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Postal Savings Bank held the 2023 Capital Market Open Day event to explain in detail how to deepen the blue ocean of Sannong finance

Postal Savings Bank held the 2023 Capital Market Open Day event to explain in detail how to deepen the blue ocean of Sannong finance

From June 20th to 21st, the Postal Savings Bank of China held the 2023 Capital Market Opening Day in Anhui with the theme of “Deeply Cultivating the Blue Ocean of Sannong Finance and Creating Differentiated Growth Pole”. More than 50 well-known domestic and foreign institutional investors from China Mobile, China Shipbuilding, SIPG, American Capital Group, BlackRock, Fidelity International, E Fund, Wells Fargo Fund, PICC Asset Management, Taikang Asset Management, Danshuiquan, etc., More than 30 domestic and foreign analysts from S&P, Moody’s, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, CICC, CITIC Securities and other institutions, as well as representatives from China Securities Small and Medium Investor Service Center and China Listed Companies Association attended this event. Liu Jianjun, President of Postal Savings Bank, Du Chunye, Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors, heads of relevant business departments of the head office, heads of Anhui Postal Branch and heads of Postal Savings Bank Anhui Branch attended the event.

Through special promotions on rural revitalization, on-the-spot surveys of credit villages and small business customers, and seminars and exchanges, the event shared with investors and analysts the practice and exploration of Postal Savings Bank in agriculture-related retail, inclusive and corporate business. Demonstrated the differentiated competitive advantage and investment value of Postal Savings Bank.

During the symposium, Liu Jianjun pointed out that in the face of changes and challenges in the external situation, Postal Savings Bank should form a differentiated and unique advantage, and focus on five aspects of rural revitalization, small and medium-sized enterprises, active credit extension, wealth management, and financial markets. Five differentiated growth poles, and an in-depth explanation of the five differentiated growth poles one by one. Especially in terms of rural revitalization, Liu Jianjun said that to promote rural revitalization in an all-round way, the country has requirements, the people have needs, the market has space, and PSBC has endowments. Postal Savings Bank will give full play to its own advantages, focus on the construction of the rural credit system, and Postal express delivery, e-commerce, and logistics are coordinated to provide comprehensive services for the “three rural” fields, strive to be the “main force” of rural revitalization, and realize the continuous improvement of social value and self-value. Liu Jianjun said that the development of banks depends on endogenous advantages, and ability is the key to forming five differentiated growth poles. To this end, Postal Savings Bank will continue to build six major capabilities, including professional core capabilities, system support capabilities, collaborative integration capabilities, technological boost capabilities, mechanism-driven capabilities, and innovation leadership capabilities, to safeguard long-term development.

Du Chunye said that the rural revitalization strategy has been comprehensively promoted, the rural economy has strong momentum of development, the income of rural residents has continued to increase, and the credit environment in rural areas has continued to improve, which reflects that the rural market is very broad and the field of “three rural areas” has great potential. I hope that with the opportunity of this capital market open day, everyone can go deep into the fields and experience the development of vast rural areas and the achievements of Postal Savings Bank in the field of rural revitalization.

In the theme promotion session, relevant persons in charge of the Sannong Financial Business Department, Inclusive Financial Business Department, Corporate Finance Department, Anhui Provincial Postal Branch and Anhui Provincial Branch of Postal Savings Bank headquarter respectively focused on agriculture-related retail, inclusive, corporate business and Postal Bank Collaborative Service for Rural Revitalization was promoted, which vividly demonstrated the unique advantages, development ideas, experience and typical cases of Postal Savings Bank and Postal Savings Bank in the field of “three rural areas”.

During this event, investors and analysts visited the Hefei Branch Center of the Postal Savings Bank Data Center and the Hefei Branch Center of the Software R&D Center, and experienced the technological achievements of the Postal Savings Bank in recent years; visited and investigated Feixi County and In the characteristic villages of Lujiang County, we visited the Rural Revitalization Financial Studio, Youle Shopping site, high-standard farmland, etc. Postal Savings Bank staff demonstrated the process of issuing and disbursing the Rural Revitalization Card on the spot, and introduced the chain development and service of grain-related core entities, allowing investors and analysts to gain an in-depth understanding of the Postal Savings Bank’s Sannong financial business model and the promotion of the construction of credit villages Condition.

Investors and analysts investigate high-standard farmland construction on site

Investors and analysts visited and investigated the characteristic rural Youlegou store in Feixi County, Hefei City

Investors and analysts have said that PSBC has a clear understanding of its own resource endowment and strategic positioning, and is able to maintain strategic focus, with broad prospects for future development. Through management exchanges, keynote speeches and personal research on credit villages and small enterprises, the capital market has a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the development of PSBC in the field of agriculture, and also understands the differentiated and characteristic development advantages of PSBC. fully approved.

It is reported that in the next step, Postal Savings Bank will continue to be rooted in the fertile soil of the countryside, give full play to its own resource endowment to serve the overall situation of rural revitalization, and continue to vividly demonstrate its financial practice in the vast countryside through two-way interaction with the capital market, and continue to reward the masses with high-quality development Investors love it.

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