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Premiere of the movie “The Power Code”: Chen Duling’s new screen image is distressing

Premiere of the movie “The Power Code”: Chen Duling’s new screen image is distressing

  If one color is used to represent July, it must be fiery red. The movie “Power Code” with “Party Constitution Guardian” Zhang Renya as the narrative core will be released on July 1.

  On the afternoon of June 29, the film held a grand premiere ceremony at Renmin University of China, which has a glorious revolutionary tradition and bright red genes.


  “Power Code” was created with the efforts of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangxi and Anhui. It was created by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, Ningbo Radio and Television Group, and the People’s Government of Beilun District, Ningbo City. Ningbo Film and Television Art Co., Ltd., Anhui Film Group, and Ningbo Cultural Tourism Group , Bodi Film and Television, jointly produced by Shanghai Film Group, Jiangxi Film Group, and Hangzhou Yaruo Culture.

  The film is directed by Gao Feng, written by Wang Tianyun and Duan Yuehao, chief producer Chen Sanjun, starring Zhang Tong and Chen Duling, and starring Bai En, Jie Bing, Li Bo and Ding Jiawen.

  What He Wishes, What He Sees Today The main creator of the film interacts with Renmin University students

  In the 800-seat auditorium of the National People’s Congress, after watching the film, the students communicated with the main creative representatives of the film.

  As early as the beginning of the project’s establishment, the main creative team of “Power Code” set a firm goal of creating a “muscular, moral, and warm” film work, and from the script, photography, lighting, aesthetics, service, The performance and other links are fully implemented.

  National first-level director Gao Feng, whose works have won the national “Five One Project” award five times. He said at the premiere that Zhang Renya is a great little person with firm beliefs, and we used many shots to show his persistent, brave, affectionate and righteous side.

  The screenwriters Wang Tianyun and Duan Yuehao, who have won many national film and television awards, have profound knowledge of party history and superb screenwriting skills. The scripts that have been polished several times provide a good foundation for the second creation. At the event site, Wang Tianyun confidently told Renmin University students that this film is worth watching twice.

  Duan Yuehao, who once studied at Renmin University of China majoring in Chinese, returned to his alma mater this time to share with everyone his fate with movies when he was studying, and hoped that his juniors and girls would like “The Power Code”.

  The lead actor Zhang Tong, who played Zhang Renya in the film, was unable to attend the premiere for some reason, and communicated with the students through video.

  Xia Yilan is led by the young actor Chen Duling, who has made outstanding performances in the movies “The Left Ear” and “Twins”, and the TV series “Ideal Shines on China” and “Glory and Dreams”. In an exclusive interview with a media reporter, she said that the process of participating in “The Power Code” is actually a process of being educated, and Zhang Renya’s story is worth remembering and extolling.

  Renmin University students are very concerned about the hazy love between the two protagonists in the film. They found that the love words in the revolutionary era were implicit and restrained. Zhang Renya turned his back and said, “You are the most trusted person in my heart”, which was the only euphemistic response. And Xia Yilan is even more daring. The actor Chen Duling said at the scene that Xia Yilan’s love for Zhang Renya will come out of her eyes even if she doesn’t say it.

  Zhang Renya’s relatives expressed their gratitude and praised “Zhang Tong played the second grandpa alive”

  Build a reasonable dramatic logic in the rigid history, and show the artistic charm of light and shadow in the growth of characters. The revolutionary historical film “Power Code”, which took two years to create, made its debut at the Ningbo Special Screening Ceremony on June 6, 2023, and was well received by the audience.

  Zhang Renya’s original name was Zhang Jingquan. In the film, Zhang Jingmao, who was imprisoned but released by the Ningbo Association, is his younger brother. Zhang Jingmao’s grandson, Zhang Renya’s grandnephew Zhang Jianwen and grandniece Zhang Jianqing attended the special screening in Ningbo. As the first batch of viewers, they highly affirmed the image of Zhang Renya created by the film, and sincerely thanked Zhang Tong, who played it, and Zhang Tong bowed in return.

  At the screening ceremony, Zhang Jianwen praised Zhang Tong directly, “Thank you for playing Zhang Renya so well! Playing him alive.”

  When interacting with the host, Zhang Jianqing choked up and said, “This movie really attracts me! Seeing the image of Zhang Renya portrayed by the actors brought me closer to my second grandfather.” She thanked the production team emotionally, thinking that The ideological, artistic and watchability of the film are very good.

  And at the Beijing premiere of “The Power Code”, Renmin University students did not hesitate to praise.

  Some students said that the film’s narrative is compact and catches people, “the emotional drama of literary drama, martial arts drama, the drama within the drama is enjoyable, the gun battle spy war psychological warfare, and the continuous battle is wonderful”, which enhances everyone’s viewing experience.

  Some students also said that they saw the bloody battle of the revolutionaries on the frontal battlefield and the running and planning behind the smoke of guns, and they also understood his emotional forbearance and restraint. The image of Zhang Renya on the screen is lively and plump, and very down-to-earth.

  Some student party members said that they were moved by the family’s unswerving revolutionary sentiments through the righteous deeds of the father and son to protect the precious documents of the party. Young students can gain a lot of energy from the film.

  The film’s responsibility and breakthrough were praised as “a new atmosphere of revolutionary historical themes”

  The movie “Power Code” uses a mixture of gunfights, wits and spy movies, and the interweaving of father and son, brother and son-daughter love. A fruitful struggle story.

  At the “Power Code” observation seminar held on June 27, the film was highly recognized by authoritative experts and scholars in the film industry.

  Zhang Hong, a member of the party group of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, secretary of the Secretariat, and secretary of the branch party group of the China Film Association, expressed his sincere affirmation and appreciation for the joint creation of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangxi and Anhui, and efforts to realize the development and transformation of local characteristic red cultural resources.

  Zhong Chengxiang, a well-known literary critic and librarian of the Central Research Institute of Culture and History, believes that “The Power Code” is a film that combines the spirit of realism with romantic feelings, and its theme is worthy of high recognition.

  Ming Zhenjiang, consultant of the China Film Association, chairman of the China Film Producers Association, and former director of Bayi Film Studio, said that this is a film that responds to Chairman Xi’s latest call and takes on the cultural mission of the new era. It is a revolutionary historical theme. New explorations and new breakthroughs.

  Zhao Ningyu, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Beijing Film Academy, and vice president of the China Film and Performing Arts Society, believes that the image of Zhang Renya, a worker party member portrayed in the film, fills the gap in films about military history and party history.

  “Power Code” vividly and truly restores the revolutionary scenes of the Republic of China at four times in Xiapu, Ningbo, Pudong, Shanghai, Wuhu, Anhui, and Ruijin, Jiangxi. Experts and scholars fully perceive the dedication of the main creative team in terms of image temperament, picture details and expression methods.

  In the subtleties, the metaphorical meaning of gold and red copper in the film, the camera language of egrets and wild geese, “the dialogue between father and son after the precious documents are brought back to their hometown”, and the scenes of “the confrontation between good and evil in the hidden gold factory” were praised. In terms of innovation, “Power Code” strives to explore the main theme and the artistic technique of combining typification, which has been unanimously recognized by experts and scholars, and is considered to be a new breakthrough and new atmosphere of revolutionary historical films.

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