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“Postpartum World” officially announced that Li Xiaoran and Zheng Kai will play the role of new parents for the first time

“Postpartum World” officially announced that Li Xiaoran and Zheng Kai will play the role of new parents for the first time

On February 4, the realism-themed urban topic female group drama “Postpartum World” was officially completed. The play is produced by Youku Video and co-produced by Shangxiang Entertainment. Quan Xianglan serves as the chief producer, Chen Chang serves as the director, Yuan Danzhan serves as the screenwriter, and Li Xiaoran, Zheng Kai, Li Nian, Wang Yaoqing, Song Yanfei star, and Fu Jing is a special guest star, Fei Qiming is a friendly star, Fan Shijie and Li Jiaqi are special guest stars, and Xu Jie’er is a special star.

This film focuses on the fertility dilemma of urban women and tells the story of how contemporary women find themselves and realize their value in parenting, family, career and emotions. On the same day, the drama released a final poster and a set of final photos, and officially announced the cast, showing a colorful postpartum image, arousing public expectations.

  The finalized poster is warm, healing and delicately depicts postpartum group portraits

In the TV series “The Postpartum World”, the protagonist Wu Tong (played by Li Xiaoran), as an elderly working mother who wants to do everything, has undergone tremendous changes in her physical and mental state after experiencing three challenges before, during and after childbirth. Facing a new identity and living situation, with the understanding and support of her husband Hu Yichuan (played by Zheng Kai), she slowly adapted and adjusted. In the postpartum confinement center, Wu Tong met the perfect mother Song Bingxue (played by Li Nian) and her writer husband Tang Mucheng (played by Wang Yaoqing), the post-00s “bottom” hot mom Li Lu (played by Song Yanfei), and single-parent celebrity mothers Jin Yutong (played by Fu Jing) and others. Faced with postpartum difficulties, mothers understand and encourage each other, and break through and grow together on the road of parenting. The realistic plot themes and rich contrasts between the characters make the characters have more growth arcs, and the pain and beauty of postpartum life are delicately depicted, arousing widespread resonance.

The final posters and final photos exposed for the first time released a more diverse message. The actress wore a satin dress and caressed her pregnant belly, with gentle eyes, revealing the “brilliance of motherhood”; the male actors had firm eyes, showing different characters. Traits. The finished poster is exquisite and ingenious. The words on the poster exude a gentle and beautiful power, conveying the warmth of bravery, sincerity and tolerance. The final poster and final photos of “The Postpartum World” show the warm and healing tone of the series, conveying the core of the series that cares about women.

  The quality team carefully builds strong creative escorts

“Postpartum World” brings together many powerful creative teams. Director Chen Chang has created many realistic female-themed works. His delicate and humorous personal style will bring a unique temperament to the series. Screenwriter Yuan Danzhan, who left a deep impression on the audience with his urban female-themed work “Ode to Joy”, serves as the screenwriter of “Postpartum World” this time to grasp the artistic standards of content creation in the series.

In order to understand the postpartum life in the new era from multiple angles, after more than a year of careful preparation, the creators visited maternity hospitals and confinement centers in many places, communicated in depth with hundreds of postpartum women, and experienced the voices of postpartum women up close. The parenting, workplace, family, and emotional issues are integrated into the script, showing the complete process of mothers from expecting, giving birth, breastfeeding, and returning to normal life in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, reflecting the sincerity of the film’s true narrative.

This drama shows different types of postpartum behaviors from point to point, introduces the most discussed public topic of marriage and childbirth, and activates the collision of ideas between different mothers and couples. Using humorous expressions, it tells the story of mothers absorbing new energy in life through the power of female groups, allowing the audience to experience the joy of tears and laughter, experience the fertility proposition that is closely related to every woman, and feel love, understanding and respect. It is the confidence to face everything, giving postpartum women more tolerance and understanding, and at the same time triggering the public’s correct understanding and in-depth thinking about the concept of fertility.

Currently, “Postpartum World” has been successfully completed and we look forward to meeting the audience as soon as possible.

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