Practicing the concept of green development, Vallourec continues to help energy transformation and upgrading


Judging from the current economic development situation and environmental protection requirements, the necessity and urgency of energy transformation and upgrading are further highlighted. Vallourec has always been at the forefront of the industry in assisting energy transformation and practicing low-carbon and green development. At present, Vallourec has provided high-quality products and solutions for many new energy development projects, and its high-quality services have won high praise from energy developers.

As early as 2019, Vallourec began to support its customers in conducting research on low-carbon activities and developing new solutions. Vallourec continues to support the development of new energies thanks to its expertise in pipes and related services, as well as its advanced materials.

In the field of solar energy development, Vallourec has entered into a cooperation with Nextracker, the market leader in smart solar tracker technology. In this cooperation, Vallourec Industrial Tubes needs to supply 1,050 tons of torque tubes and 1,200 tons of cooling tubes to a solar power plant in northeastern Brazil. Rolled open profiles, the entire tracker structure is supported by steel pipes and open profiles, the steel tubes will be produced using pre-coated galvanized steel coils, and the profiles will be hot-dip galvanized, thus ensuring a 25-year life cycle.

In terms of hydrogen energy development and utilization, with its good reputation, Vallourec has won the favor of Van Halteren Technologies, an expert in hydraulic systems and mechanical engineering, to provide high-pressure pipelines for the world’s first passenger train hydrogenation system project. In this project, Vallourec was required to supply high-pressure pipelines for the production of 64 piston accumulators for the Bremerhaven hydrogen refueling station on the Buxtehude-Cuxhaven railway. According to the demand of Van Halteren Technologies, Vallourec provided 64 steel pipes with an outer diameter of 460mm and a wall thickness of 40mm. This is the first batch of steel pipes provided by Vallourec for the largest hydrogen fuel system. The steel grade is certified by Vallourec for hydrogen high-pressure storage applications and meets the high quality requirements of customers. In addition, Vallourec offers high-quality heat treatment and custom surface finishing services to help customers optimize dimensions and maximize the overall cost-effectiveness of storage systems.

In addition to solar energy and hydrogen energy, Vallourec has also made important breakthroughs in new energy development fields such as geothermal energy, carbon storage and wind energy. In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Vallourec continues to develop and innovate digital solutions, smart steel pipes and new materials to accelerate the reduction of carbon footprint.

Today, energy consumption and carbon emissions have become more complex and diverse, and it is imminent to optimize the energy structure and accelerate energy transformation. As a leader in the steel pipe industry, Vallourec has always been brave in assuming social responsibilities, actively assisting energy transformation, and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.


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