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POLA eye cream heavy upgrade丨decipher eye wheel muscle

In 1985, in order to scientifically study the skin that changes with age, the Biai series was born.

POLA proposes a brand policy of “expanding human possibilities”, which is no longer limited to the skin field, but also continues to deepen research from multiple aspects such as brain science, psychology, and communication.

This time, Bi Ai cast her eyes on her eyes.

Modern people often use their eyes.

Staring at the mobile phone or computer, catching up with all kinds of information, I am afraid of missing the trend of the times.

The eyes of modern people are always in a state of tension.

The number of blinks decreases, and the eyelids become dry unconsciously.

Even his expression became stiff.

Bi Ai focuses on the “unique structure of the eye”.

The skin around the eyes is completely different from the rest of the skin surface.

We’re going to find out. What is the working mechanism of eye skin?

What can we do about the thin-skinned eye area?

After repeated explorations, we have developed a brand new “3D Structural Prescription for Face Shaping”.

Revitalizes the underlying structure of the skin, revealing bright eyes.

Awakens the elasticity and transparency of the skin, presenting radiant eyes that are full of life and vitality even in the expression.

Bi Ai remodeling firming eye cream (classic version) was born

Bi Ai Reshaping Firming Eye Cream (Classic Edition)

Available March 1, 2023

Focus on the unique structure of the eye area.

Adopt the latest prescription – “3D plastic face structure prescription”.

3 stages of tactile changes, smooth and easy to absorb as if melting into the skin,

Awakening tension and transparency,

The goal is to create firm and translucent eyes with vivid expressions and vitality.


A 3D sculpting formula that gives firmness and volume.

Evolution Essentials①

The lotion adopts a new technology, rich in a large number of essential oils for improving skin elasticity,

Penetrates deep into the stratum corneum to enhance the plumpness of the skin from the inside out.

Essentials of Evolution②

The essential oils are integrated into the skin and fit tightly like extending the skin around the eyes.

Forms a non-sticky smooth film after lamination.


With the new POLA original composite moisturizing ingredient “Mulberry Essence CB*”

Combined with POLA’s original moisturizing ingredients “CF Essence” and “MUS Essence”.

Awakens the elasticity and transparency of the skin, presenting radiant eyes that are full of vitality even in the expression.

*A complex of mulberry extract and artichoke leaf extract


Full-bodied creamy extensibility,

Tactile transitions from melting penetration to stretch-like fit.

Compared with conventional products, the penetration and adhesion to the skin have been improved.

◆Scent type:

The citrus moss floral fragrance common to BA skin care is used as the base note,

Emphasizes a woody aroma full of transparent elegance.

As the product used changes, the fragrance type will also be superimposed and changed.

Flexible and flexible eyes.

Awakens skin elasticity and transparency.

Reshape the beauty of life.

The world reflected in the eyes will shine infinitely.

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