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Preparing for the Asia Games Pacific Insurance service is ready

Preparing for the Asia Games Pacific Insurance service is ready

“Reporting to the person in charge of the on-site service team of China Pacific Insurance Hangzhou Asian Games, at 2:56 this afternoon, a Hong Kong athlete fell due to an impact in the handball court and injured his ankle. The front part has been fixed with a soft plate and is currently being rushed to Shao Seeking medical treatment at Shaw Hospital…please pay close attention!”

“Received, the staff are already on standby at the hospital. After the injured arrive, they will cooperate with the whole process to provide medical services, follow up the consultation at any time, and provide insurance claim services.”

On the afternoon of August 30, China Pacific Insurance’s on-site service “one day during the game” drill for the Hangzhou Asian Games was carried out in an orderly manner at the Xiaoshan Sports Center in Hangzhou. The above scene was one of the scenes in the drill.

In order to test the full-process actual command, dispatch and emergency support capabilities during the game, on August 22, the first “one-day game-time” comprehensive drill of the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games was officially launched. China Pacific Insurance Hangzhou Asian Games on-site service team was invited to participate in the drill. On the same day, the claims service team of China Pacific Property & Life Insurance Zhejiang Branch went to the Hangzhou E-Sports Center to participate in the “One Day During the Game” medical field drill. The drill was based on a one-day scenario during the Asian Games, and triggered comprehensive emergencies such as athlete injuries, spectator injuries, and power failures. China Pacific Property & Life Insurance Zhejiang branch claims service team provides professional insurance protection services for emergency information communication, on-site services, medical accompaniment, designated hospital services, quick claims settlement and other elements, and will contact the venue operation team immediately after the exercise Conduct inspections and exchanges with the medical rescue team to discuss and improve service processes to ensure more convenient and high-quality insurance services during the Asian Games.

The “one-day game” comprehensive drill is one of the important activities as the preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games enter the sprint stage. Up to now, China Pacific Insurance Asia Games service team has participated in 28 games of this event.

  To escort the Asian Games, CPIC services are ready! China Pacific Insurance will strictly follow the service standards of “whole process, all elements, all actual combat”, continuously consolidate drill results, strengthen risk management and control, and improve event insurance claims service guarantee work, based on science and technology and digital intelligence, based on professionalism and efficiency, all-round Fangbang provides “Pacific Insurance Services” of “responsibility, wisdom and warmth”.

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