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Popularizing financial knowledge to help rural revitalization? Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively carries out the “2023 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Centralized Education and Publicity Day” activity

Popularizing financial knowledge to help rural revitalization? Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively carries out the “2023 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Centralized Education and Publicity Day” activity

In order to effectively improve the financial knowledge level and risk prevention awareness of rural residents and effectively connect the “last mile” of financial publicity and education, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has given full play to its role as the main force in financial assistance for rural revitalization. According to the “2023 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Centralized Education Regarding the relevant requirements of the “Awareness Day” activity, under the overall arrangement and guidance of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, on the morning of September 26, we took the lead in organizing 11 banking and insurance institutions within the jurisdiction of Tianjin to enter the Xiacang Town Fair in Jizhou District Market, carry out publicity activities to bring financial knowledge to rural areas, and actively create a good education and publicity atmosphere in rural areas.

At the event site, a “9.26 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Centralized Education and Publicity Day Promotional Booth” and a financial risk reminder “Internet Celebrity Check-in Wall” were set up. Banking and insurance institutions participating in the event distributed promotional leaflets and shared typical cases to make it easy to understand. Introducing the eight basic rights enjoyed by financial consumers, the deposit insurance system, RMB anti-counterfeiting feature identification skills, common sense about safe use of bank cards, payment security, financial consumption dispute resolution and other related knowledge to the villagers who come to the market in a popular language and format. , and urged villagers not to remit money easily, reject the temptation of high interest rates, and stay away from illegal fund-raising. At the same time, it is advocated that villagers should cultivate good financial consumption habits and healthy and civilized online behavior habits, not spread financial rumors, rationally safeguard their own rights and interests through formal channels and in accordance with the law, be wary of illegal “agency rights protection” traps, and strengthen risk responsibility awareness and the spirit of good faith contracts.

At the same time, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank also organized on-site financial knowledge and telecom fraud prevention prize-winning quiz activities, inviting local villagers who came to the market to participate in the knowledge competition, and went to the financial risk warning “Internet Celebrity Check-in Wall” to take photos, and through the apartment The form of teaching and entertainment activities focuses on popularizing financial knowledge to local villagers, especially the elderly, revealing various telecommunications fraud methods, guiding villagers to correctly master and apply financial knowledge, improve self-protection awareness and the ability to identify and resist risks. It has received on-site The villagers responded positively and praised unanimously.

This educational publicity activity, in the form of a lively, interesting and down-to-earth activity, effectively enhanced the risk prevention capabilities of financial consumers in rural areas and further promoted the revitalization of rural finance. Next, the bank will also take the “2023 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” as an opportunity to continue to carry out various forms of financial knowledge into rural publicity and education activities across the jurisdiction, disseminating financial consumer protection knowledge in a rich form , and strive to protect the legitimate rights and interests of rural consumers.

Eleven banking and insurance institutions in Tianjin participated in the event, including DaJia Property & Casualty Insurance, Taiping Life Insurance, Ping An Pension, Bohai Life Insurance, PICC Life Insurance, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank of China, Jizhou Rural Bank, Industrial Bank, Ping An Bank and Bank of Beijing.

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