Practicing the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Striving to Be Lei Feng in the New Era


In order to practice the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and learn and carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, on March 10, 2023, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch entered Xiaoluzhuang Central Primary School, Dongjituo Town, Ninghe District, Tianjin to carry out the “Learn from Lei Feng Send Service” public welfare publicity and education activities.

This event is the fourth time that ICBC-AXA Tianjin Branch has entered Xiaoluzhuang Primary School. On the day of the event, the company not only donated a batch of green plants to beautify the environment to the school, but also brought a unique quality education class to the primary school students, aiming to use missionary education as a bridge to relive the spirit of Lei Feng with the students and continue to write new books. The Lei Feng story of the times.

In the class, the relevant person in charge of the Tianjin branch explained to the students what is the Lei Feng spirit and the significance of carrying forward the Lei Feng spirit in the form of questions and answers based on the familiar Lei Feng story. When asked “Why should we learn from Lei Feng’s spirit”, the students present replied in unison, “Because Lei Feng loves learning and is willing to help others. Learning from him can make us better and a useful person.” The voice is full of yearning for role models.

In addition to knowledge explanations, the quality education class brought by ICBC-AXA also specially set up a manual operation link – DIY manual planting of succulents, so as to deepen students’ understanding and understanding of “Lei Feng Spirit”, take care of the environment, and build a beautiful environment together home. During the period, under the guidance of the teacher, the students carefully cultivated the soil, cut the roots, planted, and watered. While planting succulents, they also planted their hopes for the future.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that “practice has proved that no matter how the times change, the spirit of Lei Feng will never go out of date.” As a provincial branch of a subsidiary of ICBC, ICBC-AXA Life Tianjin Branch has always adhered to the promotion of Lei Feng’s spirit and fulfilled the responsibility of “giving back to the society” since its establishment. “Learn from Lei Feng and send service” public welfare activities, such as organizing employees to go to Xiguan Community, Hongqiao District to help and condolences, to participate in the frontline anti-epidemic volunteer service, to go to the most beautiful blood donation house in the northeast corner to donate blood for free, etc., serving the public nearly 10,000 times in total, and won Jinyun The 2022 “Social Responsibility Contribution Award” in the financial industry issued by the new media is to practice the spirit of the 20th National Congress with practical actions and strive to be Lei Feng in the new era.


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