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“Post Love Station” is warmer with love

“Post Love Station” is warmer with love

If your mobile phone is out of battery, you are thirsty and have no place to drink water, you are tired from running around and have no place to rest… you can find the nearest Postal Savings Bank of China business outlets scattered in the streets and alleys. The “Postal Love Station” here is Your second “home”.

In order to effectively fulfill its social responsibilities and fully demonstrate its responsibilities as a major bank, the Postal Savings Bank of China has actively built “Postal Love Stations” at its business outlets to create a warm and sustainable charity platform to provide convenient, warm and considerate love to the public in need. Serve. As of December 2023, the Postal Savings Bank has built a total of 4,861 Postal Love Stations, achieving 100% coverage at the provincial and municipal levels.

  A warm haven for outdoor workers

Relying on the “Postal Love Station” in various places, the Postal Savings Bank has effectively solved the practical difficulties of outdoor workers in eating, drinking, and resting, allowing more outdoor workers to feel warmth and care, and helping to create a society that respects labor and cares for workers. Good vibes.

Mr. Zhang is a courier who came to Suizhou City, Hubei Province from his hometown a few years ago. He leaves early and returns home late every day, busy unloading goods, sorting packages, and traveling through the streets to receive and receive express delivery. During the Online Shopping Festival, Mr. Zhang’s daily workload doubled, and the summer afternoon was the hottest time of the day. The “Post Love Station” at the local branch of the Postal Savings Bank became a good place for him to take a cool lunch break.

“We are always on the road in this business. In the past, when we were tired from delivering parcels, we would just find a shady place to rest. Now with the ‘Post Love Station’, we can come here to enjoy the cool weather, heat meals, and charge our mobile phones at noon. It is very convenient!” “Mr. Zhang said.

The Postal Savings Bank Suizhou Branch has built a “Postal Love Station” at its business outlets within its jurisdiction. It is equipped with water dispensers, microwave ovens, medical kits, umbrellas and other convenient facilities to provide convenience for outdoor workers such as sanitation workers, couriers, and takeaways. New citizens and other customer groups provide caring services and become a service area where “cold can be warmed, hot can be cooled, thirsty can drink water, tired can rest, and rain can provide shelter”.

In Jiangsu, we often see outdoor workers walking into the Postal Savings Bank branch “Postal Love Station”.

“We didn’t expect to have a place like this where we can drink some hot water when it’s cold, avoid the sun when it’s hot, and take shelter from the rain when it rains. This is our little home,” the sanitation worker said.

There are many Postal Savings Bank branches like this that provide a warm haven for outdoor workers. In order to strengthen daily management and maintenance and ensure that convenience facilities, electricity, water, commonly used medicines, etc. are safe, clean, and intact, the Postal Savings Bank of China has formulated the “Postal Love Station” service specifications to fulfill its service commitments, establish supervision methods, and establish dedicated personnel to take charge. system, clarify the person responsible for the service, provide regular feedback on operation, sanitation, safety conditions, etc., promptly check for deficiencies and fill them up, and build a warm little harbor for our customers.

  Extend service breadth and depth

The Postal Savings Bank continues to improve the supporting facilities and service content of the “Postal Love Station” and expand the breadth and depth of services. It not only builds the “Postal Love Station” into a position for promoting financial knowledge, but also adds a reading corner to provide party-building ideological and political books, Books on employee skills, books on daily life, etc. will build the “Post Love Station” into a place for learning.

Relying on the “Postal Love Station”, the Postal Savings Bank actively carries out financial knowledge promotion activities such as preventing telecom fraud. It takes advantage of outdoor workers’ breaks to actively distribute promotional leaflets and patiently explain common telecom network fraud methods and prevention techniques to help them improve their Be aware of prevention and enhance self-protection capabilities.

Ms. Zhang, a sanitation worker, is a frequent visitor to the Postal Savings Bank’s Yanzhou Branch in Jining City. She comes here to sit there after work every day. She says it’s “like home.” After long time together, Ms. Zhang and the branch employees have become friends. After breaks, the branch employees will take the initiative and patiently explain financial knowledge such as anti-money laundering and telecommunications network fraud. After hearing this, Ms. Zhang said: “When I came to the Postal Savings Bank, I not only had a place to rest, but also gained knowledge on fraud prevention. Thank you so much to the Postal Savings Bank!”

The environment of “Youai Station” is clean, quiet and comfortable, making it a good place to study. Postal Savings Bank Pingdingshan City Jiaxian Chengxi Branch is located in the west of the middle section of Bayi Road in Jiaxian County, connected to Bayi Road Primary School to the north, West Street Primary School, Jiaxian No. 1 Experimental Middle School and Jiaxian No. 2 Senior High School to the south. Due to the special geographical location, the branch focused on taking care of students in the process of building the “Post Love Station”.

The Jiaxian Chengxi Branch of the Postal Savings Bank of China has set up a self-service drinking area and provided refreshing tea for students coming and going. It also provides free printing and copying services to students in need. In addition, the branch has set up a reading corner to provide students in need with extracurricular readings, classics, etc. It also uses weekend activities such as Little Banker Salon to enrich students’ weekend time and cultivate and improve students’ financial intelligence.

  Transform from a location to a service concept

Hot meals, water, rest… At the “Post Love Station” of the Kunming Huguo Branch of the Postal Savings Bank of China, outdoor workers and elderly customers can enjoy warm financial services.

It not only provides high-quality financial services, but also provides free drinking water, loving chairs, restrooms, microwave ovens, emergency charging, convenient rain gear and other caring services to nearby traffic police, sanitation workers, delivery workers and other outdoor workers and the elderly. It is worth mentioning that in order to further play the role of a linkage bridge, Huguo Sub-branch also works with elderly people over 60 years old near community organization outlets to go to community hospitals for free physical examinations.

Combining the Huguo Sub-branch’s experience in building the “Postal Love Station”, Postal Savings Bank Kunming Branch has built 32 branches within its jurisdiction into “Postal Love Station” outlets, covering all districts and counties in Kunming, further expanding the scope of caring services and allowing “Postal Savings Bank” “Love Station” has transformed from a location into a service concept, using actions to convey the power of public welfare and fully fulfilling the responsibilities of a large state-owned bank.

In recent years, Postal Savings Bank of China has continued to standardize the environment of business outlets and personnel service behaviors, and provide customers with standardized, standardized and process-oriented services.

In terms of standardizing the environment of business outlets, Postal Savings Bank has transformed the hardware facilities of outlets, standardized the location and positioning of items, improved the service environment of outlets, and comprehensively enhanced customer experience; in terms of personnel service behavior, from the service process, marketing atmosphere, special scenes , special customer groups, etc., to formulate a detailed list of “impressive service” measures for customers at business outlets, form unified, standardized and standardized service standards, and further enhance the service capabilities of outlets.

Since the launch of various measures, new and old customers have reported that Postal Savings Bank not only provides them with comprehensive financial products, but also brings them high-quality service experience, making it a trustworthy and “warm” bank.

In the next step, the Postal Savings Bank will earnestly fulfill its social responsibilities, fulfill its responsibilities as a state-owned bank, adhere to its original mission of serving the real economy and the people, rely on the “Postal Love Station” to further expand functions, improve service quality, and combine financial anti-fraud Promote, open convenience service booths, carry out volunteer service activities to provide warmth and knowledge, etc., to provide customers with more considerate, more proactive and warmer services.

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