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“Plum Blossoms of Hearts” is now on the air, Guan Xiaotong and Han Dongjun are looking for love and faith in a sea of ​​spies

“Plum Blossoms of Hearts” is now on the air, Guan Xiaotong and Han Dongjun are looking for love and faith in a sea of ​​spies


On October 11, it was produced by Shanghai Yaoke Culture Co., Ltd., with Haifei as the chief editor (writer), Ni Xueli as screenwriter, Jiao Yongliang as director, Zhang Meng and Li Liming as chief producers, Guan Xiaotong and Han Dongjun as the leading actors, Tian Lei and Lu The new spy drama “Plum Blossoms of Hearts” starring Xu Zhen, Jiang Yi, Wang Xiuzhu, and Liu Haikuan, and co-starring Tan Kai, Zhang Meng, and Zhao Yihuan will officially kick off.

  Guan Xiaotong and Han Dongjun meet their rivals in love and career, and the two-way tension is extreme

Zuo Shuangtao (played by Guan Xiaotong), codenamed “Five of Hearts”. A smart agent with various styles and bold actions, Guan Xiaotong’s various makeup looks from the released official materials are beautiful, sassy and very touching. Living in the smoke of war, women are not inferior to men, and the character’s characteristics gradually become apparent.

Chen Jiaping (played by Han Dongjun), codenamed “Four of Plum Blossoms”. A CCP agent with “two faces”. On the surface, he is a bohemian and carefree, but on the inside, he is a determined revolutionary youth. In the latest official trailer, he is decisive in killing, powerful in action, and full of contrast.

The TV series “Plum Blossoms of Hearts” tells the story of Chen Jiaping, a left-behind peach, who met by chance while performing their respective tasks, which also led to the past. The two used to be lovers, but unfortunately they missed each other because Chen Jiaping was performing a task. In the play, the two reunited as old friends, but in order to prevent the enemy from suspecting, Chen Jiaping staged a couple’s drama, hiding the truth from the truth. In the eyes of outsiders, they are passionate lovers, but they are actually bedfellows pushing and pulling each other. Whether they are in a drama or fake it is really intriguing.

In addition to relationships, the “career line” is also very exciting, with a tight rhythm and interlocking links. The superficial “couple” Zuo Shuangtao and Chen Jiaping do not know each other’s true identities, and they test each other as they come and go without revealing anything. The trailer tells that the two will perform the same mission, but the situation suddenly becomes undercurrent, with enemy conspiracies, justice and despicability fighting, rebellion and sacrifice intertwined. Will the two walk hand in hand or draw guns at each other? The final direction will also affect the hearts of the audience.

Chen Jiaping, Zuo Shuangtao, relies on different main lines of action to integrate sincere and passionate emotions into delicate details. He understates but vividly shows love in that war-torn era, which is beautiful, moving and unforgettable. The two walked together in the smoke of intrigues and wrote the most real and life-like love story of the Republic of China together.

  All living beings in the spy world have their own strengths and weaknesses, and powerful actors perform on the same stage

In the play, Tian Lei, Lu Xunzhen, Jiang Yi, Wang Xiuzhu, Liu Haikuan, Tan Kai, Zhang Meng, Zhao Yihuan and other powerful actors will all appear on the same stage, portraying vivid and three-dimensional characters of the Republic of China era one after another, allowing People are full of expectations. “Plum Blossoms of Hearts” does not describe each of the “steel” agents with facial makeup, but treats them as ordinary individuals with flesh and blood, sadness, joy, and confusion.

“Plum Blossoms of Hearts” breaks through the shackles of previous spy dramas and tells a different spy life from a new perspective. Love has never kidnapped faith. Choosing love and choosing faith are all about following the direction of your heart. During the turbulent years of war, faced with the treacherous and turbulent situation and layers of oppression from dark forces, Chen Jiaping and Zuo Shuangtao were not afraid of sacrifices and challenges. Even if the road ahead is long and difficult, you can still overcome thorns and climb mountains. This drama will be aired soon. From the released materials, people are very excited and have the desire to follow the drama.

Starting from October 11, “Plum Blossoms of Hearts” will be broadcast on Dragon TV, Beijing TV, Tencent Video, and iQiyi. Let us follow the footsteps of Zuo Shuangtao and Chen Jiaping and experience a different story of the agents of the Republic of China.

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