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“PLUS version of Golden Week” is about to debut, here are the guides for visiting Jinwan Plaza

“PLUS version of Golden Week” is about to debut, here are the guides for visiting Jinwan Plaza

In the center of the bustling city, Jinwan Plaza follows the mark of the city’s symbolic changes and opens a new chapter of vitality. In the past, Jinwan Plaza witnessed the prosperity and development of the city. Now, it once again interprets another side of urban life and displays the “city cover” style. As the National Day is approaching, a feast for the senses is ready. Jinwan Plaza will create “Tianjin Hand Gifts·Surprises in Jinwan” – “Tianjin Gifts” Jinwan’s first themed cultural week event, gathering the power of joy and waiting for you Admission. Four highlights, eight days of carnival, kick off the holiday, renewing the infinite charm.

Once renewed, the “appearance” soars – the PLUS version of the light show shines on the banks of the Haihe River

This National Day, the lighting of Jinwan Plaza will be further upgraded to achieve another refresh in “appearance” and “temperament”. From September 29th to October 6th, Jinwan Plaza will stage a “holiday version” upgraded light show every day, lighting up the night sky with gorgeous lights as a tribute to the motherland. At the same time, it forms a “dream linkage” with the Jiefang Bridge on the other side. The breeze and bright moon are in your arms, and the neon lights are rolling into your heart, giving you an unforgettable night.

A gift, waiting to be checked – “Tianjin Gift” first released in Tianjin

For a city, a city gift is like a cultural business card, which shows the style and charm of a city, tells the history and present of a city, and conveys the temperature and taste of a city.

On October 1, Jinwan Plaza will hold the launch ceremony of the “Tianjin Gift” Jinwan launch, and a list of “gifts” will be posted on site. These gifts may be antique, carrying a long historical and cultural heritage; or they may be fashionable and trendy, showing the taste of modern cities; there are also time-honored products that everyone is familiar with, bringing a wave of “memories”, and each one is full of new ideas. and your thoughts, waiting for you to check.

A performance that ignited the audience – 8 days of exciting themes

Starting from 15:00 on the National Day, Jinwan Plaza will present a theme hymn, using a touch of “Chinese style” performance to paint the most beautiful scenery of the National Day. 74 drums and 74 red flags played a passionate opening; 56 ethnic song and dance performances, integrating the characteristics of various ethnic groups, performed on the same stage; the Nankai University Alumni Association Choir sang with all their heart, playing the melody of the 74th anniversary, in the passionate During the singing, visitors on site could feel the greatness and prosperity of the motherland together.

At 15:00 on October 2, the intangible cultural heritage performance will reflect urban culture and highlight the city’s character. The characteristics of Jinmen will be integrated with urban development, stimulating the new vitality of the intangible cultural heritage.

In the evenings from September 29th to October 6th, Jinwan Plaza also carefully planned multi-themed immersive performances and entertainment activities. Starting at 19:00 every day, the performances include DJ performances, folk music performances, magic performances, cross talk, and Tianjin Polytechnic University Alumni Association. Various performances such as performances allow everyone to feel the charm of this city up close and enjoy holiday life.

A colorful market is coming – “Tianjin, Macao and Taiwan Famous Cities” brings international style

Nowadays, various creative markets with themes of coffee, food, and fashionable toys are very popular among young people and have become a popular trend. During the holidays, Jinwan Plaza will present a market area full of artistic impact and rich fun, with many contents spread throughout the outdoor area of ​​Jinwan Plaza, providing consumers with an experience space that brings together culture, food, and fireworks.

There are also diversified “tourism +” elements from Macau and Taiwan to create a “famous city of Tianjin, Macao and Taiwan”. Brands such as sam’s shop, Vagos, Chengli dim sum, and Macau bottled milk tea came all the way from Macau to attend the National Day feast with Tianjin tourists; Tainan’s winter melon tea, rice pancakes, wheel cakes and other Taiwanese delicacies , enrich the taste buds’ needs; there are also Tianjin pancakes, Tianjin steamed buns, and Old Northwest Corner fried cakes to fill Tianjin’s “stomach”. Nearly a hundred stalls that combine the local characteristics of Macau, Taiwan and Tianjin will be presented one by one at Jinwan Plaza from September 29th to October 22nd, constantly colliding with ideal life with emerging culture.

The eight-day long holiday is destined to be more fun. Jinwan Plaza has provided the best travel guide, and there are more small surprises that need to be discovered personally to be interesting. Let’s set off together and leave beautiful National Day memories in Jinwan Plaza!

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