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Polishing the background of high-quality development with inclusiveness Bohai Bank won the “2023 Tianji Award for Inclusive Financial Service Banks”

Polishing the background of high-quality development with inclusiveness Bohai Bank won the “2023 Tianji Award for Inclusive Financial Service Banks”

  Recently, the selection results of the “2023 Tianji Award for China’s Banking Industry” were announced.Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) stood out among many participating banks by virtue of its solid promotion and forward-looking exploration of inclusive financial services, and won the “2023 Inclusive Financial Service Bank Tianji Award”.

The “China Banking Tianji Award” selection aims to select representatives of outstanding financial institutions with high social recognition, market credibility and industry influence. The fact that China Bohai Bank was awarded this award also reflects the great progress the bank has made in the field of inclusive finance and the high recognition given by the market.

Consolidate the power of financial inclusion to draw a picture of helping companies to bail out

It is the requirement of the times for the financial industry to help achieve common prosperity with the high-quality development of inclusive finance. Bohai Bank takes the initiative and resolutely assumes the mission of the main force of state-owned financial enterprises, takes serving the real economy as the starting point and foothold of work, fully implements various policies to help enterprises bail out, benefit enterprises and people, and steadily increase credit Supply, optimize the credit structure, scientifically and accurately rescue, and make every effort to improve the service quality and efficiency of financial assistance to enterprises.

Taking the initiative and making efforts at the front, Bohai Bank resolutely implements the “popularization and broadening” with the guarantee of system construction. In order to implement the State Council’s package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy, the bank successively issued “Bohai Bank’s 28 Measures to Stabilize the Economic Market” and “Bohai Bank’s 22 Measures to Help Tianjin’s Economic Growth” (hereinafter referred to as “28 Measures”) , “22” measures), do a good job in financial security in key areas, and implement measures to help enterprises and people to relieve difficulties and stabilize the economy.

On the basis of the “28+22” article, Bohai Bank continued to refine and extend, and launched the operable and practical “Eighteen Measures of Bohai Bank to Help Small and Micro Enterprises Relieve Difficulties” for small and micro enterprises, referred to as “Puhui 18” “Article” to effectively solve the problem of “difficult and expensive financing” for small and micro enterprises by increasing credit extension, increasing interest rate concessions, and strengthening fee reduction and profit sharing.

  Precisely implement policies to help companies bail out, and Bohai Bank strives to achieve “precision of benefits” by incremental expansion.In order to continuously optimize the supply of financial services for small and micro enterprises and reduce the financing costs of small and micro enterprises, the BankContinued “profit sharing” for small and micro enterprises, the average execution interest rate of inclusive financial loans has been declining for four consecutive years. On the basis of uniform discounts on the transfer pricing costs of internal funds for inclusive loans across the bank, additional preferential rights are given to key development areas. In terms of industry classification, the bank gives additional policy preference to industries that are more affected by the epidemic, such as freight logistics. At the same time, the bank actively carried out the “fee reduction” action, implemented “ten exemptions and four reductions” for related fees related to inclusive loan business, and actively carried out activities such as “payment fee reduction, benefiting the people”. At present, the bank has reduced or exempted a total of 59 preferential fee items for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. In the past three years, it has reduced and exempted various fees for small and micro enterprise customers by more than 100 million yuan.

  While intensifying efforts to relieve difficulties, Bohai Bank has accelerated the innovation of service products,With the help of mobile Internet media, advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are actively used to create a unique digital business model for inclusive finance.On the one hand, online products are used as an important starting point to optimize processes and improve customer experience, effectively extending the service reach of inclusive finance.For example, the bank used financial technology to create the “Bo Nong Loan” land usufruct guarantee loan product. Based on big data information and satellite remote sensing technology, it broke through the limitations of physical outlets and solved the “last mile” problem of rural finance. Financial services sent to “fields”.On the other hand, through the full use of big data and other technologies, intelligently integrate and evaluate big data information such as internal customer information, external credit information, judicial, taxation, and industrial and commercial information, build a more comprehensive and accurate customer portrait, and continue to innovate and develop Online products to improve the efficiency of inclusive financial services.

It is reported that from 2020 to 2022, the bank’s inclusive small and micro enterprise loan balance has tripled in three years, and the number of loan customers has increased by nearly ten times. It has strongly supported the development of the “new force” of my country’s real economy with practical actions.

In the future, Bohai Bank will always adhere to the concept of “finance for the people”, based on financial functions, innovate service measures, strengthen financial services, improve service efficiency, practice the social responsibilities of local financial institutions, and effectively strengthen inclusive financial services, with high Quality fulfills the financial mission of the new era.


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