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Premiere of “The Point of the Knife” Zhang Yi has been grinding the “knife” for five years and finally unsheathed it, “abandoning the darkness and turning to the light” in exchange for growth

Premiere of “The Point of the Knife” Zhang Yi has been grinding the “knife” for five years and finally unsheathed it, “abandoning the darkness and turning to the light” in exchange for growth


  Five years of hard workknife“,Unsheathed today!On November 17, the legendary spy thriller “The Point of the Knife” held a premiere press conference in Beijing. Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Pictures Group, producer and chief producer, director Gao Qunshu, original author Mai Jia, starring Zhang Yi, Huang Zhizhong, starring Gao Jie, Jin Shijia, Xu Li, Zeng Mengxue and other main creators all appeared.At the premiere, several main creatorsOpen your heart and talk freelyMy experience of the film taking five years from filming to its upcoming release.In the play, everyone is intrigued by each other, but outside the play, they are having fun. Not onlyInteract enthusiastically with the audience,andCreated by a group of friends and relatives and a large number of gueststurn upHelping out also added a special luster to the premiere.Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Film Group, said emotionally that “The Point of the Knife” is a rare masterpiece:“Bona is honored to be able to support such a good movie and present it to audiences across the country in November this year. It is Bona’s honor and I hope everyone will like this unique spy thriller!”

  Identity revealed!Zhang Translation: Everyone has a negative side and a positive side, “The Point of the Knife” is more about life

  At the press conference, Gao Qunshu still praised his old partner Mai Jia, saying that not only did Teacher Mai Jia write novels well, but the names he gave to the characters in the novels were also very impressive:“Everyone’s name in “The Point of the Knife” is very distinctive. Take Jin Shen Shui as an example. Gold can kill people, depth is mysterious and unfathomable, and water can carry and capsize a boat. A person has such a name. His name is destined to be a very remarkable person.”

  Everyone has a negative side and a positive side. No matter the character or identity of the people in the movie, it cannot be explained clearly in just a few words. Zhang Yi said that he has at least three identities in the film:“Because my wife and children were killed, I joined the military; later, in order to lurk, I joined the Wang Puppet; after meeting Lin Yingying, I began to move closer to the anti-Japanese organization.” Zhang Yi also said that “The Point of the Knife” is different from previous spies. War theme: “This work is not a story that makes people guess who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. It mainly talks about life and what drives a person to grow and change.”

  Huang Zhizhong said that the character Lu Jingyu he plays isHe can be said to be a speculator who “has his feet on many boats”; Xu Li, who plays Cheng Xiaolu in the film, revealed that he has a dual identity: “First I was a clerk in Lin Yingying’s family, and later I was a clerk in Lin Yingying’s family.” He was infected and joined the anti-Japanese organization.” Zeng Mengxue, who plays Ge Ling, also said that she has dual identities, namely Ge Ling, the daughter of Ge Lao, and the military agent “Confucius Temple”. Director Gao Qunshu reminded her that she has another identity: “It is a traditional Chinese medicine hospital. nurse.”

  Yu Zhiren, played by Gao Jie, is the director of the Security Bureau and the director of the police department in the film. He said that he took on this role because he has been admired by director Gao Qunshu for a long time. This collaboration was also very pleasant, and what made him happiest the most was I can meet Zhang Yi again after so many years.“We became acquainted and collaborated about ten years ago. Zhang Yi later recommended many dramas to me, so we haven’t seen each other for a long time.” The two of them had such a tacit understanding that even Gao Qunshu was surprised: “I didn’t expect that you have collaborated so much. Time?” Zhang Yi smiled and said, “I always fool Brother Jie”, while Gao Jie responded with a smile, “Thanks for the fool.”

  looking back5 years!Mai Jia: “The Point of the Knife” may be my last spy film

  “The Edge of the Knife” has been a long time coming from filming to release.5 years later, now that the movie is about to be released, Gao Qunshu once expressed on Weibo that “the difficulties of these 5 years cannot be told to others”; on the day of the premiere, when talking about his feelings, director Gao Qunshu smiled and expressed his feelings with a classic line : “Do you know how I spent the past five years?” Zhang Yi smiled and revealed: “He has always been very nervous. Every time after meeting the audience, the audience said they liked the movie very much, and he was relieved; then when we met next time He was tense before, and then he breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the audience say he liked it. He has been in such a state these past few days, relaxing and tense at times.” Gao Qunshu admitted that he was so worried that he couldn’t sleep every day, while Mai Jia said He comforted an old friend at the scene: “I don’t think there is any need to be upset. What we are looking forward to now is more about expectations. I put all my heart into this novel, and Director Gao also put his heart into filming it, so my expectation now is to hope that everyone will Being able to see the charm of the movie, the director’s efforts, and the audience’s recognition is our greatest vanity.”

  Talking about movie time lapseEvery actor has a lot to say about their feelings about the film being released five years ago. Jin Shijia, who plays Qin Shiguang, said frankly that he was still a fledgling student when filming “The Point of the Knife” five years ago, “I was the youngest among everyone at that time, and then in this scene, Brother Zhang Yi, Brother Zhizhong, Brother Sha Yi, Everyone was a senior that I looked up to when I was in school, so I was very scared at the time. Director Gao kept praising me that I was good, but the more he praised me, the more scared I became. I always felt that the director was going to give up on me.” Gao Qunshu said aside He responded, “You’re really good. I mean it.” Jin Shijia then sighed, “Looking back now, thinking about the filming scene 5 years ago, and the aura at that time, I still feel deeply impressed.”

  Waiting for the release of “The Point of the Knife”In the past five years, Mai Jia created another “Life in the Sea”, which also achieved very good sales results.that dayMaijiaIt was revealed at the scene thattipPossibly his last spy work,Although I no longer write spy stories, I will continue to create literature.In the past five years, I have created “Sea of ​​Life”, thank you all for your support for this work to achieve good results. Here I also hope to share some of the good luck of “Sea of ​​Life” to “The Point of the Knife”, thank you for your support.

  Great help! Yu Dong:In 5 years, I have never worried that someone will remake and surpass “The Point of the Knife”

  At the premiere that day, when each of the main creators mentioned that the movie was about to be released, they would especially thank Yu Dong, Chairman of Bona Film Group, and Director Gao Qunshu:“Thank you to Mr. Yu for stepping forward at the critical moment and bringing this film under Bona’s umbrella. In the five years since the film was shot and released, we have been worried about whether we would have the chance to meet the audience. Until we met Mr. Yu, it was his persistence. Only then can we get to where we are today.”

  As a passionate filmmaker, Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Film Group, said that his admiration for director Gao Qunshu started a long time ago:“He has always said that he is a ‘non-professional director’, but his first film “Tokyo Trial” won the Huabiao Award for Outstanding Director and Outstanding Feature Film; I saw the rough cut of “The Point of the Knife” for the first time. I was conquered when I was young. The director who had made “Conquest” once again conquered me with his ability. So Bona was also fortunate to participate in the post-production work, assisting the director to complete this work, and it was released in November this year Bring this movie to audiences across the country.” Yu Dong said bluntly: “In the past five years, I have never worried about the story of “The Edge of the Knife” being spoiled, because this work is unsurpassed.”

  MaijiaFrankly speaking, althoughMoviewaitedIt was only released 5 years ago, but the movieLife is still good:this5 years, weWaiting for Yu Dong to come, waiting for excellent actors to come, and waiting for Zhang Yi to become a top-notch person. If there are such good results, then I think we should wait a little longer.5Years are OK too.In response, Gao Qunshu and the actors all smiled and said, “Let’s not wait any longer.”

  “The Point of the Knife” is adapted from Mai Jia’s novel of the same name, directed by Gao Qunshu, starring Zhang Yi, Huang Zhizhong, and Lang Yueting, starring Cheng Taiyi, Sha Yi, Gao Jie, Jin Shijia, Li Chun, and Zeng Mengxue, with special appearances by Nie Yuan and Huang Lu. The film has been officially Pre-sale starts this yearReleased nationwide on November 24so stay tuned!

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