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Professor Hua Xia: Provide Synchronous International Customized Diagnosis and Treatment for Refractive Cataract Patients

Professor Hua Xia: Provide Synchronous International Customized Diagnosis and Treatment for Refractive Cataract Patients

From May 12th to 14th, the 4th International Forum on Refractive Cataract Surgery (IRCS) was held in Changsha. This is an academic forum that gathers global wisdom, explores the frontiers and clinical hotspots of cataract, and jointly draws a new blueprint for the development of ophthalmology.

Seven major topics, more than 40 academic reports, representatives from 10 countries and regions, domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the field of cataract and hundreds of ophthalmologists brought a “gluttonous feast” to colleagues at home and abroad. Academicians and industry leaders gathered to accurately grasp the development trend of refractive cataract surgery and the direction of scientific research innovation, jointly promote the high-quality development of refractive cataract surgery technology in my country, and bring new opportunities to the clinical application and scientific research innovation of refractive cataract surgery technology in my country. Come more opportunities.

Gathering the world’s cutting-edge perspectives to paint a bright future for “refractive cataract surgery”

Professor Hua Xia, vice president of Aier Ophthalmology in Tianjin, was invited to participate in this forum, and made an academic sharing as an expert representative in the field of cataract in China. She said that cataract surgery has undergone continuous iterative upgrades, and has entered the “refractive era” from the “era of vision recovery”. Unlike the previous post-operative reading glasses, the refractive cataract surgery method has simultaneously solved cataract for more patients and friends. , presbyopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and many other problems, it can also harvest the full range of vision in the distance, near and far, and achieve a better visual experience.

The difference between refractive cataract surgery and traditional cataract surgery is not only the implantation of intraocular lens, but also the introduction of a variety of international cutting-edge surgical techniques. In addition, there are higher and more comprehensive services for surgical experts, preoperative examinations, and diagnosis and treatment services. The overall medical experience is relatively comfortable. On May 14th, Professor Hua Xia gave an academic sharing titled “Arginase-1 Promotes Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Anterior Subcapsular Cataracts via the Arginase-Related Pathway” in the “Refractive Cataract New Forces” topic unit, which attracted the participants The attention of ophthalmologists at home and abroad.

Establishment of “Aier Ophthalmology Cataract Doctors Lecture Group”

On May 15th, Aier Ophthalmology held the “Cutting-edge Technology, Quality Choice – International Refractive Cataract Technology Popularization Conference” and invited domestic and foreign cataract experts to present the international cutting-edge cataract surgery technology and related popular science knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner The method is shared with the vast number of Chinese cataract patients, so that Chinese people can also enjoy the international cutting-edge cataract diagnosis and treatment services.

At the event site, organized by the cataract group of Aier Ophthalmology, the “Aier Ophthalmology Doctors’ Lecture Group for Cataract” was established with young and middle-aged doctors of ophthalmology as the core members of the team. The first application of cataract cutting-edge technology, experience exchange, training and teaching, and eye health science popularization will provide cataract patients with synchronous and international precise diagnosis and treatment, and provide assistance for the high-quality and high-standard development of refractive cataract surgery technology; at the same time, with the help of Aier Ophthalmology’s medical talent advantage provides more cutting-edge technical services and better visual quality for the middle-aged and elderly people.

Professor Hua Xia has been engaged in clinical and teaching work in ophthalmology for many years. He is the vice president of Aier Ophthalmology in Tianjin. He is employed as a doctoral supervisor in Tianjin University, Central South University and Jinan University. The correction of cataract combined with myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism, has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of complex and difficult cataracts, and the individual selection of various refractive intraocular lenses.

The retired professor regained his light! Get rid of cataract, myopia and presbyopia in one operation!

“I can’t see clearly from 20 meters away! My biggest wish is to be able to see clearly when traveling!” Mr. Rong, 79, is a retired professor from a university. Although he is nearly 80 years old, he is full of energy and has a wide range of hobbies. . Life after retirement is also colorful. Billiards, football, swimming, fitness…Electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. are also hard to move your eyes every day. However, as you grow older, your eyes become more and more invisible. Cleared up.

On April 29, Mr. Rong came to Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin University for the first time. After being checked by the director of Huaxia, the vision of Mr. Rong’s right eye was 0.06, and the vision of his left eye was 0.12. He was diagnosed with senile cataract in both eyes. “I was short-sighted when I was a teenager, and I got presbyopia when I got older, and now I have another layer of cataract!” Speaking of vision problems, Mr. Rong couldn’t help but sigh. I came to Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin University to seek medical treatment, hoping to regain my eyesight through surgery.

Considering the needs of Mr. Rong’s eyes, Dean Huaxia formulated a personalized operation plan for the patient based on various preoperative inspection indicators, phacoemulsification combined with multifocal intraocular lens implantation. Dean Huaxia said, “Patients have relatively high requirements for visual quality. Multifocal refractive intraocular lenses can help patients realize the needs of seeing far and near at the same time. One operation can solve the problems of cataract, myopia and presbyopia. The patient’s surgery In the future, you don’t need to wear glasses anymore, and you can also achieve the visual quality of watching mobile phones at close range, playing golf at medium distances, and outdoor activities at long distances.”

Dean Huaxia successively performed cataract surgery on both eyes for Mr. Rong, and his vision improved significantly after the operation. Mr. Rong said happily: “I’m really grateful to Dean Huaxia! Now my eyes are very clear, and now I can finally go out with my wife for a trip with peace of mind!”

“Peel away the darkness and restore the colorful fragrance of the world; strive for ‘excellence’ to illuminate the bright ‘sight’ of patients.” On the road of helping cataract patients to see light and hope again, Huaxia Hospital has been working hard for decades. He has won recognition from patients and peers for his superb medical skills and professional academic research. Under the leadership of Dean Huaxia, Tianjin University Aier Eye Hospital will also use internationally synchronized technology and equipment to better serve the majority of eye disease patients.

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