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Practicing finance for the people, China Pacific Insurance has served the Shanghai Two Sessions for 32 consecutive years

Practicing finance for the people, China Pacific Insurance has served the Shanghai Two Sessions for 32 consecutive years

With the opening of the second session of the 14th Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the second session of the 16th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, Shanghai has officially entered the “Two Sessions Time”. This year is the 32nd consecutive year that China Pacific Insurance has served the two sessions in Shanghai. China Pacific Life Insurance Shanghai Branch, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, provided accidental injury and accident insurance with a total insurance amount of approximately 2.624 billion yuan for 4,000 representatives, committee members and related staff who attended (or participated in) the meeting. Medical insurance, and opening a green claims channel to fulfill its original mission in serving the people.

In the 32 years of serving the two sessions in Shanghai, China Pacific Insurance has continued to improve its service level and provide CPIC services with “responsibility, wisdom and warmth” for the two sessions. In order to better serve the Shanghai Two Sessions, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Shanghai Branch has established a dedicated service team to leverage its professional advantages to provide participating representatives, committee members and related staff with online and online services including risk protection, wealth planning, health care service promotion, etc. One-stop offline service; representatives of the two sessions and on-site staff can obtain Taiyi Butler Dragon Year health services, accompanying services, and visits to Taibao Home Community through interactive games. At the same time, Taiyi Butler also set up a “health cabin” on site to provide participants with health assessment services including blood pressure health assessment, blood sugar health assessment, heart health assessment, and AI intelligent skin assessment.

Sticking to the original intention for 32 years! As a responsible insurance company, China Pacific Insurance has always adhered to the people-centered development philosophy, continued to deepen the social “stabilizer” and economic “booster” functions of insurance, adhering to the customer demand-oriented approach, covering both those who are not sick and those who are already sick. A full-scenario health care service system for , rehabilitation and elderly care, focusing on full disease course management and customer groups of one elderly and one young, through offline medical service networks and pharmaceutical service systems, self-built digital medical platforms, CPIC Homes in 12 cities and 14 parks, etc. The formed service matrix provides a three-dimensional “insurance + health + elderly care” comprehensive solution for the national health goal in the context of accelerated aging, helping to support the healthy life and happy elderly care of hundreds of millions of people.

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