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Preventing and Treating Bullying Tsinghua University Team’s Sound Tower Campus Anti-Bullying Alarm Protects Students’ Safety

Preventing and Treating Bullying Tsinghua University Team’s Sound Tower Campus Anti-Bullying Alarm Protects Students’ Safety

The “School Bullying – Global Status Report” released by UNESCO states that approximately 246 million children and adolescents suffer from some form of school bullying every year. A survey by the China Youth Research Center’s “Youth Legal Education Research” research team showed that 53.5% of students have suffered campus bullying. According to survey data, campus bullying mostly occurs in toilets, dormitories and other surveillance blind spots where cameras cannot be installed. How to fill safety blind spots and protect student safety is a problem that schools have always wanted to solve. In response to this problem, the Tsinghua University team Beijing Intersection Tower Technology developed and launched China’s first campus anti-bullying alarm.

The Yinfen Tower campus anti-bullying alarm uses leading technologies such as voice detection, voiceprint recognition, and sound event detection to intelligently prevent and treat campus bullying and campus bullying. Campus anti-bullying alarms are suitable for installation in toilets, dormitories and other places where cameras cannot be installed. They do not involve privacy and fill safety blind spots. During the occurrence of campus bullying, as long as the bullied students shout “help” a few times, or if there are abnormal sounds such as fighting or swearing during the bullying, the campus alarm can identify it in real time and automatically trigger the sound and light alarm to deal with the bully on site. Deterrence warning; at the same time, the alarm information is sent to the mobile phone of the teacher on duty or the security guard at the school. The administrator can also initiate an intercom to the device through the computer/mobile phone, make real-time calls, verify the situation and intervene manually to prevent and control bullying behavior on the bullied students. s damage.

It is understood that the Yin Tower campus anti-bullying alarm has been installed and used in 1,000+ key demonstration schools in 29 provinces and autonomous regions. The person in charge of the Security Department of a certain school said that after the product was put into use, the actual effect far exceeded expectations. Not only can it intervene in time to reduce the harm during bullying, but it also has a good anti-bullying effect beforehand and reduces the occurrence of bullying incidents. . The use of campus anti-bullying alarms can effectively prevent and treat campus bullying and campus bullying behaviors, enhance students’ confidence in preventing bullying, allow students to bravely say “no” to campus bullying, and protect students’ physical and mental health. “Upgrade the traditional manual alarm to the AI ​​intelligent automatic alarm mode, change from post-event traceability to mid-event intervention and pre-event prevention, and use technical prevention methods to fill safety blind spots.” This is the evaluation given by the relevant leaders of the Ministry of Education.

Cities, like people, need both eyes and ears, and sound security applications have broad prospects. Guan Lei, CEO of Fenyi Tower Technology, said: “We are very happy to have entered this track and be able to do science and technology for good, giving priority to protecting the safety of vulnerable groups, and expanding to protect the safety of cities and hundreds of millions of families in the future.”

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