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Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch organized the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch organized the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

  As summer gradually fades and we are waiting for the coolness of autumn, Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch kicked off the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” event in September. During the event, Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch organized and carried out a variety of activities. Various forms of publicity activities.

Positional propaganda makes financial knowledge easily accessible

During the event, the electronic display screens of the city’s business outlets scrolled to broadcast slogans such as “Gathering financial power to create a better life” and unified event posters. The poster machines at the business outlets scrolled to play the unified posters of the event. The complaint hotline was posted in eye-catching locations such as business premises and offices. , mailing address and other complaint channel information and consumer complaint handling procedures, and encourage all employees and residents to improve their awareness of rights, responsibilities and risk awareness. Branch staff explain personal information protection, telecom fraud prevention, safe card use and other financial knowledge to customers, guide customers to pay attention to the rights and interests of financial consumers, and improve risk prevention awareness.

Radiating to surrounding communities and reaching out to the masses, during the event, the publicity team of Dagang District Branch went to Zhongtang Town to carry out financial knowledge promotion activities, explaining to young people the importance of protecting personal information and the safe use of cards through different cases and safety tips. Knowledge. The publicity team of Jinnan District Branch visited surrounding communities, distributed promotional materials to the general public, promoted financial knowledge to residents in the community, and improved consumers’ awareness of financial knowledge. Especially for the elderly, he explains in detail how to identify the authenticity of RMB, precautions for safe use of bank cards, introduces financial knowledge such as telecommunications fraud and how to prevent fraud, stay away from illegal collections, etc., so that the elderly can further understand various financial knowledge and how to prevent financial fraud. risk.

Specialized publicity to make financial education effective

  On September 26, the “Five Entry” centralized education and publicity day, the Nankai District branch publicity team participated in the Heping Road centralized publicity event, advocating the concept of rational consumption, establishing the concept of value investment, and popularizing financial knowledge on banking, insurance, wealth management, trust products, etc. Consumers are reminded to consume rationally and avoid blind and impulsive investments. Consumers are reminded to be honest, stick to the bottom line, develop good financial consumption habits and online behavior habits, do not spread financial rumors, rationally safeguard their rights and interests through formal channels and in accordance with the law, be wary of illegal “agency rights protection” traps, and strengthen risk responsibility awareness and the spirit of good faith contracts .

On the same day, the branch and the Tianjin Branch, together with the Hongqiao District Sub-branch, formed a joint publicity team to carry out special publicity activities in the Lujiazui Business Center. The customer activity site attracted customers through games in the form of mini games, and they learned about elderly care in the game. Basic financial knowledge such as fraud prevention and rational investment. Using art forms such as cross talk and allegro, and using humorous language, the usual tricks of criminals are vividly expressed. This event conveyed in laughter how to deal with scams and traps, and enhanced citizens’ awareness of risk prevention. Finally, the staff of the Postal Savings Bank of China introduced financial knowledge, starting from the concept and characteristics of telecommunications network fraud, and introduced the common means of telecommunications fraud and the techniques to prevent telecommunications network fraud.

The publicity teams of Jinghai District Sub-branch and Jizhou District Sub-branch went to the villages to widely publicize various financial policies that benefit the people, safe use of bank cards, and prevention of illegal financial activities and other financial knowledge. Popularize and publicize the common manifestations of illegal financial activities, fully reveal relevant fraud techniques and main characteristics, remind consumers to pay attention to protecting personal financial information, stay away from virtual currency trading and speculation activities, and improve the ability to identify and prevent illegal financial activities and money laundering crimes.

The publicity team of the Hedong District Branch came to enterprises and institutions to Tianjin Ruisen Technology Co., Ltd. to advocate safe card use, rational consumption, not taking fraudulent information lightly, careful transfers and remittances, staying away from illegal fund-raising, rejecting the temptation of high profits, staying away from money laundering, and protecting yourself. Prevent financial risks.

Online publicity makes publicity channels broader

The bank also set up a special column on the WeChat official account of the Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch to push event content, including the original “Cases as Danger” and “Teaching You to Prevent Criminals from Using Accounts Under Your Name to Participate in Illegal Financial Activities”, and actively used various new media channels to Radiate more missionary groups and expand publicity effects.

Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch will take the publicity month as an opportunity to continue to do a good job in financial knowledge education and publicity, innovate publicity forms, enrich publicity content, and continuously improve the effectiveness of publicity and education activities, starting from the convenience of the people, paying attention to the details, and building a solid foundation The original intention of serving is to effectively enhance the risk prevention awareness of financial consumers and the ability to safeguard their rights in accordance with the law, fulfill social responsibilities, and jointly build a harmonious and stable financial environment.

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