Practicing the supremacy of the people and improving consumer protection services? Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch continues to carry out consumer rights protection work

Practicing the supremacy of the people and improving consumer protection services? Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch continues to carry out consumer rights protection work

March 15 this year is the 41st International Consumer Rights Day. Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank has always attached great importance to the protection of consumer rights and interests, adhered to the development concept of “people-centered”, served customers with “heart to heart” enthusiasm, continuously improved customer satisfaction, improved the quality of consumer rights protection work, and provided Financial services that satisfy consumers. Recently, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch has continued to carry out differentiated financial knowledge popularization activities, and adopted a combination of online and offline methods for key groups to promote in-depth promotion of consumer protection activities.

  Go out of the hall and shorten the service distance

On March 15, Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank participated in the “Public Welfare Promotion of Risk Prevention, Knowing Right, Protecting Rights and Interests and Financial Knowledge” held by Tianjin Branch of the People’s Bank of China. During the activity, the Consumer Protection Propaganda Team of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch distributed the branch’s original financial knowledge books for the elderly and young people to sanitation workers, the elderly, and new citizens, and provided financial education to financial consumers who came to the booth for consultation, improving Financial literacy of the masses.

Wuqing Sub-branch, together with Wuqing Financial Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Federation of Industry and Commerce and Bohai Securities, carried out public welfare publicity and education activities in Hongying Lane Community, Yangcun Town, Wuqing District, forming a centralized financial knowledge publicity position, attracting a large number of nearby residents to come to consult and learn about related issues Financial knowledge, give full play to the power of Jinlei volunteers, and fulfill the social responsibility of protecting financial consumers.

  Go deep into the masses and expand the service radius

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch went to surrounding communities, merchants, squares and other densely populated places to carry out outdoor publicity activities, and continued to carry out offline outdoor publicity activities in the society to continuously expand the radiation and coverage of activities.

Youyi Sub-branch, Tanggu Sub-branch, and Rongye Sub-branch respectively cooperated with neighborhood committees such as Yicheng Apartment Community, Xiangyangli Community, and Huaxin Apartment Community to organize small financial knowledge classes. Admiralty Sub-branch and Zekang Comprehensive Elderly Care Service Center, aimed at the elderly, displayed various fraudulent means in the form of cartoons, effectively raising awareness of risk prevention. Various institutions actively set up publicity and education classes to popularize financial knowledge and consumer protection policy knowledge, improve consumers’ financial literacy, and improve customer service satisfaction.

  Innovative forms deepen service awareness

Based on the unified elements of the activity, Tianjin Branch of Industrial Bank designed and created a WeChat post of “Building an Honest Consumption Environment and Boosting Confidence in Financial Consumption”, and actively forwarded the head office’s online promotional materials. Continue to carry out the activity of “revisiting the 50 red lines and strengthening the study of the consumer protection system” for employees in the industry to enhance employees’ bottom-line thinking, firmly establish the bottom-line awareness, and continuously promote the better development of consumer rights protection. JWei Road Sub-branch created and filmed a short video on financial knowledge popularization of “talking about consumer protection” by itself, and explained the eight major rights and interests of consumers and the traps of financial consumption through Shulaibao. Dongli Sub-branch edited financial anti-fraud formulas, combined with offline activities to produce short promotional videos to create an atmosphere for activities.

  Create a Huimin post station to improve service temperature

In the business department of the branch, there is a Huimin post station and a convenience service area, providing services such as tea and refreshments, free Internet access, and microwave heating for customers, sanitation workers, traffic police, taxi drivers and other public. The small “Huimin Station” conveys warmth to hardworking workers. The business department of the branch also goes deep into the residential community, continues to carry out the promotional activities of preventing telecom fraud, carefully explains the relevant knowledge of preventing telecom fraud to community residents, and enhances the public’s ability to prevent telecom fraud.

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch will continue to take the concept of people first as the code of action for consumer rights protection, insist on putting the people in the heart, thinking for the people, being close to customers, practically solving problems for consumers, and constantly promoting the work of consumer protection. A new level, to better fulfill the mission of financial services to the people.

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