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Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch organizes new employees to visit Tianjin Postal Museum

Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch organizes new employees to visit Tianjin Postal Museum

  Recently, Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch organized 50 new employees toTianjin Postal Museum carries out visiting activities to makeNew employees coming out of campus can better understand the origin, development history and service concepts of China Post Group Corporation and Postal Savings Bank of China, and enhance their sense of mission and belonging.

  Stepping into the museum, a rich historical atmosphere hits your face. Fifty new postal depositors climbed up the stairs, and what awaited them was a piece of spiritual “mail” that spanned a century. The historical artifacts are neatly displayed and the historical records are detailed. They inherit the historical origin of the century-old post and present the glorious years of the century-old post. As early as 1930, the Postal Savings Bank pioneered the development path of inclusive finance, with the service concepts of “you can open an account with one yuan or more”, “I would rather be cumbersome”, and the business policy of “but seeking safety”. The efforts of the predecessors of the Postal Savings Bank a hundred years ago It brought high-quality and convenient savings services to ordinary people’s homes, and was praised by the people at that time as “the most stable and convenient national savings institution.” To this day, these sixteen words, “People find trivial things, I would rather be complicated; I don’t strive for big profits, but seek safety.” These sixteen words can still point the way for the Postal Savings Bank. Standing in front of the great sixteen-character plaque, the new employees stood and stared, unwilling to leave for a long time.look back

  Over the course of a century, the Postal Savings Bank has always shouldered the important task of fulfilling social responsibilities and contributed its own strength to the development of the country’s financial industry!

  This is a dialogue between new postal depositors and a century-old postal service, a spiritual inheritance that spans time and space. This visit to the Postal Museum,New postal depositors trace cultural history,Understand the origin of Postal Savings Bank,Inheriting the postal spiritkeep in mind the original intention and mission of “People’s Postal Service for the People”, and help new employees in their future workActively explore new paths for the coordinated development of China Post and Bank under the new situation, and build a new work development pattern of “Collaboration of China Post and Bank for joint advancement and win-win results”.

  The original intention is as solid as rock, and the mission will be achieved.After the visit, the new postal depositors benefited a lot, and they all expressed that they would keep in mind the sixteen-character policy of the deposit business, practice the “customer-centered” service concept, and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the postal industry and banking industry. spirit, based on one’s own responsibilities, taking on responsibilities, embracing changes, and continuing to innovate, to contribute new strength to the high-quality development of Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch.

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