Podcasts have become a new trend in mass entertainment, Himalaya helps podcasters output new content

Podcasts have become a new trend in mass entertainment, Himalaya helps podcasters output new content

Recently, Himalaya has made new moves! Careful listeners have discovered that Himalaya has replaced the new screen with “Listen to books, lectures, and podcasts, and go to Himalaya”. What can be interpreted from the new screen? Behind this, what are the strategic considerations of Himalaya, the leader in the audio content industry?

Going to Himalaya to “listen to books and lectures” has become popular recognition, but recently, he has focused his attention on podcasts. Through the support of original content such as expression of opinions, Himalaya has made original content represented by podcasts popular among young people. And like it, Himalaya has gathered a large number of high-quality podcast creators and podcast programs. It is not difficult to see that podcasts have become an important direction for the expansion of Himalaya’s content ecology.

In addition to the new opening, Himalaya also held the 2023 Creators Conference offline. The theme of the conference “Podcasting, let’s play a big one” focuses more directly on podcasting, and proposes that podcasting is not a niche creation and consumption, but podcasting should be for the general public and all people of. Hundreds of podcasters and platforms who came to the conference discussed how to make podcasts go from niche to public. The expansion of Himalaya’s understanding of podcasts is conducive to expanding the audience of podcasts. Himalaya also announced at the conference that it will help podcasters succeed by upgrading products, tools, services, and traffic support.

There are many excellent podcast hosts gathered on Himalaya. For example, the history podcast Advocate Zhihao focuses on the creation of the field of human history. He plays his professional expertise in the Himalayan podcast “History Shelling”, and uses his voice to “peel the hard shell to read history, and peel off the history to see people’s hearts” , the program has played more than 16 million times; “Tianyin Tainn” is also the first “Generation Z” podcast host in the Himalayas. She graduated from a prestigious school with a major in social science and humanities and grew up in an era of prosperous entertainment culture. At present, she has two podcasts, namely “Don’t Ask Me What Is Fanquan” and “Mute Vowels”. She tells the stories of the times she has seen through observation of entertainment culture phenomena and shares her own views.

Sound is a magical medium with a natural ability to create intimacy, spark the listener’s imagination and create emotional sustenance. When fast-food short video fast food exhausts people’s vision, Himalaya’s podcaster accompanies people’s lives through sound, infecting and infiltrating people’s hearts, making people’s fragmented time more valuable and reaping spiritual abundance.

As an audio platform that is deeply loved by users in China, Himalaya will allow high-quality podcasters to be heard and help podcasters succeed by supporting original content. It will optimize the content cost of the platform, and while meeting the diverse content needs of users, it will also make Himalaya’s business ecology healthier. .


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