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Popular in the city, warm in Tianjin and winter, SM Plaza festival celebrity “pet” love begins

Popular in the city, warm in Tianjin and winter, SM Plaza festival celebrity “pet” love begins

As the winter snow falls, Christmas is finally here. As another traditional festival that symbolizes warmth and togetherness, Christmas has gradually become popular among Generation Z. The emergence of festivals gives people more reasons to get together, and the same is true for Christmas Eve. Many people look forward to gathering their family and friends together and feeling the strong atmosphere of gathering. In this winter full of warmth and joy, SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza (hereinafter referred to as “SM Plaza”) has put a “new” spin on classic “old” activities, delivering joy, warmth and healing to every customer who comes.

On the evening of December 24th, Christmas celebrities gathered again at SM Plaza for the 7th year and started running happily together. The scene was immersed in the vibrant and warm sea of ​​red. As the highlight of the fourth quarter of SM Plaza, the celebrity run attracts countless people every year and is an unprecedented event. This year, SM Plaza is teaming up with Hidog Culture to bring a brand new celebrity run – Tianjin Commercial’s first Christmas Pet Run! Two major routes, people and pets are present together, so cute furry children can also participate in this party of “petting” and loving famous people!

At the Red Man Run site, the SM Plaza Water Ring Atrium was crowded with people. Customers who registered online for the Christmas Red Man Run came to the scene to scan the QR code to sign in and receive free celebrity equipment, instantly filling the festive atmosphere. On the stage, the band’s performance further enhanced the warm atmosphere. When the melody of “Jingle Bells” rang out, the enthusiasm of all the celebrities in the audience reached a climax. After enjoying the festive singing and dancing performance with a strong festive atmosphere, professional coaches from Jiajue Fitness, the main store of SM Plaza, led the celebrities to do aerobics to prepare for stretching for the next start. The celebrities on the scene were eager to try and couldn’t wait to start this. A joyful journey.

At 19:00, the 7th SM Plaza Christmas Run with Pet Celebrities starts on time! This Christmas celebrity run has set up 3 major check-in points in the shopping mall. Participating celebrities will check in according to the route and challenge the level. Collecting 3 stamps means the challenge is successful and you will receive a Christmas gift! From the fun of running, the interactive experience of game entertainment, the gameplay of checking in and out, generous interactive gifts, to the final gift package for returning home, the celebrities at the scene felt full of sincerity.

And the Red Man Run with Pets located in Shuihuan is even more adorable! The furry kids dressed in Christmas outfits started running in a cute way, at two major check-in spots: pickleball with pets and fun obstacle course. Under the guidance of instructions, the cute pets take confident and vigorous steps, cooperate with their owners tacitly, perfectly complete the check-in task, win Christmas gifts based on their strength, and have fun in the joy! SM Plaza also hopes to create a pet-friendly scene by holding a series of pet activities and bring a warmer shopping experience to customers in all circles.

In the warm holiday season, Christmas gifts are indispensable. As long as the celebrities and pets have completed the check-in, they will receive festive completion gifts on site. From December 22nd to December 24th, SM Plaza also launched a Christmas limited-edition gift – the Maomao Christmas Stocking Bag Lucky Draw. Xiaomi home appliances, Decathlon sports equipment, Starbucks gift certificates and other colorful gifts are filled with holiday blessings. In this end-of-year gratitude carnival, they are full of sincerity and shorten the distance with consumers.

On New Year’s Eve, December 31st, the “Laughing Velvet Modern” vinyl electric New Year’s Eve music party will be held at SM Plaza! 3 groups of label musicians are live, come and receive the modern carnival radio waves! For the first time, 8+ vinyl record merchants in Jincheng will airdrop 300+ vinyl records at one time to create a New Year’s Eve vinyl electronic music market to wake up 2024 with music!

In the upcoming first quarter of 2024, SM Plaza will cross-border co-branding with national endorsement resources such as Tianjin Museum, Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Daoming Bamboo Weaving, Henan Intangible Cultural Heritage Black Iron Flower, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and other national endorsement resources to create “Boyun All Things – —2024 New Year Oriental Culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Season” begins the 78-day Oriental Culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Festival!

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