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Plaza 66’s “Disney’s 100 Smiles” themed event kicks off grandly

Plaza 66’s “Disney’s 100 Smiles” themed event kicks off grandly

  uphold“Only choose good ones  Only do the right thing“Concept, Hang Lung Properties (Hong Kong Stock Exchange stock code:00101)(“Company” or “Hang Lung”) will be11moon9Solstice2024 YearJanuary7During the period, we cooperated with Disney China to7 Plaza 66 in 6 cities grandly opened the “Disney 100 Smiles”theme activities,  Bring customers a happy celebration full of surprises.

  “Disney’s One Hundred Smiles” themed event was grandly launched at Plaza 66

  As a leading domestic commercial real estate developer and a pioneer in fashion trends, Hang Lung Properties has been committed to building landmark projects with cutting-edge fashion styles in many places across the country.Plaza 66 andThe “Disney’s 100 Smiles” themed event linked up with seven 666 Plazas in six cities across the country, bringing customers a refreshing winter atmosphere and unparalleled visual enjoyment.

  This year coincides with Disney100anniversary, Tianjin Plaza 66 has a special cooperation with Disney China toDisney’s joys such as “Mickey”, “Donald Duck” and “Buzz Lightyear” are brought to the real world, presenting a wonderful offline shopping experience space. In Plaza 66 in Tianjin, some classic Disney characters will appear in the form of installation art, and customers will have the opportunity to experience the wonder of smiles: “Mickey and Friends” will show the joy of Disney under the happy tree filled with smile gift boxes; “Donald Duck” conveys happiness to every customer with his smile; “Buzz Lightyear” exudes endless courage and hope, lighting up the road ahead; Disney China invites everyone to join Disney 100A kind of smile offline carnival, come to Plaza 66 to collect smiles and happiness together.

  Tianjin Henglongsquaredisney 100 smilesTheme activity main device

  Tianjin Henglongsquaredisney 100 smilesthemeactive master device

  Tianjin Henglongsquare“Smile Gift Box” pop-up store

  Tianjin Henglongsquare“Smile Gift Box” pop-up store

  Tianjin Henglongsquaredisney 100 smilesthemeThe exhibition has become a holy place for urban hipsters to check in.

  Deputy Director of Hang Lung Properties-Mr. Ye Xuming, Mainland Business:Tianjin Plaza 66 is locatedAtIn the century-old Heping Road Jinjie Commercial District, this time we cooperate with Disney China to provide consumers with a scene-based visual space with a classic image, coupled with diverse and interesting interactive experiences and continuous year-end gifts, toThisThe city brings a new winter experience.

  Tianjin Plaza 66 puts Disney series cooperation products onIn the “gift box”, give it to every customer. Each smile represents a story and a unique experience, allowing the unique smile left on the smile sticker wall to illuminate the entire Plaza 66. The specially designed interactive photo-taking app will also record the happiness at the moment. Share it with your friends to qualify for the lottery. It not only delivers smiles, but also connects people’s hearts. 

  sinceTianjin Henglongsquaredisney 100 smilesThe theme exhibition opens, and many customers come to experience the healing power of smile every day

  In addition to rich experiences and content, Plaza 66 has arranged a series of exciting activities for customersEveryDifferent themes for weekendsworkshopinteract on social media to win exquisite peripherals, and receive limited gifts for consumption of designated brands during the event.

  Bythis timeTheme activities,TianjinPlaza 66existAt the turn of the old and the new Pay tribute to the past and look forward to the future.We look forward to starting this wonderful smile journey with you at Plaza 66 and spending this unforgettable magicwinter day.

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