced unit for open and democratic management of factory affairs; encourage employee innovation, actively participate in various labor skills competitions, and obtain a number of employee technological innovations As a result, we have won the titles of National Worker Pioneer, Model Worker and Craftsman… Let the power of red faith flow within the enterprise, inspire employees’ fighting spirit and innovative consciousness, and jointly inject lasting power into the development of the enterprise.

  People-oriented, serving employees

“Book of Rites·Liyun” says: “Human beings are the heart of heaven and earth and the end of the five elements.” From ancient times to the present, people have always been the most precious wealth in heaven and earth. Zhongke Meiling firmly believes that a warm enterprise will create more warm products and socially responsible products in the future, and this enterprise will go further.

Zhongke Meiling always adheres to the people-oriented approach and takes multiple measures to improve employees’ happiness and sense of belonging, making the company the most solid backing for every employee. Continuously improve the personnel structure and implement gradient talent construction; introduce cloud classroom training platforms to continuously improve personnel quality and grow together with the company; form various clubs and carry out various cultural and sports activities to create a positive and relaxed working atmosphere and stimulate the enterprising spirit of employees ; Regular employee physical examinations are carried out every year, and employees’ families enjoy the same discounts, staff dormitories are provided, working meals are provided free of charge, salaries are paid in full and on time during the epidemic shutdown, golden autumn student aid, and serious illness relief… fully demonstrate personal value in the enterprise and reduce the cost of each employee. Employees’ worries.

Looking back on the past, we have been able to overcome hardships and hardships; looking forward to the future, the road ahead is long, but we can cross mountains and seas. Zhongke Meiling will keep pace with the times with the courage to innovate, the pioneering spirit, and the energetic vigor, develop the enterprise with culture, serve the country with industry, and create a new chapter in Zhongke Meiling’s service upgrade.

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