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Pokémon’s first exhibition, cross-dimensional party fun 6 Tianjin Tianhe City’s sixth anniversary celebration exploded in midsummer

Pokémon’s first exhibition, cross-dimensional party fun 6 Tianjin Tianhe City’s sixth anniversary celebration exploded in midsummer

This year is the sixth year that Tianjin Teemall has settled in Tianjin. In the fiercely competitive Tianjin business district, Tianjin Teemall has always adhered to the positioning of the shopping mall as “a new landmark of quality and fashion” and “Jinmen living room” for the general public. From “Flower City Arrival” to “Infinite Vitality Spring Fantasies”, from “Black Technology Interaction” to “Aibuy Festival”, in the past six years, Tianjin Teemall has become a shopping center in Tianjin through continuous adjustment of business formats and quality upgrades. One of the trendy landmarks that cannot be ignored in the team.

The new lifestyle calls for the self-innovation of the urban space. In the past six years, Tianjin Teemall has not only introduced the first store in Jincheng, Internet celebrity stores such as Gelaoguan, Maoshi Coffee, JORDAN+NBA North China flagship store, Meland flagship store, etc., Lancome , DIOR, Longines and other high-end brands have triggered an upsurge in queuing. They have also given full play to the cluster effect of brands and magnified the influence of brand aggregation. Not only has an immersive jewelry street gathering mainstream jewelry brands in the market, it has created the first shopping mall in Tianjin. The high-standard new energy vehicle block of “Culture + Technology + New Energy” also gathers current trendy brands such as CHUU, TSML XLT, BOY LONDON, NERDY, etc. to create a trendy offline experience space, through the integration of youth culture, trendy lifestyle and trendy formats , creating a new offline consumption scene.

Relying on its originality in differentiated positioning, themed blocks, and IP creation, Tianjin Tee Mall has changed the ecological model that only provides a single shopping function, created a wave of “experience mode” in Tianjin, and opened up strong brands, The curtain of a new era of shopping centers with strong positioning, strong experience and strong innovation.

In 1996, the game “Pokémon Red/Green” was first released in Japan, and then a series of animations were derived. In just a few years, the Pokémon “Universe” became popular all over the world. During the store celebration, Tianjin Teemall moved Pokémon into Teemall. The 7-meter reachable duck provided a lot of fun for this interesting journey. There is also a limited-time Duck pop-up store, full of cute peripherals and figures, so that every consumer participating in the event can share the joy of the sixth anniversary of Tee Mall.

During the event, Tianjin Tianhe City also brought preferential activities. There are more than ten kinds of value-added activities such as multiple points, group buying coupons, super-valued gifts, lucky draws, etc. On June 26th, Tianjin Tee Mall also brought activities such as receiving free birthday cakes for fans who have been supporting it, and drawing prizes with full consumption, to share happiness with fans.

Over the past six years since its opening, Tianjin Teemall has continued to activate the city’s consumer sentiment with a combination of original IP and innovative formats. As one of the landmark shopping centers in Tianjin’s bustling business district, Tianjin Teemall continues to leverage its brand advantages, constantly refreshing passenger flow and sales data, and activating the city’s consumption vitality.

In the future, while Tianjin Teemall provides Tianjin consumers with more convenient shopping, it will also inject vitality into the city’s cultural pulse, become an important member of the city’s trend, lead the upgrade of the city’s commercial vitality, and promote the construction of an international consumption center city.

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